Close All Safari Pages iPhone – How to Close all Tabs in Safari at Once

I’m going to show you two easy ways to
close all Safari pages on an iPhone at once: next. Hi, I’m Chris. Here on Chris
Fry Tech Guy, you’ll find tech reviews and tutorials, like this one, to make
technology work for you. I’m excited to have you join me today, as i’ll be
sharing how to close all open safari pages on an iPhone. This tutorial works
on iOS versions 10 and later. Let’s get started. Tap and hold the tab view icon,
which is the overlapping squares icon. Tap close all tabs. Method 2. In the tabs
view, press and hold the word Done. Press the button that says close all tabs. With
either method you can close all Safari tabs at once on the iPhone. How many
pages do you have open right now? Can you beat the 13 tabs I currently
have on my phone? Share in the comments below.
Thank you for joining me today on Chris Fry Tech Guy. I’ll see you next time.

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