Connection between the House Pages at the Capitol and Flight 93 on September 11, 2001: Zack Stanton

Well, Flight 93, to the best of my understanding, and I think The 9/11 Commission Report, they write of it either being headed for the White House or the Capitol. And I would have to imagine that they were headed to the Capitol, just because the White House would be harder to pick out if you were flying a jet, whereas the Capitol’s at the end of the National Mall, it’s on a hill; it’s impossible to miss as a target. And so those of us who were in the Page program, you know, providing that the flight was actually headed to the Capitol, those of us in the Page program in a very real sense owe our lives to the passengers on Flight 93. You know, they unquestionably saved my life. I would have been in the Capitol, I’m sure, by the time that the airplane had reached. And so, you know, there’s just an overwhelming sense of, of duty to their memory, and I know those of us who were Pages at the time, every year that September 11th—every time September 11th rolls around, you know, you see people, you know, mentioning Flight 93 in their Facebook statuses, or, in more profound ways, many, many have gone to visit Shanksville, and I know a number of us are planning on being there for the 10th anniversary this September and meeting with the widows and the husbands who lost wives and the children who lost parents, because, you know, we, our,—you know, our existence is allowed solely because of the actions that they took.

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