Dante in Soulcalibur III – BUSTING a 15-year-old myth

Soulcalibur 3 didn’t have any guest characters. At least, none on the main roster. Of course you had unlockable costume pieces
that, when put together, something that looked like something that resembled KOS-MOS. But that was nowhere near as cool as Link, Heihachi,
or Spawn. The console exclusive characters of Soul Calibur 2. So during my research into the guest characters
of Soul Calibur 2, I found a cool little nugget of information. Dante, of Devil May Cry fame, was originally going to
be a part of the Soul Calibur 3 cast. And I thought that would have been fantastic. He not only has the weapons, but the attitude, and the one-liners to serve as an amazing foil against the
rest of the cast. So I decided to dust my journalism degree off for once in my miserable life and really crack down on this rumor. To find where it came from, and to see if the rumor actually holds any water. And here are the results of my research. Follow me on twitter (@StumblebeeTV) and subscribe to me on Youtube as well! DANTE: Ha ha! Time to go to work, guys! I first found the rumor on the place where
all great youtubers do their initial research: on a fan wiki. I’d never use them as a primary source,
but they’re packed with useful, general information that points me in the right direction
when I want to look further into a particular topic. So while looking through the Soulcalibur 3
page, there was an entry that noted that Dante was originally supposed to be in the game,
but was dropped for unknown reasons. Potentially something as weird as space issues on the character select screen. This claim didn’t have any kind of sources
attached to it, leaving me to my own devices, which in this case, is basic googling. I saw random forum posts here and there, claiming
that Game Informer Magazine confirmed Dantes’ appearance in Soulcalibur 3. There did seem to be an article on the Game
Informer website implying as much, so I did what any reasonable person would do and spent
about 50 dollars on amazon for copies of every old Game Informer I could find with a mention
of SoulCalibur 3. As the magazines arrived, and I began to look
through them, I first thought that I wasted my money. But then, in the May 2005 edition, there
was a preview of the game, and lo and behold, there was a small section about the whispers
of Dante’s Soulcalibur debut. It was far from an official confirmation,
but this meant that there was a significant amount of traction behind this information. From there, I found this story from Engadget,
seemingly confirming the rumors true. Unfortunately, all of the links and images
on this page are broken. And that makes sense. As content management systems are updated,
it’s only logical that legacy articles would begin to break as the software they were written
on become obsolete. So I busted out one of my favorite tools,
the Wayback Machine, a website that lets you see internet pages as they existed in the
past. I entered the URL and… well, that’s weird. Even though this was from 05, the Wayback
Machine only has archives from as recent as 2016? Turns out that the site that originally posted
this article, joystiq, shut down in 2015 and was merged into Engadget. I changed the URL, and jackpot. I got hits from all the way back to 2005,
with all the links and images working as intended. This Joystiq article sources a thread on the
now defunct Team Xbox forums. A post from a user on February 6, 2005 says
that a man named Hiroshi Yamaguchi, a producer at Namco, told Shonen Jump the following: “HT: Don’t want to say anyt ing concrete,
but we’ve been growing our relationship with Capcom recently. We are producing a sim/RPG under our Monolith
R&D division that is a joint effort between Namco and Capcom. We both recieved benefits from this. One is that we let Capcom Studio 1 borrow
the Soul Calibur 2 engine for a particular boss fight in Devil May Cry 3, and the other
is the right for us to include one of Capcom’s characters in the Sony version of Soul Calibur
3. Don’t want to give it away (as nothing this
early is 100%) but let’s just say a lot of fans worldwide gave us a lot of emails on
why this really cool Capcom character wasn’t in Soul Calibur 2. Hopefully we can appease those fans by adding
this really well known Capcom character in.” So immediately, I notice a few things that,
on the surface, give this rumor some credibility. The Monolith Soft RPG that was referenced
turned out to be Namco X Capcom, so a partnership would be reasonable. This quote also implies that Capcom Studio
1 developed Devil May Cry 3, which is true. And finally, the claim that Namco let Capcom
borrow the Soul Calibur 2 engine is, at the very, very least, plausible. Using multiple engines for the same game is
very rare in game development circles. 007 Nightfire, for example, used one engine
for its first person shooter gameplay, and another for driving sections. 2010’s medal of honor used unreal engine
3 for its single player from Danger Close Games, but Frostbite for the multiplayer,
which was developed by DICE. And Star Wars, the force unleashed used multiple
