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“Baby Jesus put on a show. If you ain’t a fan of my music before you
see me perform, I guarantee you by the time my show over… I got you.” Before Da Baby would get into a shootout… Out of self-defense, In a Walmart, and have
all charges dropped! Before he would have almost 600k subscribers
on YouTube and over 1.5 million followers on Instagram He also says that he doesn’t follow a single
female on Instagram besides his A&R, which I guess limits your distractions on a daily
basis so maybe that’s a good thing. Before Da Baby would make his mark on the
hip-hop baby game, standing amongst the likes of Baby aka Birdman and Lil Baby and dropping
his album Baby on Baby with songs like Goin Baby, which now has over 5 million views on
YouTube and Baby Sitter, which has close to 5 million as well. Da Baby has become one of the most talked
about names in hip-hop, not only because of his ability to use his rap name in songs,
and not only for his bars, which are fire, but also because of his insane journey to
fame. And by insane, we mean that. He’s survived attempted robberies, home
invasions, pepper spray attacks, and even shootings inside of Walmarts. But through all of that, he is quickly winning
over rap fans all over the world and has become one of the most requested videos on this channel. I’m just glad music worked out because while
I was doing my research I scrolled back through his old tweets, and in 2015 he tweeted that
he was thinking about selling his meat, and not at the local deli… Can you guess how much his hourly rate was
going to be? Stick around to the end of the video to find
out. When I was at Power 106 a couple months ago,
the label brought through a quiet guy in an orange jacket who humbly shook my hand and
introduced himself as Da Baby. I didn’t know that a few months later, that
guy in the orange jacket would become my new favorite rapper. What’s going on good people in the comment
section? I hope you’re having one Hecht of a day,
my name is Jeremy Hecht here for you on Before They Were Famous, and today I’ll be taking
you through the life and career of Da Baby prior to fame. I’ve been making videos on this channel
for about 6 months now and the goal has been to get better with each one. And based on the comments, I think we’re
doing that! But, in case you’re new here and are all
up in the comments saying “we want Michael, get out of here loser.” First of all, you can always leave, cause
I’m technically the one on the screen, I can’t go anywhere, secondly, I’m not Michael’s
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and you guys requested this video… A LOT. So keep sending in your requests in the comments
down below and I’ll talk to you there, now let’s get into the show! “Shoulda happened maybe a little sooner
but, you know, everything happen at the right time.” Da Baby aka Baby Jesus was born A baby as
Jonathan Kirk on December 22, 1991 in Cleveland, Ohio but moved to Charlotte when he was 6
years old. He reps the 704 wherever he goes, and carries
the city on his back, literally. Shoutout to all of the people from Charlotte
in the comments section! He grew up with his mom and two older brothers,
making him the baby of the family. His father was in the army stationed in places
around the country. But Baby would stay with him in the summers. He says his dad was in his life but he would
also send some child support checks to their family, which his mom would then hand down
to Baby, so he was flexing with that little extra money in elementary school. But according to Baby’s Uncle Rick, who
Nardwuar allegedly talked to, Da Baby was raised by robbers? “Some of them was robbers… yeah.” He told Mass Appeal that there is a crabs
in the bucket mentality in Charlotte where everyone tries to pull you down if you’re
doing something great. And like Charlamagne said in Baby’s Breakfast
Club interview: “The gift and the curse of being from Charlotte,
is that, you’re the only one. So when you’re the only rapper that’s
really buzzing the way you’re buzzing, you got a target on your back.” Growing up, he was listening to rappers like
Nelly, Eminem, Lil Wayne and 50 Cent. He says that even as a kid, he was just as
confident as he is now, and at 5 years old, he knew that he wanted to make a million dollars,
stay in a mansion and never work a 9-5 Jonathan was hustling and getting money in
the streets from the age of 17, but he knew that there was more to life and wanted to
change his circumstances. So around his 22nd birthday, he picked up
the mic. Baby had a condo in downtown Charlotte with
two cars that he wasn’t even driving. He was driving a rental car because of how
he was getting his money at the time. But he sold both of his cars, all of his jewelry
AND his condo and basically went broke to go after his dreams. In December of 2014, Baby began rapping. “I feel like rappers was rapping about stuff
I was really living, you know what I mean? And I feel like I can put the words together
and have more flavour than them.” He went into the studio that month and recorded
10 songs within a couple of weeks. He said that he was overcharged for the studio
