Darksiders Story Summary – The Entire History Explained (What You Need to Know!)

With Darksiders: Genesis right around the
corner, we here at Suggestive Gaming figured it would be a great time to take a look back
at the story of the franchise so far. There may be only three games, but we’ve
got a lot of lore to cover, so strap yourselves in. Note that while we will be covering the main
games’ stories, we’re going to skip over a bit of the DLC to keep things brief, but
feel free to let us know what we missed in the comments (we know you will). Now without further ado, this is what you
need to know about Darksiders. Our story begins with the creation of an ancient
race called the Nephilim: the Creator’s first warriors. When the Creator gives the paradise of Eden
to the race of Man, the Nephilim become angered and attack the Archangels there. Four Nephilim are taken as agents by the Charred
Council (the mediators created to keep the balance between the forces of Heaven of Hell),
and are given immense power and the title of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. The Horsemen then help the army of Angels
fight and the rest of the Nephilim, leading to their extinction. The youngest Horsemen, War, does not succumb
to the council’s will easily, and goes to Earth to battle with the army of Man. However, his three siblings are sent by the
Council to reign him in. A short battle ensues, and it ends with War’s
brother Death cutting off his left arm, which War later replaces with a gauntlet to remember
this lesson. Several centuries later, we find Death (the
eldest of the Four Horsemen) on a barren world after traveling the worlds of Creation alone
for 500 years. He is visited by a creature known as Panoptos,
who informs Death that he was sent to retrieve the horseman and bring him before the Charred
Council. Death refuses to speak to the Council, but
Panoptos informs him that their business relates to an attack on the boundaries of Eden, which
prompts Death to head there to investigate himself. Upon arriving, Death finds no evidence of
a battle, aside from one defeated Angel, whose spirit he revives to interrogate about the
attack. He learns that the Angels stationed on Eden’s
boundary were attacked by an army of Constructs (beings created by a race known as the Makers). They were nearly overrun before Abaddon, a
leader of one of Heaven’s forces known as the Hellguard, arrived with reinforcements. His interrogation is cut short when another
group of angels arrive, and the clean battlefield is revealed to have been an illusion created
by another angel, Azrael, to prevent any other enemies from discovering their current weakness. Azrael takes Death to a nearby camp to meet
with Abaddon. Death discovers that Abaddon lost his eye
in the preceding battle to a powerful sword that Death recognizes as an ancient weapon
called “Affliction”, which was was later lost by the Nephilim. Fearing that other ancient weapons might have
been discovered and obtained by their unknown attackers, Death heads off to Kothysos, where
Affliction was originally lost. There, Death finds another crew of Constructs
wrapping up an excavation operation, and comes to the conclusion that their foe must have
already found what they were looking for there. Death then notices his crow, Dust, in a panic. He makes his way to the Crowfather, a member
of an ancient race called the “Old Ones” who maintains a connection with Dust, and
discovers an attack on his domain by the constructs. They fend off the attack, and the two are
able to extract knowledge from one of the fallen Constructs to learn that the army was
built by a Maker named Belisatra to find a way to awaken the “Grand Abominations”:
tools created by the Nephilim from the remains of a race called the Ravaiim after their extermination
at their hands. Meanwhile, Death’s brother War was tasked
by the Charred Council to destroy a weapon held by the Angels that might disrupt the
balance called the “sacrament bomb”. Death heads to the Angel’s White City, infiltrating
it and finding the weapon, slaughtering several Angel’s on the way. Upon reaching it, he finds it guarded by Uriel,
a young angel in training. She attempts to stop him, but due to her inexperience,
War simply casts her aside and destroys the weapon, heading off to return to the Council
with his results. Death also returns to the Charred Council
to meet with the other three Horsemen and give his report. He reveals his knowledge and history with
the Abominations, but refuses to reveal the location of the vault in which they are currently
being held. The Council commands the four Horsemen to
investigate, but upon leaving, Death convinces the others to stay away until he calls upon
them. After leaving, the Crowfather contacts Death
through dust to reveal that he learned that the invasion of his realm was led by an Angel. Death then heads to the Library of the Argent
Spire in the Angel’s White City to search for any leads on Belisatra. However, upon arriving, the Angels are less
