Clear Your Search History on Google Chrome To Stop Allowing Tracking

I got the countdown. Okay perfect. I want to show everybody technology tip because I so … often about our search engines tracking. Are there actually learning from you and so so often are … checking out I want to show you how to clear your history … in Google Chrome. Somebody give me a light. You get to see my background was that. I’m going to show you really quick. How do you clear your search engine history so that Google … can no longer or can not track where you go and so you can … see Guardian out digital you are going to navigate to the … bottom right-hand corner. See those three.. I see some light so if you’re using your phone you’re going … to go to Chrome. Go to three.. Right here. Clipboard history. Winchester and you’re going to click clear browsing data. Actually on I choose to save my passwords. I trust in here every day but I use to get rid of my … passwords that you can actually choose to see … browsing history cookies anything that you don’t want … Google to store and so I do this everyday clear browsing data. Because I don’t really need Google to see my search … history because I get been targeted with all the ads and if … you’ve ever been somewhere and or near this location. I’m All Out example. If you actually don’t want Google to check back you at … all you can open up an incognito window and so just … by doing back to show you so where you going you clear … you actually open up this next window here. This little guy that has goggles. Do it to search completely without Google Having … learned anything about you so it doesn’t know you it doesn’t … know myself heard from you know Suzanne doesn’t know … so a lot of times when it happens R&B digital … marketing as we have business owners that go into … the eggnog incognito mode and then search for … themselves this is how you should be holding your … advertisers accountable trying to do some searches to figure … out what is it. Again take it with a grain of … salt because that’s how you clear your search history from … learning about you so I hope that this is helpful because. I think you guys I really was mad I love like the Emojis I … think those are so cool this is for okay so why is for Google … Chrome show Safari Safari but you know you may have … seen the commercials that apple is doing that says it’s for … privacy you all. There’s a way that you can privately search anywhere. Google, so again I will share the Safari … I think that this is so important especially for I give examples … for moms with kids if you are a used letting your child and … have a phone and you know they’re in here and they’re … searching and they’re still being hit with ads within their … search Journey will not allow it to appear just make sure that … you are clearing your browser and search engine activity. To yourself to be responsible there so are there any … questions I know someone says indeed Apple Safari also … always talk about responsible and I know that this is a little … big brother and Big Brother Big Sister everyone in it. Is there any questions I’m going to hop on for this Tuesday.

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