COUNTRYBALLS | История России (The History Of Russia)

Tribute Tribute Tribute Tribute Peace l Russian Kingdom (Signature) Peace l Russian Kingdom (Signature) & Ottoman Empire (Signature) Moscow —> Saint Petersburg Peace l Russian Empire (Signature) Peace l Russian Empire —>Union
(Signature) Abolition of Serfdom l Alexander III
(Signature) People’s Will 10.17 The Provisional Government Pact l Germany (Signature) Pact l Germany (Signature) & USSR (Signature) Peace l Finland (Signature) Peace l Finland (Signature) & USSR (Signature) Moscow Berlin Socialism in the World : Countries Economy of the USSR 2017 – …. 1 – 2: Kievan Rus l 3: The Vladimir-Suzdal Principality
4: The Grand Duchy of Moscow
5 – 6: The Moscow Kingdom
6 – 7: The Russian Kingdom
…. 8 – 10: The Russian Empire l 11: The Russian Republic
12 – 13: RSFSR l 12 – 13: Russia l 14 – 15: USSR
16 – 17: Russian Federation

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  • Video Breakdown:

    0:00 Mid to late 800s: AD Early East Slavs move their authority to Kiev, thus becoming the Kievan Rus', reigned under the Kurik Dynasty

    0:27 988: The Kievan Rus' adopt Christianity as their religion from influence from the Byzantine Empire, a close ally of the Kievan Rus'.

    0:37 1100s-1200s: The Kievan Rus' suffer from internal conflict and they eventually fall to the infamous Mongols once Kiev was destroyed. The main focus is now the Principality of Vladimir-Suzdal, who would succeed them.

    0:41 1223-1240: Vladimir-Suzdal becomes a target of the Mongols, who were already attacking the Kievan Rus'. The Mongols destroyed Kiev as well as 500,000 lives, looted the region, and forced all of the Rus' principalities under Mongol Rule.

    0:54–1:10 1200s-1300s The Golden Horde khanate continuosly forced payments out of the already-crumbling Principality. However, in exchange they allowed the princes freedom to rule where they wished. The Russian Orthodox Church also experienced a spiritual revival. (hence the flags/markers)

    1:02 1331 The Vladimir-Suzdal Principality finally ceases, succeeded by the Grand Duchy of Moscow. (Although the Duchy rose in 1283, it was also a Vassal of the Golden Horde, so the succession is accurate).

    1:11 1380- The Mongols were declining in power, so the Duchy opposed them at Kulikovo Field, defeating the Mongols. It would still be a Vassal of the Horde for another century. That great stand at the Ugra river finally ended the Mongol rule.

    1:17 1547- The Tsardom of Muscovy is established, with Ivan IV (infamously known as "The Terrible") becoming its first. The inaccuracy is that the coat of arms isn't established yet even though the Tsardom is established.

    1:20 1552- The Siege of Kazan: The Tsardom of Muscovy lays a siege against Kazan, and occupy the city whilst massacring the people.

    1:35 1560- Battle of Ergeme: Muscovy launched an attack on the Livonian Conderderation and caused their dissolution by the Treaty of Vilnius (not shown in video). The reason for this action was because of the Confederation's alliance with the Lithuanian Union; granting protection under the Treaty of Pozvol.

    1:41 1561-1569- Lithulania and Sweden intervened to free the dissolved and partitioned Livonian Confederation under Russian control. I believe Poland also appears here to signify its merging with Lithuania to form the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in 1569 with the Treaty of Lublin. At this point, Muscovy is at a major advantage, as Lithuania's fleeing signifies that Muscovy had occupied much of its territory.

    1:57 1575-1583- Pärnu is occupied by Muscovy, hence why the city turns upon Sweden. Crimea also intervened, attacking Muscovy and torching down Moscow. The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth reconquers Pärnu and put Muscovy in a corner. A truce was reached and two treaties were put into effect. The Treaty of Plussa forced Muscovy to give Narva and the southern coast of the Gulf of Finland, while the Treaty of Jam Zapolski forced Muscovy to give up its claims and Polatsk to Livonia.

