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Hi, my name is Daniel, and I work at YouTube. And today we’re at the YouTube Space in L.A.
to film something a little different than what we usually do. So we already have conversations with you
on our Community tab and comments, in Twitter, and our support forums, and even occasionally
on Reddit. So we thought why not bring these conversations
to life through video right here on our YouTube Help channel. This is backstage at YouTube. Welcome everyone. Welcome Veena. Hi. How are you. I’m great. How are you. I’m great. OK. So do you want to introduce yourself? Sure. I’m Veena, Product Manager at YouTube currently
working on dark theme and I’m super excited to share with you about our new feature and
the journey that got us here. Awesome. Ok. We’ve asked a lot of you over the last week
to let us know your biggest questions, feedback concerns, thoughts around dark theme and we
have Veena here today to answer those questions for you. So let’s get started. So what is dark theme? Cool, super exciting. Dark theme is our feature which allows users
to turn down their screen glare and experience YouTube in a dark mode. What’s cool about it is that it’s great for
nighttime watching especially with the glare and it’s also been great for battery consumption
to help save you battery. Yeah we’re always like on that last percentage
of battery. And finally another advantage with dark theme
has been for users who have devices with a notch which is a cutout at the top. It’s been a great experience so you don’t
see that black cutout at the top. And I’m biased but I’ve been using it on desktop. I really like I just like the look. It’s pretty cool. Yeah yeah. I know that our Android users are actually
super super passionate and really want this. So I wanted to ask that the question that
is most burning on their minds. Why is it taking so long on Android? Yeah I know we are as eager as you are to
bring this to life for Android users. But let me just back up a second and explain
how we are running our projects. So for every feature that we have at YouTube
we have to implement it separately on iOS, Android, mobile web, and desktop. We have to basically make sure that the app,
the feature is working well on every single screen of the YouTube app especially for
dark theme. It touches practically every part of the app. So we have to be super careful that we’re
not breaking something else while we’re implementing this. OK. Because I’ve got some questions on social
that we’re like why is it taking so long to launch something that should be two lines
of code. So it isn’t two lines of code. Ok, it’s not. Yeah, I don’t know. Guess how many lines it is? 1000? It is over 100,000 lines of the code. Ok, I was wrong. Yeah, it’s much harder than you know from the
surface it looks like and it’s a lot of hard work from our engineering and product
teams to put that together. Sounds like it. Ok cool, I’ll buy that. Yeah, and as part of this, It’s been a journey
to understand how our app is architected and we have simplified the way the app is built. And so this opens the door for new features
on the YouTube app. New features, can you say any? No, unfortunately not today but stay tuned. We will share as we go along. Ok, Great. So I’m going to go to another hard question. OK. How do you turn on dark there? You got me. It’s pretty straightforward. On iOS you just go to settings and toggle
it on or off. On Android, go to Settings, General,
and then turn it on or off. And on desktop look for the avatar at the
top and the button’s right there. Awesome. So how did you and the team come up with the feature? It definitely wasn’t just me. It’s a lot of people behind this. A lot of Product and Engineering. I can imagine with 100,000 lines of code, it can’t
be just you. So how did we come up with it? We’ve always wanted to have a night mode of
some sort. Because that would help with watching YouTube
especially at night. But the real reason that we did it is because
we had over 100,000 requests from our users asking for this feature. We’ve received from all the different channels
Google feedback, through Twitter, through Reddit and yeah that’s the primary reason
why we’re building this feature. Yeah that’s crazy. I know you mentioned feedback but also on
the support side we’ve seen that over 70,000 people have been talking about dark theme
on social on social media. So it’s definitely a topic that’s top of people’s
minds right now. Yeah, yeah. Last question. OK. I hope it’s not hard. When is it launching? So I have great news here. We have a dark theme available right now on
Android. It’s already available on desktop and iOS. So yeah definitely please check it out and
let us know what you think. Thank all of you. Thank you Veena for being here. And most of all thanks for continuing to give
us your feedback to make our products better here at Google. Great, thank you for having me. And definitely check out the feature, and
we’re listening to your feedback so let us know what you think.

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