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– [Children] Trick or treat. (man screams) (children chuckle) (pee splashes) (knocking on wall)
(woman in white gasps) – Oh, my god. You scared me. I didn’t, I didn’t know
anybody else was in here. (woman in white laughs) Hello? Are you okay? – [Woman] I need a tampon. – (sighs) Of course. You know what, I think
I have one, actually. Let me check. You know what, I don’t. Sorry. – [Woman] Why won’t you help me? Help me. (woman in white gasps)
(suspenseful music) – [Woman In White] Oh, my god! – What the? Oh, my god! Oh, my god, get me outta here! Please. Oh, god, no! Somebody, help me! Please, somebody help me! Somebody help me!
– Shh. Open up. Open up. (woman sobs) (man laughs) – Please, please. Please, just let me go. Please help me. – Shh, it’ll be over soon. (woman sobs) – Please. – [Man] This is gonna hurt. – And we’re gonna use
some of the barbecue sauce on the top of the ribs. It’s all in the wrist. Use a brush like this
and go back and forth, back and forth with a twist. And that’s it. That’s your Mexican style ribs. You’re gonna love it. – [Robert] Doris, what’s for dinner? – [Doris] How about leftovers? – Oh, no, not leftovers again. You’re killing me. – Well, I could defrost something. Liver? – This stuff’s been in there long enough to start its own ice age. – Fine. Then let’s go out. – Now you’re talking. – I feel like Italian. – You know, lately, it’s made me gassy. How about Chinese? – I’d rather have Thai. – Whoa. Can we help? – Well, my alternator’s out. Can I get a ride? – It’d be our pleasure. – Really? You sure it’s no trouble? – Like I always say,
lend a hand, get a hand. – Well, thanks. You saved my life. My name’s Steve. – It’s nice to meet you, Steve. – Let me go get my things. (ominous music) Where are you folks headed? – To the food court. There’s always something to eat there. – Well, not now. You take me home and the steaks are on me. – Oh, we wouldn’t dream of it. It’s such an imposition. – Are you kidding? I mean it’s the least I can do
for you folks helping me out. Take your next left up here. (steak sizzles) Like this? – Back and forth, back
and forth with a twist. You got it, Steve. – Oh, don’t overcook those. Robert likes his meat still
bleeding on the plate. (men laugh) Steven, I hope you don’t mind. I found your wire rack. – No, not at all. I’d like to make a toast. To a couple of lifesavers. – [Robert] And a great dinner. – Robert, is that all you think about? – A guy’s gotta eat. – I need to get something inside. Robert, can you watch the grill? – It’d be my pleasure. – [Steve] Thanks. (ominous music) – [Doris] Robert, get in here. (Steve mumbles) – [Robert] Doris, he’s awake. – Shit! Ah, that hurt! – What were you planning? – What? Nothing, I was just
gonna take your wallets. – You’re a liar. – I swear, I swear. What are you gonna do? Are you gonna call the cops? – How’s your head? – What, my head? – Yes, your head. I put a little something in your wine. – You did? – I did. – She did. He must work out. He didn’t stay down. – Gosh, I hope we don’t
have to use the second dose. It might spoil the meat. – No, it’s okay. He should be awake for this. (Steve screams) Lean. He does work out. Honey, could you hand me the forks. – No, no! (screams) – No, no! (screams) – [Robert] A little to taste here. – Mmm. (Steven screams)
Mmm, I like it rare too. Did I get it? – Shh, we’re trying to eat. – No! – Mmm, mmm. Let me have a stab at it. – Go at it. – What are you fucking gonna do? (screams) – What are you fucking gonna do? (screams) – It’s so fresh, it’s
hopping off the fork. – It is. Isn’t that good? – Steve, you should try this. My goodness, that’s good. Thank you. – You’re welcome. – You’re always so thoughtful. – Honey, how much do you
