Combining Search Terms

In this tutorial, learn how to refine
your results by combining search terms. In previous tutorials we have performed several searches as
displayed in our search history. Each search only covered a portion of the research question. To find relevant articles that include
all elements of our research question, we
need to combine the searches. Use the search history to combine
previous searches and refine results. Use the check boxes to select which searches to combine. Use OR to find articles that have at least
one of the search terms. This broadens your
search. Use AND to find articles that contain ALL the search terms. This narrows your search. This process allows you to combine
search terms in different combinations to see which
set of results will be most useful to you. It is also why it is important that you
search for ONE term or concept at a time. For this
demonstration, select the check boxes for lines 2 and
4, then combine with OR. Medline will find
articles that contain either the MeSH or one of the keywords for
“traumatic brain injury.” A new line in the search history shows
the results of the combined search. Next, combine lines three and five using AND. Medline will find
articles that contain any of our search terms related to
traumatic brain injuries and any articles that include our
keyword search for “Wii.” This search returned 8 articles. When you
scroll down to view the article titles, you will notice our search terms
highlighted in yellow. This tutorial demonstrated how to refine
your results by combining searches. To learn how to apply limits
and further narrow your results, continue on to the next tutorial.

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