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In honor of your song “Love,” things Darren
loves. A competitive Christian radio that is not
as good as WAY-FM? (Awkward pause) We have Darren from We Are Messengers. How are you today, good sir? Good morning, Wally. Excited to see your face and hear your voice. I know. It’s kinda a bright spot inside of all this
Corona for you, right? Wally, you’re always a bright spot in my life,
Corona or no Corona. Well, dude, I’m curious, how many are in your
family stuck in your house right now? So there’s 6 of us. 4 kids: 10, 8, 7, and a 1-year-old, and a wife who is almost surprised at my lack of work ethic in the house. Yeah, cuz that’s an interesting thing for
guys that are on the road, you’re out living your life, and you’re really good at what
you do there, but then you come home, and there’s probably a tendency as a guy to wanna
run things where your wife is like, “Dude, I do this all the time without you. I don’t need your input.” Dude, totally, you come home, and you try
and be the dad, and you try and be the leader, and you realize that these people have been
living their lives without you for the past 5 years, and that you’re a guest. You’re almost expendable! My wife is essential staff right now, but
me? Nah. That’s it! I think, dude, honestly, my wife’s really
good at allowing me to do the things that dads are supposed to do and to lead, and you know, lead in my very awkward way, but, I’ve learned that I need to honor her when I get
home. I need to follow her systems and try to fit
into her world. It’s not fair of me to come home like the
vanquishing king and expect my lunch to be sitting on the table for me because that’s
what I get at catering. So it’s a really different experience, but
we’re getting there. Yeah, she’s not your roadie which is really
hard to remember sometimes. He’s like, “Yeah, no she’s not.” Now do you have any hobbies besides music
that you find yourself keeping yourself busy with now since you’re not out on the road? Yeah, dude, so I’m going to play tennis now
in a couple of hours with Kyle Williams, our guitar player. Do you really…. Wait, you really do play tennis? Yeah, yeah. Badly. Do you play? Yes! We should play sometime! We could be socially distant and play that
game. Yes! When I was a kid, I was on a track to become
a professional tennis player. Like, that was my goal, and I got totally
burnt out. And this is back in like the 80s when you
had the really short shorts. I still have a pair, and I’ll bring ’em! Dude, I don’t know if I wanna see your short
shorts. Knowing you, they’re probably jean shorts,
too. Now, I notice something about your album “Power.” It”s got Jesus’ face on it with a bar code
behind him, and I thought, “Ok, that’s really odd.” What is the meaning behind that? Like, I don’t get it, or what am I supposed
to get out of that? Dude, it was never supposed to be a bar code,
but other people are messaging me going, “Why is it a bar code?” I’m like, “No, it was just some black and
white stripes.” Well, it looks like a bar code, man! Well, I could give you some deep answer about
it being Jesus for sale or commercialism, but it’s really not anything to do with that,
we thought it just looked dope. Actually, I would go with the Jesus for sale,
and it’s a social commentary on the state of religious plight. I would do that. But no, I do have one interesting fact for
you though. For that, so the face that you see on the
cover, that was originally a statue from a graveyard in Canada, but we couldn’t use the
statue because it was copyright issues or whatever. So we had to get an artist in Nashville to
come and do a life drawing of somebody in her life, and so that is somebody who looks
very Greek, very godly, and so it’s a life drawing because we wanted that image, but
we couldn’t use the initial one. So that’s just some random fella. I don’t know if that creates extra pressure
to look like Jesus, and it’s awesome, or is it just everywhere, you’re always the guy
that is tapped for the Christmas play. You know? I don’t know if I want that pressure. You’re never gonna have me looking like Jesus. I’d be like Jesus with room for 2 more teeth
in my mouth. You know what, people turn to music during
tough times, and the context a lot of times determines that meaning, and songs like your
song “Love” I think are so perfect right now. Like the verse: “Yeah everybody hurts sometimes
I know that’s what they say, but right now it seems this loneliness won’t go away.” Or then you bring in the hook, and come on