want me to cut off to grill? – Just keep cutting. You know how hungry I get. I love to eat. (Steven screams) Thanks for dinner. The bags are heavy. – [Doris] Yes, they are. – Here, let me help. – Oh, thank you. Eat in tonight? It’s really fresh. – I thought maybe we could– – Grab some Mexican? – Perfect. (ominous music) (upbeat dance music) (knocking on door) – Hey. – [Miranda] Hi. Come on in. – What are you wearing? You look fucking hot. How about we take this off? – No, no, no. – Come on. – Hey, Sean. – Mm-hmm. – Did you forget about the party? – I remembered. That’s why I wore my good sneakers. – Uh-huh. – [Sean] Mm-hmm. – Thank you so much for going with me. Are you drunk? – No. I had a few beers. – So you want me to drive us there? – Or better yet, fuck the party. – Don’t you wanna start
going out as a couple? (Sean laughs) – No. – Well, if you really don’t wanna go out, I guess maybe I can stay here
with you for a little bit and then just go out later. – You are so cool. – Ah, I love you. I mean, I love you. I’m not in love with you. Ah! – Hey! Excuse me for a minute. – [Sean] Miranda! Come on, I wanna be inside you! Baby? – Shit! – Hey, come on, I’m losing it. Wake up. – What the fuck. Oh, my god. (suspenseful music) – What’s going on, baby? Is it your back? – Just a minute. (suspenseful music) – What am I looking for again? – It’s a string. – [Sean] I don’t feel any string. – Well, it’s fucking in there. – Okay, okay. Ah, here it is. I’ve got it. – Oh, good. Okay, get it out. What the fuck! What are you doing? – [Sean] What the fuck are you doing? Stop it. – I’m not doing anything. Get out! – Stop it. – I’m not doing anything! – I’m sorry. I’m sorry, okay? – Get your hand out of there! – Oh, no, no, no. No, no, no. – Oh, my god! (screams) Oh, my god! Did that just happen? Oh, my god. (creature grunts) – [Sean] Babe? It’s really dark in here. I found it. Let me out. I’ll come to the party. (upbeat music) ♪ Slippy, the snail,
slipped away from shore ♪ ♪ To look around and go explore ♪ ♪ He brought his house along
because it was light as snow ♪ ♪ For the journey ♪ (creature grunts) ♪ He leaves a trail to
show how far he’s gone ♪ ♪ And the journey is never done ♪ ♪ Never ever far away from home ♪ (ominous music)
(creature grunts) (dogs bark) (upbeat music) (glass shatters) (mouse squeaks) (creature grunts) (footsteps approaching) – Shit. Alright. Another palace. Alright. (man screams) – [Kid] Is it ours? – Yup, this is our new home. Do you wanna pick out your bedrooms? – [Kids] Yeah! – Okay, let’s go upstairs. (footsteps approaching) (door opens) (footsteps approaching) (metal screeches) (TV turning on) (woman on TV speaks foreign language) (suspenseful music) (footsteps approach) (door opens) (footsteps approach) (metal screeches) (woman screams) (neighbor speaks in foreign language) – Somebody was killed. (neighbor speaks in foreign language) Room 44. You have to help. We have to call the police. – Impossible. – Somebody was killed there. – Impossible. – No. – Room 44, empty. – What? – Empty for months. You and I only ones living
on this floor, no one else. – Don’t you hear it? (neighbor speaks in foreign language) What are you saying? What are you saying? – You are unwell. I see in your eyes. You need rest. Here, wait. Here. You take this. Sleep now, sleep. Everything better tomorrow. Go. Leave me be. (eerie music) (clock ticks) – [Woman] Three, two, one. (suspenseful music) (footsteps approach) (door opens) (suspenseful music) – Angelika, come here this instant. Forward. (metronome ticks) (woman clears throat) Begin. – Why me? – Because you remind me of her. – [Teacher] Those arms,
they’re too low, weak. You must raise them up. Begin. Relax. Relax, my little (mumbles). Perhaps I can help you now. Nothing to be afraid of. – [Woman] No, no! – Shut up! (teacher mumbles) – [Man Voiceover] The horror
ends tonight, little brother. Though I have put many miles
between myself and the sea, I fear that aquatic menace
has again come for me. Should this be my final night,
then let this journal serve as a record of that wretched
beast, the octopus man. – [Gill] It’s a bit