time, BUT, he WAS able to create enough for a project called “NonFiction.” The first song he ever recorded was called
“Baby Jesus” and from there, he took that as his rap name. He put it up online in early January of 2015,
and continued to put out freestyles over some of the most popular beats at the time to keep
his buzz up. 2 months later, he was able to get his way
onto a SXSW stage, after Deniro Farrar saw his music online and brought him out on stage
during the festival. So two months into his rap career, he was
already doing some pretty big shows. But the road to success was long from there. He was rapping without a manager or a publicist
so he was doing things, all on his own. Well, along with his friends who were acting
as his street team. “Every last one of these people with me…
they playing a role. You know what I’m saying? Around me, everybody… They not gonna let nobody walk by. You got one of these? Boom. CD. You got one of these? Flyer. They giving out t-shirts.” He was always big into marketing, so he and
his team were up early every morning doing their own publicity and putting up posters
and stickers all over each city they were in, advertising for his upcoming show! His friends would hold massive Baby signs
up and have t-shirts with his logo on them everywhere they went to help promote his brand. “Put posters up, flyers up. So when the people come in there early way
before we get there. They already see who on the way and by the
time we get there they already familiar with the face and the name. You gotta think, baby.” Some of his friends even became a part of
the music creation process. After beginning to take rap seriously, Baby
invested in some studio equipment. “I went to my partner Slim Hood, I’m like
bro I got like brand new keyboards over here, the big boy ones, you know what I’m saying? Yeah the big boy. I’m like bro I’m not using any of this
stuff and I don’t know how to make beats. I just had it. I just had all that stuff brand new. I’m like bro you can have this.” After giving it to his friend Slim Hood, his
boy cooked up some heat and made a beat for him. And he produced some of Baby’s biggest early
hits. Originally, his rap name was Baby Jesus, with
his twitter being @BabyJesus704. He said he woke up one day and felt the name
was given to him by God. He later dropped the second half of his name
due to industry pressure and worries that it would cause some problems down the road. “Jesus did grow up. You don’t always have to call him baby. It’s a bit odd and off-putting to pray to
a baby.” “Well look, I like the Christmas Jesus best
and I’m saying grace.” But he says he still feels like he’s been
put on this earth for a purpose. In terms of representing the Baby aspect of
his name, well… he just lives his truth. Plus he always rocks a Stewie Griffin chain
around his neck to rep famous babies around the world. But, that wasn’t just a one off. In terms of his image and marketing, he is
a very calculated dude. All it takes is to watch one of his music
videos to know how funny and smart the guy is. From the beginning, he knew that he needed
to be creative to stand out. “You just doing cliche s***. You doing what everybody else doing… it
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and older. So after getting his team in order and putting
out a mixtape, Baby began to promote his work by any means necessary, dropping consistent
visuals and performing locally, even opening up for artists like Young Dolph. The oldest song still up on his YouTube is
called “No compadre Freestyle” and that’s from 2015. But back in 2015, the local radio stations
Streetz103.3 and 102 Jamz played his songs. During the 2015 NFL season, Baby Jesus made
an anthem for the Carolina Panthers called Dab City. Because of the catchy hook, hilarious visuals,
and because the Panthers went to the SuperBowl that year, the song got placed on Worldstar
and stared to blow up there. In 2016, Baby dropped the mixtape Baby Jesus,
Gods Work hosted by DJ Infamous And in early 2016, Baby Jesus headed on his
first tour throughout America with his friends. “So you know me and the squad loaded up,
got everything we needed. And we hit the road. We went way to Virginia. Entertainment for the guys.” On that tour, Baby had a little run in with
the police… Ironically enough, while trying to shoot a
music video at a local Walmart. He ended up doing 8 hours in jail in Virginia
before getting out. “It wasn’t nothing. The team held it down. Stayed at work. They waited on me. I got out. We got right back to it. Entertainment for the guys. Lesson learned.” Baby Jesus also got an early cosign from Boosie,
who hopped on the remix of his song Baby Jesus. “Sleepy a** n****s wake up!” Immediately after hearing the song, Boosie
went into his home studio and recorded a remix just off the strength of Baby’s music and
energy alone… Well, that, and 15 racks for one feature and
8 racks for another. Hey, at least he got the second one for half off. But Boosie recorded 2 remixes and 2 in-studio
music videos for Da Baby all between 3 and 5 O’ clock in the morning that day. And he had a radio interview at 6 in the morning
that same day. So judging by that, he was clearly a fan. But the first free feature he ever got was