than receptive to Death, due to his brother’s recent actions. He is able to convince them to let him in
and is met by his escort, an angel calling himself Semyaza. However, the angel ambushes him and after
a short battle stabs him with Affliction. War arrives in the nick of time, causing the
angel to retreat. The two then make their way to the Library,
where they meet with Azrael, who informs them that the angel they met was not actually Semyaza. They learn that Belisatra was an apprentice
to a Maker named Gulbannan who was a lover of Lilith, the Queen of Demons and creator
of the Nephilim, before his murder. The two make their way to Hell to meet Lilith,
but Death speaks to her alone, leaving War as a look-out. Lilith reveals that Gulbannan had taught her
how to craft life, and realizing what she could do with it, decided to tell the other
Makers to hopefully stop her from doing so. Belisatra killed Gulbannan to prevent him
from doing so, and became Lilith’s servant afterwards. However, she left her position after a meeting
with an angel named Hadrimon, Death and War determine that Hadrimon must
be the angel behind the plot to find the Grand Abominations, and they head to Gulbannan’s
former workshop, which they hypothesize to be where Belisatra is conducting her work. There, the Horsemen find Hadrimon and Belisatra,
who put up a fight before they are all surprise attacked by an army of demons. Hadrimon and Belisatra escape amidst the chaos,
and the brothers are able to defeat the attacking army. The two determine that the demons must have
attacked to obtain whatever Grand Abomination was there before their foes escaped with it. They do, however, find an old Abomination:
a shield called Mortis. However, upon wielding it, Death accidentally
leaves his mind open to the connection it maintains with Affliction, allowing Hadrimon
to learn the secret of the Grand Abomination’s activation: the blood of the Ravaiim. The Horsemen head to the scorched world of
the Ravaiim, hoping to retrieve the blood before Hadrimon can. There, they meet with a group of angels led
by Azrael, sent by the Charred Council. Azrael, upon hearing Hadrimon’s name, reveals
that the Angel had fallen from Heaven after revealing his forbidden love with another
angel named Raciel. Raciel was cast to Hell as punishment, and
Hadrimon, furious at this decision, sought war against the forces of both Heaven and
Hell. Death, War, and the Angels eventually find
Belisatra’s constructs and begin to take them out before they are again attacked by
a demonic army, led by a Lost Angel Death determines to be Raciel. They are then joined by Hadrimon, wielding
an Abomination pistol called Black Mercy, and Belisatra, wielding Earth Reaver: a massive
Grand Abomination capable of volcanic eruptions. The Horsemen and Angels retreat, but are able
to destroy Earth Reaver’s support, temporarily disabling it. Knowing time is short, Death hatches a plan
to extract the blood of the Ravaiim and condense it into a single vial. He sends the angels with a decoy, and War
with the real vial before using Mortis again to reveal the plan to Hadrimon. However, he actually sent War with a fake
vial as well, and kept the real vial to himself. With his enemies misled to attack his brother,
Death takes the blood to the Keeper of Oblivion, convincing him to banish it into Oblivion
before heading off to find War. However, when he does, he finds his brother
slain on the battlefield. He is able to use a small amount of life contained
in his brother’s sword, Chaoseater, to revive his brother, revealing that the blood was
destroyed, but refrains from revealing his ruse that led to War’s death. The two return to the Charred Council, who
reveal that their destruction of the blood did not stop Hadrimon, who had attacked an
angel outpost using the traces of blood contained within Earth Reaver. The Council give Death and War one final chance,
and send them to guard the Abomination Vault, with their siblings Fury and Strife sent to
hunt down Hadrimon and Belisatra. However, Death knows full well that their
foes will be coming to them to obtain the Abominations, as well as the traces of blood
contained within. The two Horsemen head to Death’s home, which
is revealed to be beside the entrance to the vault. Shortly after arriving, Belisatra’s constructs
attack but are held off by Death’s skeleton defenses. Hadrimon arrives with Black Mercy, as does
Belisatra with her own cannon. Hadrimon makes his way to the entrance of
the Vault, just as Raciel arrives with her forces that destroy the Construct army. Death and Hadrimon meet at the portal to the
Vault, and the Horseman destroys the seal, hoping that the presences of the Abominations
within would overwhelm Hadrimon through Black Mercy. This somewhat succeeds, but the weapon itself
takes control of Hadrimon’s arm, firing at Death, who is able to block the blow, but
is left incapacitated. Just then, Racial enters the chamber, and