melancholy, wouldn’t you say? – Noted. You’ll be shocked to learn, Gill, I didn’t bring you along
for your keen editorial eye. – [Gill] Noted. And why have you brought me along? – You’re a comfort object. Comfort me. – [Gill] Shall I fetch some warm milk and read you a bedtime story? – Or you can keep your
mouth shut and let me write. – [Gill] A bedtime story of your own? – It’s my last one. Tonight, he dies or I die. – [Gill] And how do you
plan on killing him? – I’m gonna cut off his tentacles. – [Gill] Before he cuts off yours. – No games tonight, Gill. – [Gill] Only bedtime stories? Once upon a time. (glass shatters) – Damn it. (children laugh) – [Gill] Once upon a time, two brothers played on cliffs by the sea. (creature growls) One brother fell between the rocks, his little arm pinned down– – Shut the fuck up, Gill. – [Gill] The tide came in so fast. – He is searching for the way inside, a wild beast, collector of limbs. – [Gill] I didn’t finish my story. – Don’t – [Gill] They never found the boy’s arm. – That monster took it away! – [Gill] It’s easy to make up monsters when there’s no one else to play. – You have no idea what
that creature is capable of. – [Gill] I know he isn’t real. – Gill? Gill. Gill. (creature growls) Gill, keep him distracted. I’m going for the ax. (children laugh) (floorboard squeaks) (children laugh) Gill. Gill! I’m sorry, Gill. I’m so sorry. (creature growls) – [Gill] Who’s afraid
of the octopus man now? (eerie music) (girl screams) – Let me out! Is anyone here? – No. No! Get away from me. – Wait! Stop! (girl screams) – No! – It’s okay. It’s alright. The nurse told me you were
calling out all night. – I don’t even know why I’m here. – Do you know who you are? It’s very important that
you remember who you are. – Why am I here? Am I sick? Tell me. What kind of hospital is this? – Calm down. It’s okay. – Why can’t you just tell me
who I am and why I’m here? – You just need to calm down, okay? – You have to remember on your own. – What’s that? – It’ll help you sleep. – I don’t wanna sleep. I wanna know where I
am and what’s going on. – We hope in sleep, in dreams, you’ll regain some of your memories. (wind chimes tinkling) – Where is that coming from? – What? – The wind chimes. – You hear wind chimes? – Dr. Ken? I don’t wanna be here. Please. Let me go. (wind chimes tinkling) – [Girl] You have to come with me. – How did you get in here? – Do you want to stay in here? – Where are we going? (girl screams) No! No! (girl screams) (girl screams) (girl screams) Dr. Ken. Tell them to let me go. – It’s okay. – Don’t you remember now? (wind chimes tinkling) – Mai, they came and they took us. (wind chimes tinkling) – No! No, please! No! No! No! Mai? Mai, help me. Please don’t let them do this to me. Why do I have to go through this again? – Are you sure you’ve been through this? When the war ended, deals were made. In exchange for your
scientific discoveries, you went free, Dr. Ken, unpunished. (girl sobbing)
(wind chimes tinkling) (girl screams) – Who are you? What the fuck is going on? – It’s time, Dr. Ken, for you to feel what all of your victims felt, one by one. (Dr. Ken screams) – Stop. (Dr. Ken screams) – He was one of our greatest surgeons. – I’ve seen soldiers
with night terrors before but nothing as bad as this. – There’s not much we can do except to give him a
shot to help him sleep. – No. Please don’t! – [Mai Voiceover] It’s time, Dr. Ken, for you to feel what all of
your victims felt, one by one. No! Get away from me! (Mai screams) – Is anyone here? Is there a spirit out there
with a message for us? – I just felt a cold breeze. – Your back is to the AC. – You guys, we have to focus our energy or the spirits won’t talk to us. – Yeah, she’s right. – [Brunette Woman] Is
there a spirit with– (group gasps) – Oh, my god, oh, my god. Oh, my god, oh, my god. – I. – [Group] M. H. E. A. R. E. – I am– – Here? – I am here? – [Brunette Woman] I am here? – Spirit, did you mean
