Coronavirus in Ukraine NO CASES. How can foreigners get medically checked

Hello from Lviv! …1st of February we’re
asking ourselves a question what is the situation with coronavirus
especially in Ukraine at what foreigners can do in case if they have flu symptoms
how can they get checked in Ukraine and can you tell me about coronavirus? What
is your impression? In Ukraine what is going on? Well so far we’re here and now it’s the first of February and
there are no reported cases confirmed of coronavirus in Ukraine. So we have it good! It’s like these are the good old days there’s no coronavirus
here. But in the news we can see, you know, literally thousands of cases that are
happening around the world. And so if the virus is as transmissible…. It’s an epidemic it’s contagious… and if it’s as bad as
they say sooner or later it will come to Ukraine. So we’re here
now you go out on the street and there’s nobody wearing a mask but if we were
doing this same video three weeks later you might look at the street
and see people wearing masks that’s the thing is that it’s impossible
to predict the future right now so according to the World Health
Organization there are no reported cases of the flu in Ukraine there were two people coming back from China that are being monitored right now.
The express test shows no exactly corona virus. But additional labs are
being checked right now… Another person from China was checked and
diagnosis was that the person does not have corona virus. How would you act if
you would feel some flu symptoms? Well, I’d cough and go….first and then obviously I would tell
some friends “Ahhh”, and they’d say “Ohhh you should go to the clinic… Let me ask my doctor …oh I will help to take you there …Which Ukrainians are very hospitable. They’ll
always help to get you where you need to be so you’ll end up telling them that or
you’ll be served breakfast in bed for a week or two. And eventually you’ll get to
the hospital probably in a day or so or a few hours…
And everything should be taken care of by then. When your Ukrainian friend helps
you out. And i feel pretty confident about Ukrainian healthcare in the
sense that the professionals of Ukraine are really well educated and so the
technology is here… the education is here… there are
professionals of every stripe forming and infrastructure and so I have confidence that the Ukrainian system has the ability to do
some very advanced things in medicine I think that the services are advanced
enough and they’re available. Like if you are a foreigner coming in and if you pay cash, they will certainly help you. How would you about…Thanks to God you never had to use the doctor in Ukraine but how
would you go about if you needed medical assistance? well I bet you that the first place I
would go is to see the company doctor. Ok yes. because the employer that I work for
now has the corporate doctor that does rounds or or comes visiting once a week. Anyway the thing is that employees if they feel any symptoms they
can go see the company doctor when when they’re in and so that would probably be
my first move… Because it’s so convenient. So I would just
go there and and then you know if there was a real health problem it would be
referred onwards from that point Tell me about your position at work. Well it’s literally chief software engineer and development team lead. I think it’s nice
to have your experienced and your background here in Ukraine… On the site sharing the experience with local professionals… Well I’ve certainly been to a lot of places
and I’ve done a lot of things there’s the experience and I
think that’s part of what can make me valuable in different
settings around here in Lviv. Can you tell me about the strategy of your company to deal with this outbreak in case it escalates yeah well it’s possible to do remote
work across the internet like digital nomads right and to enable remote work… We already have what it takes and in other words by way of using
particular apps for meetings and by way of having cloud-based tools for software
development. We’re able to have our team members go remote and work from
home and if the virus is bad we might tell everyone go home
you know self isolate. You would be better off everyone will be better off if
there’s less person-to-person contact in the midst of an epidemic or pandemic.