Black Mercy again takes control and fires, killing her immediately. This causes Hadrimon to regain control, and
with an overwhelming sadness and regret, holds the gun to his own head, but it refuses to
fire. He looks over to Racial’s corpse, and above
it, he sees her former self, pleading with him to stop and expressing her forgiveness. This distraction allows Death to strike, and
finally kill the fallen angel. As he leaves the chamber, it is revealed that
Hadrimon’s vision of his love was a projection created by Azrael. Outside, they confront Belisatra, who surrenders
as is taken to the Charred Council to be judged. Death, War, and Azrael celebrate their victory,
despite the devious way they achieved it. Death then returns the Abominations to the
Vault and heads to the Charred Council. There, Panoptos suggests to the Council that
they create more servants of his kind to be assigned to each Horseman to keep them loyal,
thus creating what are known as the “Watchers”. On his way out, Death encounters the creature
and reveals that he is aware they Racial’s army were doing his bidding, as Panoptos had
hoped the power of the Abominations would help him escape the Council’s control. Without proof, he knew he couldn’t convince
the Council of this, but left Panoptos with a warning before going into the chamber to
give his report. Sometime later, Death is invited to meet with
Abaddon at the White City. There, Abaddon hires Death to take down a
“Demon” that has been reeking havoc on Earth, as well as killing scores of his soldiers. Death takes the task, but knows that since
this act has not been sanctioned by the Charred Council, he will have to find a new Scythe,
as his won’t work on Earth. Abaddon then suggests he pay a visit to Vulgrim,
a merchant dealing in the black market of the underworld. Vulgrim offers to make a trade for a scythe
if Death brings him the tongue of a Leviathan, which Death is able to deliver. With the Scythe in hand, Death then pays a
visit to the Horsemaster: who had previously provided the horses that each Horseman tamed. The Horsemaster agrees to help Death by opening
a Serpent Hole, which allows Death to traverse the Void and arrive on Earth. There, Death finds himself in France, in 1722. He finds many dead humans, some of which have
necklaces with pendants in the shape of a Crossblade. Shortly after, he is attacked by a fallen
Angel named Makhala. Death determines her to be the “Demon”
Abaddon sent him to kill, and chases after her. She convinces a group of Humans to attack
the Horseman, but he is able to easily brush them aside to reach a church where she has
taken refuge. There, Death finds Makhala supposedly cleansing
a man of his sickness, placing a pendant around his neck. She attempts to fight Death, recounting her
part in the battle on Eden that exterminated the Nephilim. Sometime after, she was infected with Corruption,
which spoke to her to “save” humanity. As she attempts to “save” another Human,
Death grabs his Scythe and kills the fallen Angel, taking her pendant as he leaves. He takes it to Abaddon and explains what he
found. Abaddon is shocked to learn that the force
that killed so many of his best warriors was not a demon. Death remarks that something larger must be
out there, and when it returns, he will be ready. Years later, Abaddon assembles his angels
to propose launching a pre-emptive strike to start the End War with the forces of Hell
by destroying only six of the Seven Seals to draw out the Demon Legions without alerting
the Four Horsemen. The inhabitants of the White City don’t
believe this to be necessary, as their truce with the underworld has gone unbroken. Later, Uriel consoles Abaddon, but he asks
her to leave. In secret, Azrael and an Old One Maker named
Ulthane conspire with him to carry out this plan. Later, the Horsemen visit Hell to warn Samael,
a powerful Demon, to keep peace between his realm and Heaven. Samael shrugs this off, and a nearby Lilith
tells them to take their warning to Abaddon, as it is he who is hoping for war. Later, Abaddon executes his plan, and the
forces of Heaven and Hell begin to battle on Earth. War arrives, and upon noticing the lack of
the other Horsemen, begins to search for answers. Meanwhile, a Watcher observes and returns
back to the Council to inform them of the events on Earth. They accept the intel, and verify that all
of the Seals have not yet been broken before killing her for traveling to Earth without
permission. They then send another Watcher to go find
War, which he does, on the fields of battle on Earth. On Earth, War finds Abaddon and Uriel fighting
a giant demon named Straga. Abaddon claims to not know about the broken
Seals, and is then killed by the creature. War fights it as well, but is suddenly drained
of his powers and thereafter bested. With the end of this battle comes the victory
of Hell over the forces of Heaven, and Earth becomes overridden with Demonic forces, while
any surviving Humans are forced into hiding. War is then resurrected in front of the Council,