I am here like H-E-R-E? – Yes. – Oh, okay. – What do you want? – [Group] F. For. You. – For you to. – [Group] D. Y. E. For you to dye. – Dye? – Dye? – I’m sorry. Spirit, do you mean
for us to dye our hair? Because if not, it’s spelled D-I-E. – Oh! – Your doomed? My doomed what? My doomed what? – I think it meant you’re, like you are. – No. No, I hate it when your gets confused with Y-O-U apostrophe R-E. (group screams) – There, you’re doomed. – What? – What? – Stop embarrassing me? Oh, god, it’s so painful! – We’ll take you to the hospital. – No, no, the misspelling is so painful. – Oh! – Man, you’re embarrassing yourself! – Yeah, we’ll stop correcting
you when you learn to spell. – [Group] Than. – Than, you will pay. No, spirit, it’s T-H-E-N. E! – Yeah, then is a conjunction. You would use then in
this situation because, because you’re not connecting
two sentences together. – I’m not someone who you should mock. – It’s whom. – [Spirit] What? – It’s actually whom. – I’m not someone you
whom you should mock! – Who is a subject pronoun! – You chose the wrong demon to mess with. – Never end a sentence with a preposition. – Can you believe this? – Horrifying. Apostrophe shouldn’t be there. (spirit screams) (flies buzzing)
(creature groaning) – How was that? Was that like too much gurgling or? – No, no, no, it was fine. – Okay. Oh, hey, any chance I could
get my SAG card after this? – Yeah, and I’ll be getting
my acceptance letter to the Directors Guild any day now. Hey, look on the bright side. You get to work with the
world-famous Father Lance. You’ll be saved from
the forces of darkness in front of millions of viewers. – Where do you want the
rest of these cables? – They’re fine where they are. Just make sure you’re wired up. And don’t forget to mic
up our starlet here. – Do you want me to moan more? I can, like no problem. – You’re doing fine, Hailey. – Okay, it’s Heather. – [Woman] Morons, keep it classy, okay? We’ll only go for the table service. – Hey, freshie, get ready. We’re hitting Landa in 30. – You guys go without me. I’ll meet you there. – You’re gonna miss free game. – Children. – [Woman] What is she even watching? – [Woman] Some spirit shit? – [Woman] Drink up. – Bryce, you want me to take it away? – But dad, The Cleansing Hour’s almost on. – First, you finish your dinner. Vegetables too, come on. – Goddammit, Lance. – [Lance] Somebody call for an exorcist? Well, hey, sugar. – [Drew] Where the hell
have you been, man? We’re live in four. – I was counseling? – Is that fucking lipstick? – Oh. Oh, you know, you can’t
resist a man in uniform. – Tell me again why I
put up with your shit. – I’ll give you five million
reasons and climbing. – Yeah, and if one of those reasons happens to snap a pic of
Father Lance with his hand down some IHOP waitress’s skirt, we’re done. It’s over. – Drew, that’s offensive. I’m a Denny’s man. – Would you watch it? That’s our lifeline. – What is your deal today? – I think he’s just trying to say you should show more
respect for technology. – Who the fuck is that guy? – Braden, sound. – What happened to Chris? – He’s under the weather,
asked me to fill in. – Okay, well, just don’t
get your boom in my shot, and make sure you sign an NDA form. Wow! Forgive me, Lord, I have sinned. It’s been 90 seconds. I haven’t introduced myself. I’m Lance. – Heather. (giggles) Nice to meet you. – Heather is a beautiful name. He’s gonna shove these up your nose. – I’m gonna place these in your nose. They’ll dissolve after five
minutes, instant nosebleed. – Drew will direct you. – [Heather] Thank you. – I’m just gonna move your hair so I can put this in your hair. – Okay. Ooh. – Sorry, it’s always
the most awkward part. – No problem. – [Lance] This looks legit. Where did it come from? – I found it at a garage sale. 30 seconds. Take your mark, padre. – Alright, guys, let’s