That’s the thing is to self isolate. It is wise advice in the mids of the Corona virus outbreak. How do you think the country…Does it have the capability, the strategy to handle any serious outbreak… About 2 weeks ago they formed the task force… that was under the Health Ministry and more recently actually Zalenskyi said hey
we’re gonna make this task force be multi ministry in other words so he
wants to involve more like I guess defense and other
ministries to be prepared for the virus and they’ve largely taken the
right steps the thing is that they by now have cut off air travel beginning
February 3rd…so Monday no more flights to China and vice
versa…so there they’re only going to be able to catch it if they
find a traveler who has stopped at a different location on the way to
Ukraine largely I think you know it may be a
fortunate matter that Ukraine doesn’t have so very much traffic back and forth
with China in other words if we don’t have so many visitors
from China then we are less exposed than places that have more
business with China. Can you tell me about your background? BC you have Asian look… I’m an American originally but with
ancestry that is half Japanese right now we have medical reform
where every Ukrainian has to be tied to his or her GP. They sign a contract and
this is a doctor that you see… The doctor that knows your medical history and that
follows you but if you do not have this contract you can go to the reception and they will inform you what to do next. Usually the GP will
tell you if you do not have medical insurance how you should execute the
payment… Yes I also recommend…the best case scenario is to use the local to ask
for help to contact the doctor or to show you where to go… To take you if you want to see a GP they must get a little bit stressed out if they see that
you’re speaking English they might not know English so it could be a little bit
stressful for them so having a local with you will be nice. And I would like
to mention American Medical Center which is particularly geared towards
foreigners. This clinic works 24/7, doctor can come to your hotel or house, start the examination, maybe do an express flu test…. They all speak English. You just call..They always pick up and in English they will
prepare your medical documentation they will prepare your medical report…
You do get the care that you need and you can get the reimbursement. So the
question I have for Ricky is “Do you feel confident in Ukrainian medical system
and the care?” I’m very confident after all they have years of experience and
also there is many things that they can handle whether it’s complex and
complicated and the worst case scenario is it will get a referral to a
different doctor that will probably be more specialized just like in the US. Ok, do you feel like Ukraine is aware of the situation, is preparing the health care
system? Yes I think anyone in any general job whether it’s doctor or
whether it’s IT whether whichever everyone always pays attention to what
they need to within their work it’s not that they’re not paying attention they
have to know they have to be on top of things. Okay from what you see on
television in Ukraine people do not wear masks. We’re pretty relaxed. And Boryspil
Airport… They’re checking temperature from what I read on the news
but in Lviv airport they are not doing anything… There are no precautions nobody
is being checked… People that are flying in. Also we have changes in temperature.
So yesterday it was very cold. It was freezing, snowing… Today is pretty warm
like I could wear my fall jacket and so that actually causes us to have some
flu-like symptoms because such a change…Seasonal change… Okay so you know… There is no vaccine or Corona virus What you can do to protect yourself is just to eat healthy to avoid public places, limit your
communication with people especially they have symptoms and
workout, exercise especially cardio exercise. And I will tell you in my
observation Ukrainians there be a little bit like tied more
like in groups. We are socially tied and I can tell you by my experience…
I’m cool I’m living by faith everything is cool… But when the panic
panic kicks, in I will be really really stupid so yeah… This is how we. We should try to use our brain and live by faith
and not to get given to… A good way to put it is… The Ukrainians are
very sociable people they like to be in groups. Like to get to know people in
groups. And also whenever they make events or plans, it’s always within
groups. So the best way to put it is just when some things happen it gets a little
nerve-racking that’s all it does yeah. But emotional
and yeah… lose your… But it’s it’s not a disadvantage it’s an
advantage because within the group you have more brains more brains equals
more brain power which means more ability to think of different things all
at once. And I think it’s very nice when I see examples of people taking care of
each other… For example my friend taking his friend to the doctor to get him
checked when he had symptoms. Of course he cared for himself, for masks, but it’s
nice and people take care of each other and also speaking about masks they are all sold out, I just checked checked the pharmacy but in general people are
really cool relaxed…
The country is always a great place for its scenery and this friendly hospitable
people. You might not find the 7-eleven or the 7up or something from Lviv, but
you’ll be have nice roosters and cockadoodle do this all the time waking
you. Thank you for good words, Ricky, I love the rusters! Oh what is cockadoodle? Oh the ruster makes cockadoodle. Oh! Yes, Ilove those…

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