who proceed to chastise him for his appearance on Earth, accusing him of inciting the End
War due to the Seals not being broken. War claims that when he arrived, the war had
already begun, and points the finger at Abaddon, who seemed to have known more than he let
on, but the Council disregards this argument. After learning of his brother’s imprisonment
at the hands of the Council, Death seeks the Crowfather’s help to resurrect humanity
and undo his brother’s supposed crime. The Crowfather proclaims that Death would
find his answers at the Tree of Life, but only agrees to help him get there if Death
destroys the amulet containing the souls of the Nephilim that Death entrusted with him
after the war which killed them all. Refusing to destroy the final remains of his
fallen brethren, Death instead attempts to force the Crowfather to help him, to which
he transforms into a vision of War. After Death battles this vision, he deals
a mortal blow to the Crowfather, demanding him to open a portal to the Tree of Life. The Crowfather dies with his secrets, but
the amulet shatters and a piece becomes embedded in Death’s chest. The Crowfather’s body erupts into a flock
of Crows, and Death loses consciousness. Elsewhere, Fury is called upon the Council,
only to find her brother War chained before them. The Council then inform Fury of her brother’s
charges, but state that they have a more pressing matter: the Seven Deadly Sins have been released
from their prison and are roaming the Earth. Fury agrees to destroy the Seven, as long
as in return she is granted the title of the leader of the Horsemen. They agree, and assign her a Watcher before
sending her off to Earth. Fury arrives in “Haven”, a location where
the last surviving Humans attempt to maintain shelter. There, she meets a creature carrying a Talisman
whom she surmises to be the Deadly Sin Envy. She kills the creature, stealing the Talisman
of Sin and entrapping her essence inside of it. She then learns that the Talisman also serves
to track the other Sins, and she sets off to find the next one. On her way, Fury meets Vulgrim, who provides
his services, as well as Ulthane, who has been stranded on Earth. Ulthane proclaims that has been helping to
build shelter and unite Humanity since the forces of Hell invaded. He asks for Fury’s help with the effort,
but she laughs off the idea of helping a useless species. This angers a Human who introduces himself
as Jones and denounces the senseless destruction of the Horsemen and their fellow cosmic forces. Fury appreciates Jones’ spirit, but still
refuses to help the Humans. Ulthane then offers to upgrade her equipment
if she will send any humans she comes across to him, and she reluctantly agrees. As a token of good faith, he then points her
to her next target: Wrath. Fury makes her way beneath Haven, and finds
Wrath disposing of a group of attacking angels. She interrupts the battle, but soon discovers
that her horse, Rampage, had been impaled by an Angelic weapon. She rushes to its aid, but the distraction
allows Wrath to get the upper hand and impale her. However, she is able to turn the tide and
break his blade, stabbing him with a piece that remains in her torso. Injured, Fury lays on the floor, realizing
that there are other forces at play, and her brother must have indeed been set up. As she lays next to Rampage’s lifeless corpse,
a portal opens beneath her and she is taken away, allowing Wrath to escape. When she awakens, she finds herself in the
presence of the Lord of the Hollows, an Old One who is harvesting the souls of Demons
and Angels from the cycle of war. While he mocks the Charred Council, as well
as the balance that the Horsemen protect, he helps her by giving her the Flame Hollow. As she leaves, he asks her one favor: to bring
him the soul of a demon named Abraxis. On her way out, Vulgrim appears before her
and asks her to deal with the inhabitants of the Serpent Holes that have become hostile,
claiming that she will find treasures inside. She considers the offer and moves on. She eventually reaches a museum filled with
treasures inhabited by Avarice. Fury makes quick work of the Sin and seals
his essence in the Talisman. Afterwards, she once again visits the Lord
of Hollows, who grants her with the power of the Storm Hollow. Fury continues on, finding a large Church
where the Sin Pride appears. She mocks Fury and instructs her to return
when she has proven worthy: after capturing the other Sins. Pride retreats to her own dimension, and Fury
continues on to find Sloth. Fury battles and captures Sloth before deciding
to visit a base occupied by the angels to get revenge for Rampage’s death. There, she meets the leader of the army stationed
there: Usiel, who denies any conspiracy against the Horsemen. He makes a deal that if Fury takes care of
Lust, he will be able to allocate resources to investigate the angelic weapon that killed
Rampage. Fury then finds Lust, who attempts to convince
her to join in taking Creation for themselves, but Fury refuses before Lust is shot to death. When Fury turns, she sees none other than
