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Hello and welcome to KahindoTech. In this video, I’ll show you how to clear search history on YouTube the Mobile app Before I begin just so you know, I’m using an iphone to do these instructions So if you’re using an Android it might be slightly different, but it should be very similar. We’ll begin by opening up YouTube app Once you have it open, look at the bottom of my screen Where it says “Home”, “Trending”, “Subscription Activity” and “Library” Go ahead and click on “Library”. It’s the very last thing on the right Corner. Click on “Library” right there Once that opens, the very first item is called “History”. Go ahead and click that once you get to here, you have the option of individually deleting your YouTube search history Or you can delete the whole search history in one click. To show you how to delete an individual item in your search history : just Scroll up and down to find whatever you’re looking for that you like to clear. Once you find it look on the…so let’s say for the video called “Are you an alpha….” Look on the bright side of it. Where there is those 3 deaths. You want to tap that. Now this menu comes up from the bottom. Click on where it says, the first item, “Remove from watch history” When I click there as you can see, the item has been removed from your history. and if I refresh It will be gone or if you want So this that’s how you can delete an individual item. If you want to delete your entire search history on YouTube Look on the…the top upper right corner After the little magnifier, the very last thing; those three dots. Again you want to click on those okay, and if you see on the bottom where it says, clear watch history go ahead and click on clear watch history don’t delete your Whole YouTube history and then This will clear accounts watch history from all devices and just go ahead click clear history and There you go your entire history has been deleted. if you have any other questions or comments Please leave them in the question section below. If you liked my video. Please give it a thumbs up or if you have uh If you like this type of video, I’ll make more different kind of videos going over how to use different apps, so please go to my channel for more videos like this. Thank you for watching

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