Cleveland Museum of Natural History – 5 great things to see

Let’s check out five things to see at the
Cleveland Museum of Natural History, and give you just a glimpse of what’s in store when
you visit. Perkins Wildlife Center is a refuge for Ohio animals. It has my attention right
away when I see bobcats, foxes and coyote running through tunnels over my head. Different
animals take turns roaming through the suspended trailways as a way to get exercise. Kids can
get exercise too in their own tunnels. Perkins is really well done. You can explore different
Ohio habitats like swamp, forest and wetlands. There are bald eagles and peregrine falcons.
You can clearly see underwater at the river otter habitat, and there are educational enrichment
programs that help you learn about Ohio’s ecosystems. If you haven’t been to the museum
in a while, this is one of the coolest additions you’ll see. All the animals have been rescued,
so Perkins is a second chance for them. If you loved dinosaurs as a kid, then walking
through the dinosaur fossil collection will bring it all back for you. At least that’s
my experience standing next to the T-Rex. It’s really something to get a sense of the
size of these prehistoric animals. Triceratops is here. A cool Allosaurus skeleton. Keep
in mind, some of the bones are actual fossils and others are cast. What’s the biggest dinosaur
here? Haplocanthosaurus. Make sure to ask a museum staff member how they found this
fossil. Everything about the museum is telling the story of nature and this room is one of
the most interesting chapters in that story. The astronomers at the museum have some great
experiences to offer. First, the planetarium in my opinion is the best in Northeast Ohio.
That’s because the 4K projectors and their powerful software can take you on a tour of
outer space. You can see the star constellations. You can go through the rings of Saturn. You
can see the surface of the moon or Mars. The digital atlas has millions of stars programmed
into it. And on Wednesday evenings, September through May, you can visit the Mueller Observatory
and stargaze through their vintage Warner and Swasey telescope. And don’t forget the
Apollo 12 moonrock in the Wade Gallery. You can be a few inches away from a piece of the
moon. If you ever took an anthropology or paleontology class, your textbook probably
featured Lucy, a specimen of historical importance found by a Cleveland Museum of Natural History
team. The fossil collection in the human origins gallery is very robust, and it’s safe to say
that people have travelled from around the world to see it. And for the kids, the Smead
Discovery Center is a special retreat of hands-on exhibits. From dusting pretend dinosaur bones
to learning different animal calls, young people of all ages can spend a lot of time
here. In the hallway outside there’s a display of all different types of beetles. See if
your little one can find the Volkswagen Beetle! I didn’t even get a chance to show you Balto
or the Wade Gallery of Gems and Jewels. Not to mention a recurring event they put on called
Think and Drink with the Extinct. If that piques your interest, check out the description
of this video for more information.

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