all three of her brothers, and Strife claims that he had captured the other Sins, and Death
had freed War. They also reveal that they have proven the
conspiracy to start the apocalypse early, and they appoint Fury as the leader of the
new era of Creation. However, Fury strikes them all, revealing
it to simply be an illusion by Lust. Angered by this disrespect, Fury attacks Lust. During the battle, Usiel appears to assist
Fury. However, she is able to tempt him, and he
instead sides with the Sin. Fury is able to subdue Usiel and Lust. Before she can capture the Sin, she offers
a bargain: to spare her for the location of her sister Envy. Fury disregards this, having already captured
Envy, and captures Lust. Afterwards, she spares Usiel in return for
an alliance with him and his men. Afterwards, the Lord of the Hollows gives
Fury yet another hollow: the Force Hollow, and she returns only to find Gluttony. After tracking it to its lair, she is able
to speak to the Sin, who coughs up Rampage’s head. Enraged by this, Fury fights Gluttony, taking
it out and capturing it in turn. Once more, she meets The Lord of the Hollows,
and she detects something is wrong with him. He gifts her the final Hollow: the Stasis
hollow. He leaves her with a cryptic warning that
only one of them will leave their next meeting alive. Now having all of the Hollows, Fury helps
Vulgrim with the Serpent Holes. She defeats each Construct that guards the
four wings of the Void. The final guardian, Ionos, fuses with the
bodies of the four fallen guards and explains to Fury that Vulgrim had lied to her. His people are the true inhabitants of the
Void, and they had exiled him after he wore out his welcome. Fury shows remorse for killing them, but Ionos
decides to make her pay for her deeds regardless. She kills him, and makes her way back to Vulgrim. After confronting him, she threatens to kill
him, but he convinces her to spare his life in return for free use of the Serpent Holes
for the Horsemen, as well as her previously stolen Abyssal Armor. Fury then sets off to finally find and capture
Wrath. On her way, she discovers a construction site
operated by the demon the Lord of the Hallows warned her of: Abraxis. He explains that he is building a tower to
become the home of a powerful being that is coming to rule the Earth. Abraxis claims that Fury should instead kill
the Lord of the Hallows, as he is more of a threat to the balance she protects. She rejects this, and kills the demon. Fury takes Abraxis’ soul back to the Lord
of the Hollows, demanding answers. The Lord of the Hollows reveals that he was
once a member of the Charred Council; however, he left after growing jaded with their devotion
to the kingdoms of Heaven and Hell without caring for the kingdom of Earth. The Lord of the Hollows supports Fury’s
worries of a conspiracy, arguing that the Council allowed the end war to be started
early to ensure Humanity’s extinction to avoid them reaching their full potential. He then admits that he cannot prove this,
but states that he has seen this coming all this time. The Lord of the Hollows then asks Fury to
choose a side, to which she takes his. H then disappears into a flash of white light,
leaving behind a Mysterious Stone Sigil containing all of the harvested souls he had been collecting. Fury finally confronts and captures Wrath,
leaving only Pride remaining. Having completed her challenge of capturing
all of the other Sins, Fury visits her dimension to confront the Sin. Pride offers Fury the ability to work with
her against their conspirators to rule together. Fury declines this and the two fight. After Fury emerges victorious, she demands
Pride tell her what she knows of the Council’s corruption. At this point, the Watcher that had been accompanying
Fury reveals herself to be the true Envy. She then takes back her Talisman and uses
it to capture Pride, as well as part of Fury’s power. Envy confirms that the Council set everyone
up, wanting them all dead, so Envy worked on her own to ensure her survival and ability
to destroy the Council and rule the Earth. Envy kicks Fury out of the dimension, and
she is rescued by the Humans. Jones waits for her to awaken, then provides
her with moral support and motivation before showing her what Ulthane has been working
on: a portal made for her to send her where she wants to go to the most. She enters the portal and finds herself among
the Charred Council, being attacked by Envy, who plans to kill them, then wait out the
Apocalypse before killing the victor. Fury confronts Envy, to the delight of the
Council, which she silences before fighting Envy. After the battle, Fury is able to regain her
power, defeat Envy, and capture her within the Talisman. The Council then attempt to restrain Fury,
knowing she now knows too much, but she is able to use the Mysterious Stone Sigil given
to her by the Lord of the Hollows to stop them. They demand she give it over immediately,