    2:19 1500-1700- Muscovy raids Crimea, although it wouldn't become a part of the future Muscovy until 1783.

    2:25 1606-1613- The Time of Troubles: A famine and internal conflict led to intervention of The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in the Polish-Muscovite War (not featured in the video), who installed an imposter leader, False Dmitry I, but after a few years the Muscovites expelled the Polish-Lithuanian forces.

    2:51 1690s- The Tsardom of Russia puts the Orthodox Church under strict governmental control.

    2:56 1710-1711- The Russo-Turkish War: The Ottoman Empire declares war with Russia after persuasion from Sweden. The Ottoman Empire wins and the Treaty of the Pruth forced Russia to return Azov to the Ottoman Empire and destroy Taganrog.

    3:16 1711: Russia goes under governmental reforms with the establishment of Peter I's Governing Senate.

    3:21 1713: The Russian capital is moved from Moscow to St. Petersburg.

    3:28 1719-1721: The Russo-Turkish scuffle from a decade prior was part of the then still-going Great Northern War, caused when Sweden had war declared on it by Russia and its allies, Demark-Norway, Saxony, and Poland. The last treaty was the Treaty of Nystad (not shown but described in the video), where Russia took Estonia, Livonia, Ingria, and Southeastern present-day Finland from Sweden, while Sweden took the rest of present-day Finland from Russia.

    3:47 1722: Russia becomes an Empire.

    3:50 1722-1723: Prior to event shown here: Russia and The Ottoman Empire (as well as Persia and Safavid Iran) went to war again in the Russo-Persian War because Russia wanted to prevent the Ottoman Empire from gaining territory and to expand Russian influence in the Caspian and Caucasus regions. The aftermath is being shown after Russia won, with the Treaty of Saint Petersburg, where Safavid Iran (despite the Ottoman Empire being shown; Safavid Iran would become part of said empire by 1736) ceded North and South Caucasus, the cities of Derbent and Baku, Shirvan, Guilan, Mazandaran, and Astrabad to Russia in exchange for troops.

    3:53 1768-1795: The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth becomes a protectorate of Russia, who was gradually declining the power of the Commonwealth. Catherine II (The female leader of Russia who put the Empire into a Golden Age) had military strategies to take control of Poland, and eventually the Commonwealth was split between Russia, Prussia, and Hapsburg, erasing it from the map.

    4:02 1807-1809: The Finnish War: Russia and Sweden go into another conflict when Sweden refused to close the Baltic Sea to British Warships. Russia won and the Treaty of Fredrikshamn meant Russia took the Finnish region from Sweden. At this point Russia had established itself as a superpower.

    4:13 1812: The French Empire (led by Napoleon Bonaparte) invade Russia, and while they managed to reach Moscow, they were pushed back, making Russia victorious. I believe Napolean's army consisted of at least 600,000, and of those, 70% died in only a few months from the harsh Winter that sealed the deal.

    4:34 1813-1814: Prussia and Austria (allies of France during their invasion of Russia) break their alliance with France. The Treaty of Fontaibleau ends Napoleon's reign (hence the gunshot to France by Russia)

    4:40 1815: The Congress of Vienna: The short-lived Duchy of Warsaw is occupied and later partitioned between Russia, Prussia, and Austria. The Free City of Cracow is created, Austria takes Galicia, Prussia takes the Grand Duchy of Posen, and Russia takes the remainder of Poland as Congress Poland.

    4:47 1853-1856: The Crimean War: This conflict was a result of promoting different Christian minorities of the Holy Land, which was part of the Ottoman Empire., which was already declining at this point. When a compromise and an ultimatum were reached, the Ottoman Empire demanded changes, resulting in Russia invading Moldavia and Wallachia. The Ottoman Empire declared war on Russia, with Britain and France as its allies. Russia lost, and the 1856 Treaty of Paris demilitarized the Black Sea and took away Russian influence from the Danube Principalities.

    Goodness, how much conflict did Russia and The Ottoman Empire have between each other?

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