Coronavirus explained – ANIMATED SHORT EXPLANATION

Coronavirus has declared war on us. How do we protect ourselves and the ones we
love? Coronavirus comes from a large family of viruses
that attacks respiratory sistem This virus was first detected in Wuhan, China. Early on, many of the patients in the outbreak
had some link to a large seafood and animal market, suggesting animal-to-person
also spreads person-to-person typically via airborne droplets of fluid. a preliminary estimate for virus’s basic reproduction
number is put around 2,5 whitch means each infected person would be expected to infect
around 2 to 2,5 people CDC considers this a very serious public health
threat as of right now fatality rate is about 2%. Reported illnesses have ranged from people
being mildly sick to people being severely ill and dying. Symptoms can include: – Fever
– Cough – Shortness of breath symptoms may appear in as few as 2 days or
as long as 14 after exposure. China has taken measures to minimize the spread
of the virus by canceling lunar new year celebration and placing 3 cities under quarantine, making
it a largest quarantine in human history. There is currently no vaccine to prevent coronavirus
infection. The best way to prevent infection is to avoid
being exposed to this virus. you can of cours take steps to protect yourself
becouse it will protect you from all sorts of other diseases take everyday preventive
actions such as – Wash your hands often. – Avoid close contact with people who are
sick. – Stay home when you are sick. – Cover your cough. People who think they may have been exposed
to this virus should contact healthcare provider immediately. The Very fast release of the viral genome
sequences, lets the scientist around the world investigate and develop tests for the virus. take care
and don’t panic.

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