but she knows it to be too valuable to part with, despite not knowing it’s true purpose. She then throws the Talisman of Sin at the
Council, triggering a blast that collapses their domain as she escapes. Back on Haven, a new army approaches the human’s
camp, led by the powerful figure whose arrival Abraxis predicted: the Destroyer. Ulthane declares Fury Humanity’s new guardian,
and suggests that she take the remaining humans someplace safe with the portal he built. She asks Ulthane to stay behind and help War
should he need it, and he agrees. As she leaves with the Humans, Jones steps
forward and begins to fight the army, turning back towards her to reveal himself to have
been her brother, Strife, all along. She gives him a recognizing glance before
finally departing. In the kingdom of Hell, Lucifer berates Lilith
for not silencing the Lord of the Hollows before he was able to give Fury the sigil. He determines that this is fine, since she
doesn’t truly know what she possesses. He knows that the Council will send War to
Earth, and the Seventh Seal will be broken to start the end war. Meanwhile, Death awakens inside the Forge
Lands: the home of the Makers. He is found by the Village Elder Eideard,
who asks Death to help with the growing presence of Corruption in the world. To do this, Death would have to restore the
Fire of the Mountain, so he sends Death to speak with a woman named Alya, who would help
him reach the Tree of Life. Death then speaks to her, and she asks him
to help the Makers forge a key to activate a giant construct named the Guardian to clear
the Corruption. Death agrees, and heads off to a temple inside
a volcano called the Cauldron. There, he meets another maker named Karn,
whom he agrees to help restore the Cauldron. After defeating a Corrupted construct, Death
is able to restore the Fire of the Mountain and restore the Cauldron. He then returns to Alya, who informs him that
he also has to restore the Stonefather’s Tears to reactivate the forge. Before he leaves, she gives him a weapon as
thanks, one that Death recognizes as Redemption: one of his brother Strife’s signature handguns. Death then travels to the Drenchfort and meets
Karn there. The two fight their way through and restore
the tears. Afterwards, Death again returns to Alya and
meets her brother, Valus, and Eideard in the forge, where Valus completes the key. Eidard then instructs Death to find another
construct called the Warden that can lead him to the foundry where the Guardian lays
dormant. Death finds the Warden and awakens it with
the Key. It then creates a bridge to the foundry, and
Karn arrives to accompany Death. The pair awaken the massive construct, but
soon find it to be overcome by Corruption. It leaves the foundry, and Death chases it
to find Eidard attempting to calm it. It attacks the elder, and Death is forced
to destroy the Guardian. After doing so, arrives once again, and uses
his last bit of life to revive the Guardian, now free of the Corruption. It then destroys the Corruption blocking the
path to the Tree of Life, allowing Death to pass through. Death approaches the Tree of Life, when suddenly
Corruption overcomes it’s entrance, and he is pulled inside. There, he is taunted by the avatar of the
Corruption: Absalom, the first Nephilim, who was killed by Death himself. When Death leaves the Tree, he finds himself
in the Dead Plains, and soon after, he meets a merchant named Ostegoth. The merchant claims that what Death truly
needs to seek to find the answer to resurrect humanity is the Well of Souls. He then sends him to the Gilded Arena to find
the Dead King. There, he meets the Chancellor, who has Death
defeat the Arena’s champion in order to gain an audience with the King. He does so, and is able to speak with him. The King agrees to help if Death does him
a favor: to bring three of his lords to his presence. Death then heads out and convinces the three
lords through various means. When he returns to the Dead King, he destroys
his Lords for their insubordination then sends Death to the City of the Dead to find a soul
that can lead him to the Well of Souls. Death is able to fight his way through the
City and find the Soul that the King spoke of: that of the Crowfather. He informs Death that in order to reach the
Well, he needs a key that was divided long ago: with one half given to the Angels, and
the other given to the Demons. He also reveals to Death that the Well of
Souls would also have the power to revive the Nephilim, a fact that the Charred Council
wanted hidden from the Horsemen. Death heads to Lostlight to look for the half
of the Key the Angels possess, but there he soon discovers their army to be infected by
Corruption. Death fights the corrupted Angels, accompanied
by an Angel named Nathaniel, who sends Death to speak with the Archon to find more information
on the Key. The Archon, Lucien, claims that the Key is
inside the Ivory Citadel, which has been overrun by corruption, and that only the Rod of Arafel
