Crosse Bois pour Mauser 98K S&T/Snow Wolf par SWIT AIRSOFT – VIDEO REVIEW

Well ladies and gentlemen hello everyone, today it’s going to be a very special video, like 99% of the videos on youtube in the end, but it’s going to be a video that is both unboxing and also installation and review video. Since we have here the Mauser 98K from S&T, not upgraded, I just passed the marker on the stock. I thank Mr. Roux who lent me the replica that I sold him in fact it’s the advantage of having it not very far from me. Why I present this replica and not the one I have, simply because the one I have, if you remember correctly, I put a big original wood stock on it and it would bother me to remove it. But here we still have the original plastic stock and you will quickly understand why this detail is important. Here is the content of this package Panzer, please stop! Move out! Wood stock for SW (Snow Wolf) and S&T by SWIT Airsoft. Yes indeed, it’s a wooden stock that I bought on SWIT Airsoft, and I thank them in passing for the 50% discount they were able to give me. At the price level of this kit, we are currently at the time of shooting this video at $150 without shipping costs. And we have a reduction of $30 if you justify the purchase from them of the Mauser that goes with it, which I find ultimately very honest. And so the idea is also to be able to compare the quality of the stock in reproduction, in laminated, with an original, laminated too. Here is the baby well wrapped. It’s clean, it smells good too. Here is the stock. Note that there are the screws but not the stock plate. There you go, with the upper handguard coming here. So I’m going to install it on our rifle here. Note that the stopper here doesn’t need to be removed from the stock there. Same for the eyelet. And once it’s installed, I’ll come back to you and show you how it works. See you soon ! 10min later And here is the stock installed. To know that there is no adaptation to make except that I added a small joint at this level there, under the part. Quite simply to prevent the rear here from being pushed too far, because otherwise the screw will come to block the bolt; and the rear part will be pushed too far, so it will be impossible to remove the magazine which is here. Note that there is a slight hollow. This is a defect and the 2nd defect that I can find is that the diaper plate doesn’t exactly match on the back. We have a very slight difference but hey, I admit, I quibble. While the rest fits without any problems. There, I promise you that it’s out of the box, I promise you that I didn’t apply any coating on it, and in fact I won’t do it because we can compare with an original stock, it has little near the same look. We can see that it has the same reflections, it’s mat with some satin parts, we can see that here, it’s very slightly satin, just like there. In terms of weight, we will see what it gives. That’s it, so we are on the version with laminated wooden stock, so we are roughly 3340g. And the S&T version with original wooden stock that I adapted, we are at 3700g, which changes the original weight of this baby (2900g). The other advantage is that now, when we shoot… -Ah yes it’s true, empty magazine. – When we shoot, it’s a little less “sound box” than before, and then good, there is no denying, real wood, it has good at the touch! In any case, I am conquered! The only difference that there will be is that eventually (and that’s up to you), why not sanding the firing pin disassembly eyelet here, as well as the butt plate that we have on the back. But hey, that’s really not necessary, that said, using will take care of it fairly quickly. Here is what concludes this video, I hope you enjoyed it! If so, as usual, feel free to drop a thumbs up, comment, subscribe and share this video. And above all, go to the SWIT Airsoft website to discover the different Mausers they offer as well as the wood that can go with them. Please note, it’s only compatible for Snow Wolf and S&T, it doesn’t work for Tanaka, G&G and others. And so there I see that it’s a great alternative to the original wooden kit where it’s a real mauser that I dug, that I had a hard time adapting. Remember, I did a tutorial just for that. If it had to be done again, I would not do it again, since now there is that. But hey, it’s a SWIT Airsoft manufacturing specially for SWIT Airsoft, by SWIT Airsoft and for the players. Because the original wood from Snow Wolf and S&T is not that great. They are not specialists for that. I hope you enjoyed it, I’ll see you soon for new adventures, presentations of airsoft guns, uniform and VIP! Bye! Directed by Neo035 With the support of SWIT Airsoft Thanks to Mr Ginger for his help Yes it’s hard eh… you hardly bother me! He would be able to shoot a gun, he would!

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