from Yo Gotti. He heard Baby’s music through Arnold Taylor
and really loved it, so he got on the remix of one of his songs. And the genuine love from superstars didn’t
stop with Boosie and Gotti. When Da Baby and his crew were in Miami hustling
CD’s and marketing their posters, they ran into none other, than Diddy. “When Diddy seen us he pulled out his Snapchat
and put us on his Snapchat.” “How was that though? You got the OG right there in the street.” “He saw that movement. He saw the squad.” But just when things were going well, and
he was gaining a pretty sizeable buzz. Baby was involved in a home invasion situation. After the studio, his friends went to the
strip club but Baby decided to go home. He was scrolling through Instagram and left
the TV on before falling asleep at his house. But then he woke up to a bunch of yelling. And since the only other person living with
him was his brother, Baby knew it wasn’t him. 5 or 6 men had broken into Baby;s house and
were trying to rob him. There was a shootout, but Baby made it out
of the situation unscathed. He says he felt like James Bond. In 2017, Baby deleted all of his old Instagram
pictures and said that something great was happening. “You know me, you know. Look, if something like that happen with me. You know something… something real great
‘bout to… that’s that gas. Something real great ‘bout to happen.” That was around the time that Baby’s music
caught the ear of Arnold Taylor who I mentioned earlier, and who is the CEO of South Coast
Music group, an independent record label in Charlotte. Taylor signed Baby on as an artist. On their website it says: “SOUTH COAST MUSIC GROUP IS AN INDEPENDENT
internet with mixtapes and continued to build a sizeable following online. On November 5, 2018, while shopping with his
baby mother and 2 children in the baby section of a local Walmart, in Hunterseville, North
Carolina, Da Baby was confronted by 2 men who were staring him down. According to statements made by Baby through
Instagram live and in interviews, two men tried to check him and asked him to go outside. He told his family to go the other way. No one went outside, but the two men allegedly
run up on him with their hands in their pockets reportedly clutching a weapon and whipped
it out. Da Baby tried to deescalate the situation
but things only got worse. At around 6pm, 2 to 3 shots were fired in
the produce section, leaving 19-year-old Jalyn Domonique Craig killed. DaBaby has said that the incident was in self-defense. The incident was used in the intro to his
music video for No Tears, which was released just days later. But after receiving some backlash of people
saying that Baby was using the incident to promote his record, Da Baby denied that and
posted a video issuing his condolences to the victim. But even with all of the controversy, Baby
got involved in a million-dollar bidding war as record labels were itching to sign the
kid from Charlotte. But ultimately, Interscope records won out
and signed him to a deal on January 23rd, 2019. Taylor, who initially signed Baby to South
Coast, has had relationships with Interscope for years, so that could have played a part
in his choice of label. But with his success, came even more drama
for Da Baby. While shooting the video for 21, some kids
came up to him and said “hi.” Then those kids went down the block and told
some of their older friends who came back and tried to gain some clout by telling Baby
that he needed a permission slip to shoot a video there. But Baby was able to handle things with a
level head and the dudes who were checking him, left the situation. “Who signed your permission slip?” “Ain’t nobody signed a permission slip
for me.” “Like I said, next time you just say hey
come holler at me bro and I’ll come holler at you.” After that, he dropped the video for his single
Suge. Prior to the drop, a lot of people had just
heard about Da Baby for things outside of the music, but this was many people’s first
taste of his skill and ability to create great visuals. The video blew up online and currently has
over 21 million views on YouTube. Later releasing videos for the songs “Going”
and “Babysitter” featuring Offset. The man knows how to play off his name. In March of 2019, he dropped his debut studio
album “Baby on Baby” and later that month, all charges filed against DaBaby were dropped. It seems like he’ll be around for a long
time in this game and despite all of the altercations, he has a good head on his shoulders. And I’m glad all of this worked out, because
back in 2015, Baby tweeted that he was going to start selling D instead. His prices, well, $50 for a half hour and
$100 dollars per hour. So there’s the answer to the question from
the beginning of the video. As for the rest of the story, well we’ll
have to wait and see because this is Before They Were Famous! As always I’m Jeremy Hecht for this channel,
follow me on Instagram, link is below, or hit me in the comments and let me know who
to cover next. I try to respond to as many people as possible
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see you in the next video.

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