Cyberpunk 2077 – The History Of Night City!

Welcome back guys, with the plot for Cyberpunk
2077 being largely unknown, I thought we would talk about what has happened in the world
of Night City prior to 2077. I think It’s safe to assume the story will
not be an exact continuation from Cyberpunk 2020 where the Cyberpunk narrative was first
fully developed. This is because CD Projekt Red has stated
that they’ve juggled the timeline of prior events to fit with their vision of 2077’s
current events. This doesn’t mean however, that large portions
of the story won’t be similar, or even a continuation of Night City’s dark and loaded
history. Today we lay a foundation of understanding
on what’s happened in the world of Cyberpunk and Night City that’s lead up to present
times. Cyberpunk 2020 takes place In the year 2020
in Night City, an area of 5 million people on the west coast of the United States somewhere
between Los Angeles and San Francisco. Following an event called “The Collapse”
in which there was a socio-economic depression, the United States government has begun to
heavily rely on Mega-corporations to keep the nation afloat. As you can imagine, with all the power lying
on the shoulders of the Megacorporations, this gives them overruling authority of Night
City. There are a bunch of Megacorporations in this
time, but the notable ones are Militech and Arasaka, who have been butting heads since
their inceptions. Militech is an arms company, whilst Arasaka
provides corporate security and police to other corporations and governmental bodies. Now Cyberpunk 2020’s main plotline is told
in 3 separate parts called The Firestorm Triology, although the last part never actually came
out. This gleaves us with lingering questions that
CDPR can address in 2077 should It choose to follow this path. In late 2021 two major rivalling aquatech
companies are back and forth over a third corporation. Each side brings in another megacorporation
as the situation escalates, with Militech Being in one corner and Arasaka being in the
other corner. Each company is trying to aquire stock in
a related third corporation and thus the Ocean War is started. During the Ocean War, a variety of things
happen First combat netrunners were recruited by
each of the corporations to make runs on stock holdings and muscle their way into acquiring
them for their respective companies through the Net. NetWatch who are essentially the Net Police
and work for The Net warn both Arasaka and Militech to stop their net activities with
a 12 hour communications embargo. Militech recruits grizzled Solo Hero and world
class Mercenary Morgan Blackhand to oversee securirty operations during this time to bolster
their intelligence. With war brewing banks start to step in namely
Eurobank, to increase profits by offering both Militech and Arasaka loans to help in
their fight against each other. Both Militech and Arasaka refuse and Eurobank
tries to manipulate them into agreement. Megacorps may have unscrupulous morales, anbut
the banks are no different. There is a settlement after turmoil dies down
and a peace accord is signed between Militech and Arasaka, oddly enough with the help of
Eurobank. Now the Ocean war had devolved into Militech
and Arasaka taking the spotlight from the Aquatech corporations that hired them. Whilst these Aquatech corps fell back into
a calmer state, Militech and Arasaka were plotting their next move, and by early 2022
a violent shadow war had begun with Militech and Arasaka trying to covertly hit each other
in the pocket books as well as on the frontline with hired mercenaries, cyber-assassins and
netrunners. Now during the Shadow War Arasaka was deep
in developing a the Soulkiller Program 2.5, a weaponized computer program that would trap
the consciousness of a netrunner on the net forever, forcing their minds to float endlessly
in cyber Space. They can also use this program to unravel
Militech secrets and breach into their installations, projects and plans. With Militech desperate to protect themselves
from this devastating program, they reach out to Rache Bartmoss, the best netrunner
in the world for help. He refuses their offer, so Militech contact
Alt Cunningham, who created the beta version of the Soulkiller and now wants to see its
destruction. Alt agrees to get back at Arasaka who has
wronged her in the past, and she convinces Bartmoss to join in the campaign. Bartmoss hits hard and manages to hack himself
into Arasaka Killer Satellites to destroy Arasaka’s space factories. Arasaka proceeds to put out a huge bounty
on Rache Bartmoss. Bartmoss, however is deceptive and cunning
and ends up locating the Soulkiller master program, and although killed in the process,
deploys an unknown program into the Soulkiller. Alt also, involved in the mission, is absorbed
by the Soulkiller. Now this tit for tat online and covert styled
jabs at each other proved to be just the beginning of the conflict between Militech and Arasaka
and in June of 2022 the battle took to the streets as physical violence and warfare broke
out in what was called the Hot War. Several cities such as Hong Kong and Rio de
Janiero were reduced to rubble . In the Hot war, large scale corruption in
net communications were discovered and many people started backing up their files. Bartmoss returned via the Net, most likely
due to him deploying his consciousness into the Soulkiller and surviving somehow. He hits both Arasaka and Militech dataforts. Orbital colonies are almost destroyed including
Crystal Palace, and Militech aligns itself with the government during this time. Arasaka loses the war and is thus subject
to the scrutiny and control of Militech and US Troops. Despite Arasaka losing, the threat of the
Soulkiller rearing its head again remains. Now with this being a role playing game intertwined
into the story, this is where the final mission begins. The major NPCs including Johhny Silverhand,
Spider Murphy and other proficient characters in the world are assigned to a strike team
whose objective is to gain entrance to the Arasaka tower and get to the 120thlevel to
destroy an updated version of the Soulkiller in version 3.0. They must also rescue Alt Cunningham, who
was consumed by the soulkiller and floats in eSpace as digital consciousness. You as the player play as Strike Team beta,
sent in to place a nuke to destroy the Soulkiller post rescue mission. Strike Team Alpha’s role is Copying the
Soulkiller and extracting Arasaka secrets using a portable storage device. They make it to the 120th floor but realize
that Yorinobu Arasaka’s mind has been copied onto the soulkiller. With only enough storage to extract information
or Yorinobus mind they have a choice to make. Extract the rogue son of the Arasaka lineage,
who could give them vital information to use against Arasaka or the program. Meanwhile your team, also on the 120thfloor
is under pressure from Kei Arasaka, a devoted Arasaka higher up, who has sent forces up
to that floor to stop the destruction of the Soulkiller. Alpha Team Is successful and downloads Alt
Cunningham to a storage unit but are ambushed by Arasaka Cyborg Assasin Adam Smasher who
is leading Arasaka forces. Beta team launches the nuke at this time and
reduces the building and buildings around to nothingness with the effects rippling past
adjacent streets, megabuildings and blockades. Kei Arasaka escapes but is caught later by
the surviving members of Alpha team. They force Kei to commit sepookoo at gunpoint
by plugging into a drive containing the last copy of the Soulkiller. His consciousness goes to a prison set up
by premiere netrunner Bartmoss for Kei’s Father Saburo Arasaka. Alpha Team then destroys the last copy of
the Soulkiller and a major weapon in Arasaka’s arsenal and that’s where the universe stands
before 2077. There are tons of lingering questions and
cliffhangers, and this may be the path 2077 takes heading towards. That’s it for me guys I hope this gave you
some inside knowledge into some of Night City’s history, that you can have at your disposal
to better understand the world of Cyberpunk 2077.

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