Could you please draw the emblem for free..? [Sooro’s Rovers /2019.10.07]

Let’s do it while we eat. Weren’t you jealous watching people on TV or in movies eat during meetings? – While they’re busy working. / – Eating at meetings. I wanted to try that. But to be honest… Isn’t that bad for the staff? – It’s good for them. / – It is? Because lots of companies don’t even buy them food. Is that so? There’s no place like that these days. (Groan) – What’s on the agenda today? / – Yeah. A guest is coming. – Oh, really? / – Oh, really? He’s here to work on our emblem. A new person? You probably know him. He’s Choi Hun. The Webtoon artist? The baseball one. It’s very famous. I really like baseball. You know how the matches end, you see Choi Hun’s characters as it ends. – He makes it very fun. / – Oh, it’s fun. (Popular for the cute baseball team characters) It’s a milestone in Korean baseball mascots. Really? Even if you don’t know baseball, you’d know them. You know everything about sports. I used to love baseball. So he’s a good fit for us. That’s why it’s amazing. I have all of Choi Hun’s figurines. Really? (She’s serious about it) – He’s really expensive. / – Yeah. How will we afford him? As a donation. – Really? / – Yeah. – Donating his talents just like that? / – Yes. Wow, that’s amazing. Will we run into problems later? Everything is donated. We seem to be getting too much. It’s a problem. We have to overcome that. (We need teamwork to overcome that) That’s why we… Huh? I guess he’s here. (The owner goes out to meet the valued guest) Oh, hello. – Hello. / – Hello. You’re quite tall. (Choi Hun, Webtoon artist) – Hello. / – Hello. – Hi, nice to meet you. / – Hello. (First appearance on an entertainment show) Your style is great. The hair style is awesome. Thank you so much. You’re donating your talent to us. (That’s news to me) He isn’t? (Avoiding her gaze) He says it’s not for free. Oh, I’m sorry. That’s not what was in the contract. I’m about to explain this to you all. But she already blurted it out. – I really didn’t know. / – She’s the general director. I’m not asking you to answer now. If we have a good time, then tell us your answer at the end. We’ll really appreciate that. Siyoung, thank you for working so hard as the general director. So she’s the one asking him to donate his talent? Right. I didn’t imagine that. (Excited) What on earth is going on? She was very gutsy to ask that. Sir, you’re going too far. (I don’t think I should’ve come) Let’s give a big hand to the writer, Choi Hun. Thank you. The reason I called you here is because we’re now running an English soccer club. I’ve heard. It’s the 13th division. But as you can see, our emblem doesn’t represent us. It’s lacking something. We started in a neighborhood called Chiswick, so I’ll tell you about it’s special characteristics. Sir, before explaining that, – I’ll explain how the club emblems… / – Right. – Are usually made. / – That’s important. Then explain that to him. For example, Manchester United’s emblem. They all have something in common. They always put symbols of the city on the emblem. ManU’s area’s symbolic color is red. That’s why they made the whole emblem red. And here, there’s a soccer ball. A long time ago, roses were the symbol of the area, so they put roses. But since they’re a soccer team, they changed it to a soccer ball. And up here is a boat. (Why does a non-coastal city have a boat emblem?) This is where they dug a canal to transport goods during the Industrial Revolution. The ship is a symbol of that. From the color to the symbols, everything corresponds to the city. (I see) All the other teams are similar. This is Liverpool, which Director Siyoung likes. Liverpool has more stories. There’s a lot more to talk about. There’s this pattern on top. This is a gate pattern. It symbolizes a very legendary manager of Liverpool named Bill Shankly. It’s represents the Shankly Gates. And Liverpool’s slogan is beneath it. (Liverpool’s iconic slogan) There are torches on both sides. The torches have a sad story behind them. It’s called the Hillsborough disaster where 96 supporters died. So the Shankly Gates commemorates that tragedy with a fire that never burns out. It’s symbolic. If you look at it, there’s a history. Whether it’s painful or worth remembering, it’s all there in this fashion. The bottom line is that the emblem can change a bit, but they have one key thing in common. – They represent the city. / – Yes, right.

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