could dispel it. Death then heads to Earth to retrieve the
Rod. There, Death finds Undead Human corpses attacking
the Hellguard, led by Uriel. Death helps the Hellguard battle the Undead,
and Uriel then tells Death that the Rod was shattered, and the Destroyer is now using
its powers to enhance his army. Death then searches the city to find the pieces
of the Rod, and returns them to Uriel. She helps to reassemble them, but warns Death
that if she ever sees War, she will make him answer to his crimes. Death then returns the Rod to the Archon at
Lostlight. He then uses the Rod’s holy light to clear
the Citadel of Corruption and sends Death (with the help of a flying beast called an
Ortho) there to find the Scribe. Death finds the Scribe, but he is unfortunately
still Corrupted, and attacks the Horseman. After his defeat, the Scribe introduces himself
as Jamaerah, revealing to Death the truth: that the Archon had actually been the first
Angel Corrupted, but his madness did not allow him to realize it. Death returns to the Archon, whose corruption
takes hold, and the two battle. Death emerges victorious, and obtains the
Key. Death then travels to Shadow’s Edge, to
obtain the Demon’s half of the Key. There, Death heads to the home of Samael,
but instead finds Lilith. While Death grows annoyed at Lilith referring
to herself as his mother, he still hears her out as she reveals that the Key is in Samael’s
possession, but he is now gone. She then provides him with the ability to
turn back time to before Samael’s fall to find him and the key, asking for him to resurrect
the Nephilim at the Well of Souls in return. Death traverses through the fortress using
his newfound time travel abilities, and eventually finds Samael. He does not give Death the Key easily, however,
and forces him to battle first. After seeing Death’s potential, Samael gives
him his key, pointing out that even if Death fails in his quest, it will still be entertaining. Now with both keys, Death returns to the spirit
of the Crowfather, who warns him that the well has been Corrupted as well. Death uses the keys and enters into the Tree’s
core, where he finds Absalom. Absalom taunts Death with the regret of killing
his brethren, but the Horseman is able to persevere and defeat Absalom, killing the
Corruption in the process. Finally at his quest’s end, Death is again
met by the Crowfather, who gives him his final choice: resurrect Humanity, or the Nephilim. Death then sacrifices the souls of all of
the fallen Nephilim, takes off his mask, and dives into the Well, resewing the seeds of
Humanity and saving the species. Now one century after his imprisonment, War
convinces the Charred Council to allow him to return to Earth to find those who broke
the seals and started the war. They reluctantly agree to this, assigning
him a Watcher and returning his blade, Chaoseater, although weakened. On Earth, War fights his way through scores
of the undead before meeting Vulgrim, who points War towards the tower where the Destroyer
resides. War attempts to head there, but Vulgrim exclaims
that it is being protected by various demonic magics that War will need to find a way past. Vulgrim then gives war a powerful horn called
the Earthcaller, which War can use to enter a Tormented Gate and travel to find Samael,
now imprisoned due to his opposition to the Destroyer. War is able to find Samael’s prison, as
well as those guarding it, and defeat them to speak to the demon. Samael makes an offer to help War in return
for his release by lowering the magic barrier to the Destroyer’s Spire. To do so, however, Samael tasks War with returning
with the hearts of four of the Destroyer’s Chosen. The first Chosen, Tiamat, is quickly defeated
by War, and he tears her heart out before again meeting Vulgrim, who offers War the
use of his Serpent Holes to return back to Samael. After giving him the first heart, Samael sends
War off to find the next Chosen, Griever, but warns that there will be an obstacle in
the way. War quickly discovers this obstacle in the
form of Ulthane, who recognized the Horseman. War attacks Ulthane, but their skirmish is
interrupted by the Hellguard, led again by Uriel, who instructs her army to kill War
to avenge Abaddon’s death one hundred years prior. Ulthane then joins War to defeat the Angels,
and the two have a “friendly” competition to defeat the most on their way to Uriel. After a short battle, the pair are able to
knock the Angel unconscious, and her Hellguard then retreat, carrying her away. Ulthane then helps War enter the Griever’s
lair, and is able to defeat her, and take her heart in turn. War returns to Ulthane’s home, where the
Horseman asks why the Maker made his home on the already ravished Earth. Ulthane refuses to answer, instead giving
War a handgun; his brother Strife’s other weapon: Mercy. War then returns to Samael with the second
heart, and is sent to the Ashlands to retrieve the third. There, War is reunited with his horse, Ruin,
and with its help is able to defeat the Stygian and retrieve its heart, taking it back to