now. ♫ Don’t hang your head when you get lonely ♫ ♫ No, I’ll never leave your side ♫ ♫ And don’t go thinking you’re the only one who
can’t get it right ♫ I mean, you’re talking about it, you know, being lonely, you’re not the only. I love that. Obviously, you didn’t plan this. It just kinda worked out. No, it’s super cool how God gives you songs
that you don’t even know you need. And He prepares seasons for you where those
songs would be kind of the healing. And funny you say it, Wally, I honestly didn’t
even cop on that the lyrics actually were that poignant right now until about 2 days
ago I was sitting listening, the bridge came on, it was on WAY-FM. I was listening to the station, the song was
playing, and it says, “Your mercies are new every morning, Your grace sustains all of
my life, You are the one I run to, in You I am satisfied.” And I’m thinking, “This song was not written
for what I thought it was.” I thought the song was written for one particular
night when I felt incredibly lonely. And what God was saying was, “No, this song
is for right here, right now.” Like if ever there was a song to comfort people
who are in isolation, it’s right now. And the other thing, Wally, and you know me
well, bro. You know that I can be very melancholic, but
this song has allowed my family to dance and sing our way through this season. I have videos of my wife in the kitchen just
goofing off to this song. So, it’s not just ministering to people that
are hearing the radio. It’s honestly ministering to me and my family,
and we have this strange peace and this strange joy, and honestly, all of it’s rooted in that
love that I’m singing about in that song. The song is called “Love,” so in honor of
your song “Love,” I wanna go through and ask you questions about things that you love,
ok? You ready? Here we go. Besides God and your family, Darren from We
Are Messengers, name one other thing you love. Chocolate croissants from Starbucks. Oh, those are so good. And cake pops. I would’ve added cake pops there. Alright, something or someone you are going
to have to learn to love? Oh! Oh, dude, that’s so hard. I gotta say, honestly, it was my sister. Me and my sister have always struggled to
get along for maybe 20 years, maybe more. But she came to faith in Ireland 4 weeks ago,
and her life has been completely changed, and so I don’t even need to learn to love
her anymore because God has changed her so much that she has taught me so much about
what it means to be forgiven, and so I’ve just, I’m so proud of my sister, my big sister,
her life has dramatically changed. I didn’t have the courage to really love her
well, and our God made a way for that to happen. See, that’s amazing. That’s why I ask Darren questions like this,
cuz Darren doesn’t shy away from any answer. I love that. Ok, fellow Christian artist that you love? Luke Smallbone. Yeah, Luke’s the best. He and I mountain bike. So you and I, we discovered earlier you play
tennis. You and I will play tennis, (adorbs) and then Luke and I will mountain bike, (totes adorbs), and it’s all good. Why do you love Luke so much? Because he’s down to earth, he’s a normal,
honest bloke, he has a little farm, he loves animals, and I think he hasn’t got caught
up with all of the fame or notoriety. Absolutely. And I love people that can do what we do and
be incredibly normal. A place that you love? Ireland all day long! Really? All day long. I still haven’t been! What do you love about Ireland? Obviously, that’s where you’re from, and I
know it’s more than just Lucky Charms and stuff. So what do you love about it? I was singing a song today called “The Parting
Glass.” It’s an old Scottish/Irish kind of folk song. I just love the history. I love the fact that we’re all connected to
the earth, we know where we’ve come from, and honestly, we’ve got this little stone
cottage in the hills in Ireland built in 1847, like it’s tiny. Dude, it’s so tiny. That’s cool, man! It’s surrounded by thousands of acres of woodland,
and it’s got no power. It’s on a generator. Oh, it’s magic! That sounds like my dream and my wife’s nightmare,
but that would be fantastic. And finally, in honor of your song “Love,”
things Darren loves, competitive Christian radio station that is not as good as WAY-FM? (Awkward avoidance) Dude, no. It’s got a K in it!? Does that help you? You are an awful, awful man. Darren’s like, “I am not gonna answer that,
because they play my music too.” And you were thinking I was the one man that
would answer that question. Yeah, I did, actually, cuz I really did have
faith in you.

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