ghost ain’t real ghost ain’t real ghosts ain’t real ghost ain’t real Wax dropped on my leg and it hurt, boom shakalaka boom Shakalaka, f*** you spirits get out of my room fu-AHHH! OH NO! This wax is dripping on me. And it’s really hot *Blows out candles* ow, some people got a fetish for this. I ain’t ’bout that life What’s up guys today we’re going to be reading a spooky text conversation on the yarn app If you guys don’t know what yarn is, It’s basically a bunch of text message stories. They can be like creepy There’s funny ones. There’s, I-I like the creepy ones okay, and that’s what we’re going to do today I’ll leave a link for it in the description below you can download it, today we’re going to be reading haunted Ouija Ouija *Laughs* I Like to say Ouija board, a simple game night with friends turns into a ghost encounter with the past Okay see, I have summoned the ghost with a Ouija board. I know how this goes, I ain’t afraid of that shit, let’s read it Amelia’s like: are you up Yeah, why? I can’t sleep after what we just did.. Oh..don’t be a wuss, it’s game. Yeah, it is a game. I mean I did it and I summoned a ghost. Apparently that ghost followed me home, so stopping being a p***y Amelia Yeah, but you saw what the board said? So? It said I was going to die Webb. Okay see, that didn’t happen to me That’s actually pretty creepy, I mean you’re doing a Ouija board and it says you’re gonna die How can you not take this seriously, because it’s a game Amelia if monopoly says you’re going to die, b**** you gonna die I’m just kidding that’s Monopoly, you’re probably right. I’m just going to try to go to sleep. Yeah, that’s right Go sleep Amelia, it says you’re going
to die? It’s just a game. Ain’t nothing serious, good night Kissy face, see you tomorrow. One hour later Amelia is typing Omg, Omg WTF!! I’m freaking out Yo, I told you to go to sleep, and you didn’t go to sleep. Look whose fault it is now What the hell is going on? There’s a hand print on my wall. A bloody a freaking hand print Someone got their period early and is sleep walking *Laughs* I kid I kid I kid. I’m making this not so scary I mean you wake up, and there’s a bloody handprint on your wall. What’d you do? I’d be freaked-out . It wasn’t there before. Oh, no shit. It wasn’t there before. I think you’d noticed, lol well babe You probably just had a nightmare, and you’re still having a nightmare NO! I’m serious! Take a pic send proof. Look! My dude this looks fake. Wha-What is this? It looks like the wall of like a pyramid or some shit This ain’t a bedroom Wtf is that the bloody hand print what you think I just said? Dumb ass Webb, you sure your brother’s not playing a prank on you after tonight Yeah, he just dipped his hand in Kool-Aid Stuck it on the wall. He’s not home. No one is home. I’m going to die Webb I mean damn if you put it like that Bye nice knowing you, the board said it The Board says you’re gonna die you’re gonna die Please help me. I need healing, something weird is going to happen I feel it. calm down, I’m coming over, HURRY! Yo, so she’s home alone. And she’s texting her boyfriend, ladies that’s one way to get your boyfriend to come over Even if you got a fake a bloody handprint on the wall *Amelia’s bedroom door shuts with a loud bang* No one is in the room, but her, don’t worry is just the Ac or a window was open or something I mean, I always have an explanation for everything Webb I’m locked in my room, and door shut out of nowhere, and I can’t get out there’s something in this room We messed with the wrong spirits, damn straight, you messed with the wrong spirits. I’m almost there, that was fast, this boy riding his bike? Can you open the window? No, that’s locked shut too! Well, we’re all just f***ed, something weird is happening, You think? I’m so scared, I told you ghosts are real! We should have played that stupid, stupid game. You’re going to be okay! Keep texting me, don’t stop. How can you be so calm right now? I MIGHT DIE! I mean he ain’t in that situation. He got a slide girl, so I mean, Amelia you ain’t shit, and I’m just kidding There’s a bloody hand on my wall, and a freaking ghost, and all you can say is “stay calm”!!!>=( okay, listen. I need you to listen to me very carefully. I didn’t tell you this before because I knew you’d freak out, oh shit! Is Webb the ghost?!? Is he the ghost? Is he the spirit? is he dead? Is he going to kill her, boy! Find out next time on next episode of Dragon Ball Z! I’m just kidding already the rest, but I know what’s going on. It happened to my last girlfriend, Eva. Oh! Don’t date this dude, stay away from those dudes name Webb, and if you wanted to get out of this alive You’re going to have to listen to everything I say, damn she didn’t even check his car facts before she started dating him, like on his last girlfriend She was like possessed and died and shit. I mean, let me see that hoe facts, part two! Amelia’s like what the heck are you talking about? What do you mean, you know what’s going on? Are you crazy? Are you cray-cray? This is not a funny joke you a**hole, and what about Eva. You told me you guys broke up because she cheated on you! How they broke up because she DEAD! she dead I just didn’t tell you what is she cheated on me with, with a ghost..? Oh, my dude that doesn’t count What!?! WHAT she cheated on you with wtf are you saying Webb Now is not the time to talk about this, yeah you p***y out! Let me hear it. I need you to listen to everything. I’m going to tell you right now. We’ll deal with the rest later I’m serious Come on Amelia, out with it Type Amelia! are still there? Huh? No, my girl Amelia, Amelia where you at? Answer me. Damn it when you have to party on over here There are noises in my room, but nothing moves in here, huh? they’re like whispers I can’t get the f*** out of here! Okay, we need you to put on your headphones Don’t listen to the noises What if I don’t have noise cancelling headphones?!? what if I only have shitty ass apple, ear buds these-these-these ain’t noise canceling. I can-I can still hear the voices. *giggling in the background* You don’t cancel shit, trust me. TRUST YOU!?! You ain’t got nothin’ else to do. I don’t even know who you are right now! Amelia, I’m serious. If you don’t listen to me. You’re not going to make it, make what? Make it out alive! Now stop and listen!! Keep your headphones on and go grab the scarf that you have at the edge of your bed, and put it around your eyes! You can’t look at it in the face. IN THE FACE! Do you hear cannot look at it IN THE FACE!! Okay, now make sure to keep music on your headphones You don’t want to hear it lure you in, if you even hear one full word of what it says. It will have you hooked Promise you’ll never take the headphones or scarf off until I’m there. I promise, Okay, now comes the hard part, oh, no! Are you ready? *gasps* It’s over! I gotta wait for a part three Boy, boy, what happens next? find out on next episode of Dragon Ball Z for real this time! Okay, that was pretty good yarn will come out with a part three, and then I guess that’s what we’re going to find out what happens So make sure you download the app I’ll leave a link in the description below make sure you leave a like And I will do another one of these like, scary stories because I like them, even though I make I’m not that scary. I love you guys so much. Thanks for watching, bye guys

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