Samael. Samael then sends the Horsemen to the Iron
Canopy to retrieve the final Heart. There, the final Chosen, Silitha, informs
War that the Chosen’s true purpose was to prevent the return of Samael, whose power
would be a threat greater than all of the Chosen combined. War does not heed this warning, however, and
defeats the creature, taking her heart with him back to Samael. Upon his return, War confronts Samael about
lying to him about the true nature of the Chosen. Samael disregards this, and claims that he
still intends on honoring their bargain. War then reluctantly hands over the final
heart, knowing he needs Samael’s help either way to enter the Tower. Samael holds true to his word and opens a
portal to the Tower, and as the Horseman enters, Samael tells him that one day, they will meet
again. Inside the Tower, War finds an imprisoned
Azrael, who asks the Horseman to free him. Azrael explains that the Destroyer forced
him to open the Well of Souls to allow his army to use the power of the souls inside. War frees the Angel, but afterwards he confesses
to being recruited by Abaddon to carry out the conspiracy to destroy the six Seals and
start with war with Hell’s army early. He proclaims that the plan fell apart with
Abaddon’s death, when the seventh Seal he held onto was lost. The Watcher orders War to execute Abaddon
for his treason, but War refuses, claiming his work to be done. The Watcher disagrees, however, and orders
War to restore the balance. With Azrael’s help, War is able to confront
Straga, whom he defeats, destroying the Tower in turn. Azrael arrives and carries War to Eden. Azrawl tells the Horseman that he must visit
the Tree of Knowledge to obtain a way to defeat the Destroyer. War enters the tree alone and bears witness
to a vision. In the vision, War sees that after Abaddon
was killed, he awoke in a limbo and communicated with Lilith. She was able to manipulate him into becoming
her most powerful lieutenant: The Destroyer. It is then revealed that the Council knew
of these events, but could not reveal them without proof, so they sent one Horseman,
War, to Earth to frame him for the events, using his freedom as a bargaining chip to
manipulate the Four Horsemen. War then learns that the Destroyer still holds
the Seventh Seal, and will break it to lay siege on Heaven. Finally, War sees the Watcher stab him in
the back with a mighty sword. When War awakens, he finds the hilt of the
sword in his hand, and he returns to Azrael and the Watcher to tell them of his vision,
leaving out his knowledge of the Council’s betrayal. Azrael then reveals that the sword War saw
was the Armageddon Blade: the sword that broke the six Seals. Azrael tells War to find the pieces of the
sword and take them to Ulthane to reforge it. On his way to recover the pieces, War encounters
Uriel once again, who challenges him to a death oath called Nex Sacramentum. War defeats her in battle, but refuses to
kill her, instead revealing to her the truth that the Destroyer is in fact Abaddon. Shocked by this, she assembles the Hellguard
and heads to the Tower. War returns to Ulthane with the pieces of
the Sword, and the Maker reforges it, giving it to War just as Uriel reaches the Tower
to take on the Destroyer. War meets with Azrael at the base of the Tower,
and the angel helps War reach the top. There, War finds the Destroyer, holding Uriel’s
unconscious body. The Destroyer reflects on the love that she
and Abaddon once shared, before offering War to join him in the same way Lilith offered
to Abaddon. War responds by saying he will “choose what
once a coward did not”, before drawing the sword. The Destroyer tosses Uriel aside, and he and
War begin their final battle. After a period in the battle, The Destroyer’s
demonic form is broken, and Abaddon appears once more as a fallen Angel. The two continue to fight until War emerges
victorious, tearing off his wings. Uriel appears, and Abaddon pleas with her,
but she refuses to help, telling him to reap what he has sown. Abaddon finally dies, dropping the Seventh
Seal to the ground. War moves to pick up the Seal, but he is stopped
by the Watcher, who confirms the Council’s betrayal. The Watcher retrieves the Seal. Uriel retrieves the Armageddon Blade and stabs
War in the back, killing the Horseman and completing the death oath. She then attacks the Watcher, striking his
arm and breaking the Seal. The Watcher attempts to kill Uriel for destroying
the Seal, but is stopped by War, resurrected by his duty to the call of the broken seals. Now free of the Watcher’s control, War finally
kills the creature. Uriel salutes War for his actions, claiming
his debts were repaid. She recognizes that he will now be hunted
by many adversaries, and asks if he plans to wage the war alone. He holds up the broken Seventh Seal and replies,
“No, not alone”, as the other three Horsemen fall to Earth behind him. Hey guys thanks so much for watching this
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