Dead Wrong® with Johan Norberg – The End of History as We Know It?

In 1989, Francis Fukuyama
said that liberal capitalist democracies were
the end of history. But no, events keep happening,
some of them very bad. So Fukuyama was mistaken. Nah, Dead Wrong. Of course, Fukuyama wasn’t
so stupid as to believe that history would end in
some kind of literal sense. That all political battles
would end, and nothing more would happen. His point was that in the
20th century, we learned that no other system could produce
wealth and dignity better than liberal capitalist democracies. So we can’t go
forward from freedom. But we could
certainly go backwards. He wrote himself in this book
that he feared that there’s a risk that we would go “back
into history with all its wars, injustice, and revolution.”
Fukuyama worried that freedom and wealth wouldn’t be enough,
because people also search for meaning, identity, and respect. For example, he feared the
return of a reactionary Right, yearning for
hierarchies lost in an egalitarian, consumerist society. So, therefore, he thought that
there is a risk that we would once again see “bloody and
pointless prestige battles, only this time with modern weapons.”
And by the way, when he discussed whether the
status-seeking would be content with the comfortable life at the
end of history, he happened to mention a certain
developer named Donald Trump. I don’t agree with all of
Fukuyama’s analysis, but unlike most people, at
least I read him. Hey wait! Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel here. And check out these other videos. And check back next Wednesday for a new Dead Wrong from Free To Choose Network.

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