Dan Bilzerian | Before They Were Famous | 2020 Update

Before Dan Bilzerian would clock in over 30
Million followers on Instagram and would be seen kicking it with everyone from Marshmello,
VitalyZDTV, Steve Aoki, Post Malone, Floyd Mayweather & more. Before Dan Bilzerian would launch his weed
brand Ignite and the corresponding YouTube channel giving a behind the scenes look into
the life of America’s biggest playboy. Before T-PAIN would release a song titled
Dan Bilzerian and the man would find himself at the heart of one of the most frightening
incidents on American soil in recent history… The
self-proclaimed “King of Instagram” has been in our lives for almost a decade now
having posted his first pics to the gram back in 2012.
As the story goes, Dan first made a name for himself on the Poker scene, and from there
made moves to break into Hollywood where he made some investments and also booked small
roles in a number of features. After some Hollywood hiccups he found a new
niche via social media where he could blaze his own trail and have all the perks of fame
and fortune without having to ever going to an audition or even wait around on a movie
set. My first video on Dan is from 2015 and it
was my first video to clock in ½ a million views so to be completely honest, I have to
give Dan Bilzerian a huge thank you for helping launch this channel! With new information coming out all the time
and old clips surfacing on YouTube we decided that it was time to give you guys a much more
detailed update on the rise to fame of Dan ‘Blitz’ Bilzerian. What’s going on guys? It’s your boy Michael
McCrudden back at it again with another Before They Were Famous video. Recent drops on this
channel include updates on Nelk, Viraly, Bradley Martyn Before He Sold Drugs and more. As always
be sure to let me know who is next and I’ll see you guys after the into. Daniel Brandon Bilzerian was born on December
7th, 1980 in Tampa, Florida. Daniel is of Armenian-American descent and is the son of
corporate-takeover specialist Paul Bilzerian and his wife, Terri Steffen. He’s also the
brother of fellow poker player, Adam Bilzerian. His father was a corporate raider on wall
street… I’m sure it looked exactly like that! Basically, his Dad
would go around and buy huge sums of shares of any given company and then take it over
from the inside. And with all the hard work Dad put into stripping businesses for spare
parts, he was able to set up a trust fund for both his sons to secure their futures.
It kinda of makes Dan’s come up story less like Hugh Hefner’s and more like Bruce Waynes
Come to think of it, Dan kinda is the real world Batman. His family lived in an eleven-bedroom mansion
that was half the size of Buckingham Palace, with its own indoor basketball court, batting
cage, lake-front views, swimming pool, water slide, and an “imported volcanic rock mountain”. Despite all this, Dan had a lonely and often
stressful childhood. His father was absent most of the time and when he was around, he
tended to make life difficult – there was an incident that invloved Dan’s Little League
baseball team where he was charged for slander in an argument over a $5,000 donation. The
case was later dismissed. “Basically I didn’t get a ton of attention as a kid,” Dan has
admitted, “I guess that’s why I’m such a flashy lunatic.” When his did finally spent some
time with his son, it was on a drive to school at the age of ten. As the car pulled up to
the gates, his dad broke the news that he was going to prison. From there on out, Bruce Wayne… I mean Dan
Bilzerian was all on his own… well kinda. With his dad behind bars, Dan faced ridicule
from his classmates, and he began to show his own contempt for authority, getting expelled
from two schools in one year. He then ended up in a military academy under the care of
drill instructors. After that, the family moved more than 2,000 miles northwest to Utah,
where his dad was out on parole and had bought a new company. Out in Utah his dad arrived
at school one day with an M16 machine gun in the boot of his car. The weapon, Bilzerian
has since explained, was his dad’s from Vietnam. Neither the school nor the police has had
much sympathy and he was expelled and from there he entered the NAVY SEALS training program
in 2000 but despite multiple attempts, he was never able to successfully graduate. That’s
an entire story on it’s own but we got lots to get through. Don’t feel too bad for the guy though, he
eventually went on to enroll at the University of Florida and major in Business and Criminology.
While at school it was his extra curricular activities that would become more lucrative
than anything he could earn from his studies. The early 2000’s we saw the boom of Poker
and Dan got some early tips on how to play from his brother. By 2009, Bilzerian was playing in the World
Series of Poker Main Event and he finished in 180th place… which I assume is good,
though it definitely doesn’t sound great. Must be like Tennis. Everybody in the world
gets ranked… so with that in mind, 180 ain’t bad. His
poker career had lots of ups and downs, he went broke in his sophomore year and played
some seedy games on international waters. Eventually got some money in his pocket and
never looked back. For the next couple year Dan was a big name on the Poker scene right
at it’s climax in popularity. There was even some situation where he got banned from ESPN. Through poker Dan made enough money he never
needed to touch his trust fund. In November of 2013 Dan’s myth as a poker player grew
to mythic heights when he posted to his twitter feed that he had just won $10.8 Million in
a single night… to be honest, this victory could never be properly verified, so whether
it’s actually true or not is anyone’s guess. Dan’s never been one to let a little
thing like the truth get in the way of a good story and he continued to make bold claims
about his poker earnings, including that he had won over $50 Million throughout all of
the games he had played in 2014 and had never lost more than $3.6 Million in a single session. With money in the bank Dan began to diversify
his interests. On March 9th, 2011, Dan raced and beat Tom Goldstein at the Las Vegas Motor
Speedway with a wager of $385,000 on the line. Dan was driving a ‘65 427 Shelby Cobra and
Goldstein got behind the wheel of a Ferrari 458 Italia. Dan set his sights on Show business. He also
finances films which earned him his first role in the Mark Whalberg Afghan War film
“Lone Survivor” but Dan ended up suing the production stating that he loaned them
$1 Million in an exchange for a minimum eight minutes of screen time and 80 words of dialogue.
When the finished film was released, his role had been diminished to one minute of screen
time and only one line. Dan wasn’t happy. He sued for $1.2 Million,
the original loan plus a 20 percent penalty. But the lawsuit was later dropped when Dan
reportedly made $1.5 Million back on his investment after the film’s commercial success. Now
let’s talk about the girls, Drug abuse and over-indulgence led to Dan reportedly suffering
two heart attacks back to back at age 25 after doubling down on some Viagra. With money and
women no longer an issue Dan set his sights on tackeling his next big accomplishment.
He was dating Playboy Playmate who I believe is Lindsey Pelas. She at the time had 100K
followers on Instagram which at the time was massive. Dan decided to jump on the app for
himself and show off stuff he thought was cool. By 2014 his following has surpassed
1 Million and he started making news headlines buy not typically for the right reasons. But I don’t wanna get into all that cause
I’m hopeful to one day be invited to a Dan Bilzerian mansion party one day.

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