physics engines. So it’s theoretically possible, just incredibly
inefficient. Now, I wanted to look up the source of this
interview. An early 2005 edition of Shonen Jump. There’s just one problem. Shonen Jump is a manga serial. Video game news isn’t really this magazine’s
domain. And another thing, why did Mr. Yamaguchi say
that this was for the “Sony” version of the game? If he were a producer at Namco, he surely
would have been clued into the fact that there would be no other versions Soulcalibur 3,
as it was exclusive to the PS2. And another thing, why I can’t seem to find
‘Hiroshi Yamaguchi’ in the producer credits of Soul Calibur 3, or in the credits of the
game at all? And, if this interview was printed in February
of 2005, then why was Soulcalibur 3 officially announced in March? It doesn’t make sense that some loose lipped
producer would take a public-facing interview and practically spoil the announcement of
one of his companies’ major franchises. And just who is Hiroshi Yamaguchi, anyway? Well, he’s actually a composer for Platinum
Games. No, sorry, he’s actually an award-winning
and highly esteemed doctor… Wait, I’m just hearing that Mr. Yamaguchi
has put down his forceps and picked up the boxing gloves, with a very respectable 18
and 4 record. Look, all of this is to say that I can’t
actually find proof that there was someone named Hiroshi Yamaguchi who was working at
Namco, as a producer, in 2005. Which means that I can’t prove that there
wasn’t someone by that name, working at that company, in that position, at that timeframe. I attempted to find more information about
either the person who posted the original quote, or more replies to its thread, but
unfortunately with the closure of TeamXbox, and plenty of blind spots on the wayback machine,
I thought this is as far as the rabbit hole goes. But then I spotted something. Another post by the original poster of the
thread, this time with an image accompanied by the words “More Proof.” It’s something that, up until now, I completely
ignored, because I thought this too, was lost to time, not rescued by web crawlers. But then I noticed that there was a potentially
salvageable URL that was being broken by the Wayback machine’s formatting. So I just deleted that part, and pasted the
rest into my web browser. Could this be it? The proof that Dante himself was supposed
to make a guest appearance in Soul Calibur 3? I was shaking, ready to unveil this megaton
that would blow this story wide open. So, let’s ignore the fact that this is the
Soul Calibur 2 logo. Let’s ignore the fact that official art
for a new game would have new models, and not just key art from Soul Calibur 2 and Devil
May Cry 2. I’ll also let slide the fact that Ivy is
somehow standing on Dante’s gun, and even the fact that Maxi is standing in front of
Nightmare, unbalancing the frame for some reason, likely to hide the puff of smoke on
Nightmare’s other leg, but if you’re going to try to fool anyone with this image, I mean
anyone at all, you may want to erase the copyright information that clearly says “Necrid”
and “Zelda” and oh, yeah, “SoulCalibur 2”. So to recap, we have a quote from someone
who may not even exist, is not credited in the game they’re talking about, which is
a game that wasn’t announced at the time, in a magazine that doesn’t cover video games,
with a promotional image that looks like it was made in MS Paint. Thankfully, this rumor has two silver bullets
against it. In a 2005 interview on the Official Project
Soul website, Soulcalibur 3 Producer… The REAL Soulcalibur 3 producer… Hiroaki Yotoriyama straight up said that, no there
was going to be no guest characters, and no other versions aside from the Playstation
2 version. But you know, this interview was done in March,
so plans could easily change, right? Well, thanks to a tip from a youtube commenter,
I was directed to a feature about Soulcalibur III from the September 2005 edition of Electronic
Gaming Monthly. In which, Yotoriama was straight up asked
about whether or not Dante would appear in Soulcalibur 3. The interviewer received a ‘No’ so forceful,
that he almost thought they misheard the question. I think I can clearly say that this, along
with all of the other evidence, goes to show beyond a reasonable doubt that the myth of
Dante’s inclusion in Soul Calibur 3 is busted. It kind of blows my mind that this has lasted
for so long. This isn’t the first time that a rumor was
began in the back rooms of an internet forum thread, and it probably won’t be the last. So, why did I even bother making this video? Well, I just wanted to say that you should
take these kind of rumors at face value. Consider the sources, consider the information,
and don’t be afraid to do a little bit of legwork. I found it surprising that outlets like Joystiq,
Game Informer, and countless forum-goers picked up this ball and ran with it. And in the age with more fake leaks and misinformation
about games than ever before, a little bit of healthy and reasonable skepticism can go a long… long way. [Ending Spheal.. Subscribe on YT, Follow on Twitter, Support on Patreon]Thanks for watching, y’all!

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