Courtney Wilson | B&O Railroad Museum, Northeast Maglev – Another First in Baltimore’s History

[woosh] [music] You know it’s a great story I love to
tell about the first trip on the B&O from here in Baltimore to about a point
ten miles distant and that little steam locomotive achieved the speed of 13
miles an hour. You know when I look at the Maglev project, in this Northeast Corridor, and specifically between Baltimore and Washington, DC,
it’s such amazing technology. And, you know, we live in a world where there’s traffic jams, and the streets are crowded, and people are using bicycles and
alternative means of transportation. Well, this is probably the greenest, cleanest, most environmental type of transportation ever to move people. And, to be able to move people between
commerce centers on the East Coast at such a rapid rate is really, really a game changer. If you haven’t noticed I’m
a little bit more than enthusiastic about this project, so it’s just really, I
love it, I think it’s a chance for America to have a new game-changing
transportation technology, and the fact that it’s happening here, right in my
home, between Washington, DC and Baltimore, thrills me to no end. [music]

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