Clear YouTube Search History on Mobile Android or iOS 2019

So you’ve been searching for
things on your mobile phone and you want to hide your
YouTube search history. That’s what we we talk
about today, here we go! (upbeat music) Hello! And welecome back to another video. I’m Alan Spicer you’re
YouTube Certified Expert. If you’re looking to
start a YouTube channel, grow your YouTube channel,
or push your brand out there. It’s the second largest
search engine on the internet you should click subscribe. Start creating. Now, we’ve all done it. We’ve got that eye on that
special gift for that special someone, you’ve typed
something into the search bar. And now you’re worried the
next time that they use your phone, that they might find that secret. Those pesky search engine
fairies giving away your things, secret things. Now, it’s quite easy to clear
so let’s go to the mobile. But before we deep dive
into this, this video is sponsored by TubeBuddy. It’s an online browser
based plug-in that can help optimize your titles,
your descriptions, your tags, get you more views, get you
more subscribers, and generally take away the grind. The day to day tasks that you
just can’t be bothered with. It also links up with their
mobile phone app, in which you can check your stats on the
go, communicate with people and just generally level
up your YouTube game. There is a link in the description below on how to install it for free. Okay, so first rule you
open the YouTube app when loaded, you go to
the top right hand corner and you’ll see my channel,
time watched, and you’ll be able to see settings. As you scroll down, you will now see history clear watch history, clear search history, pause watch history, pause search history, or manage all activities. In this case we are
clearing search history We tap “clear search”, it
warns you that once cleared this app doesn’t know what
you’re previous history is and recommendations will be
reset, and you then click “clear search history”. Now, if you need any more
help with any other mobile tricks and tips, I’ve
done a playlist up here. Remember to hit that
subscribe button for regular YouTube tricks and tips tutorials. Go out there, start creating!

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