make it a quick one. I’ve got a date with Destiny tonight, probably not her real name. – Oh, Jesus. – Drew, don’t take the
Lord’s name in vain. – Okay, 10 seconds. Ready, Heather? Okay, in three, two, one. – [Lance Voiceover] I cast you out in the name of the Lord, Jesus Christ. You are at the mercy of the creator. (woman screams) Welcome to The Cleansing Hour. I am Father Lance, your guide
through these troubling times. Tonight, we bring you
Sabrina, an innocent soul tortured by the only
family she’d ever known. Molested by her father,
beaten by her mother, Sabrina sought escape
from her unimaginable pain in the form of drugs, alcohol,
and ultimately, prostitution. – [Woman] I will not (mumbles) – Shh! – Wow. Well, anyway, so it’s Josh and Kyle. – The enemy of God exploited her frailty and took control of her body. But tonight, by the grace
of God, with my help and your prayers, Sabrina
will be rid of this evil. – Okay, that’s great, Heather. Just keep your head down. Whatever they can’t see will terrify them. – In nomine Patris et
Filii et Spiritus Sancti. – [Drew] Right, great, Heather. Now try and bite him. – Sabrina is exhibiting incredible
strength and aggression. This could be a stage four possession. I command you, unclean
spirit, by the mysteries of the incarnation,
passion, the resurrection, and the ascension of
our Lord, Jesus Christ, that you tell me our name
and obey me to the letter. Speak your name, demon. – Okay, Heather, your
demon name is Slubgob. Repeat, Slubgob. – Your name, demon. Speak! – Damn, Heather, very nice. – Tell me your name in the
name of our Lord, Jesus Christ! – We are Thoth, collector
of fractured souls. Soon, we’ll be thousands in
number, limitless in strength. – Just go with it. She said her name was Thoth. Heather, I appreciate your enthusiasm, but please stick to the script. – [Lance] Our father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come– – What on earth are you two watching? – Thoth, a foreign slime
of hell, servant of Satan, see the cross of the Lord Jesus and submit to the
authority of the almighty. Fight, Sabrina, fight! Do not give in! Fight! – That wasn’t me. It must have slipped. – Fuck you, deceiver. Fuck you in front of the masses. You worship the world and
the bounty of the vice. You’re nothing but a pawn in
the eyes of the great one. – Silence! Silence, demon! I cast you out in the name
of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Be gone and depart from Sabrina who is but an innocent creature of God, for it is he who commands
you, he who flung you from the heights of heaven
to the depths of hell!. – What the fuck? – Is that you? Harken therefore and tremble in fear for you are at the mercy of
the creator of all things. Submit and depart from us! (Thoth growls) – Oh, shit. Heather? We’ve got a problem. Something’s wrong. Heather? I don’t think she’s acting. I gotta end transmission. – Don’t you dare. Look at the numbers. – Help me, Father Lance, please! – We gotta fix this. – Don’t break the fourth wall. – 13 million people are
gonna watch this girl die. Who do you think they’re gonna blame? – Help, me, Father Lance. – Give me the book. I’m the exorcist, right? – Read it out loud. – Yeah. – [Thoth] (laughs) Help me, Father Lance. (Thoth laughs) – Repel, repel, oh Lord, the devil’s power. Break asunder his snares and traps. Put the unholy tempter to flight. I cast you out, demon! Be gone, be gone, be gone. Depart from us, in the
name of Jesus Christ. Be gone! (Heather screams) Sabrina, are you with us? Sabrina? Sabrina, are you with us? Sabrina? Sabrina, are you, are you with us? – Are you with us? (Lance grunts) – Get her off me! Drew, help! – [Drew] I’ll get her legs. I’ll get her legs. – [Lance] What the fuck! – [Drew] I got her legs. I got her legs. – [Lance] What the fuck! – What happened? Did I do the job? – You did good, Heather. You did good. – I did it. I fuckin’ did it. (suspenseful music) (gunshot blasts)

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