Clear run box history on Windows

Hi, in this video, I will show how to clear run box history on Windows. There are 4 methods which are as following: 1. Use registry editor to delete run history. 2. Clear File Explorer history on Windows 10. 3. Clear search history on Windows 8.1 4. Clear run history and recently opened programs in the Start menu on Windows 7 Now let’s start with the first method. Open run window. Type ‘regedit’ and click ‘OK’. On Registry Editor, navigate to the path below by double-click entry on the left window as in this example. Then, you see command history as key-pair value on the right window. To delete any specific key, right-click on the key and select ‘Delete’. Click ‘Yes’ to confirm. Now, open run window. And you see that the command is deleted from the history. To delete multiple keys, you can hold ‘CTRL’ and click key that you want to delete. If you want to delete all keys, click the the first key. Hold ‘Shift’ and click at the last key. And right-click on these keys and select ‘Delete’. Click ‘Yes’ to confirm. Now run history is clear. Next, let’s continue with the second method. Open ‘File Explorer’ by click on this icon. Next, click ‘View’ tab. And click ‘Options’. On Folder Options, select ‘General’ tab. And click ‘Clear’ button on Privacy section at the bottom. Then, close this window. And you see that recent files, address bar history are clear. And also run history. Next, the third method. Press Windows + I keyboard shortcut. And click ‘Change PC settings’. And click ‘Search and apps’ on the left menu. Then, make sure that ‘Search’ menu is selected. And click ‘Clear’ under Search history on the right window. Next, click ‘Clear’ button on the pop-up window. You see this icon when search history is clear. And run history is also clear. And finally, the last method. Right-click on Windows icon at bottom left and select ‘Properties’. Make sure that you are on ‘Start Menu’ tab. Next, uncheck this option. And click ‘Apply’. Now the history is clear. Next, recheck the option again. And click ‘OK’. Recent opened programs in the Start menu is clear. This includes run history. So that’s it for this video. If you have any question or suggestion, please post below. If you like, please subscribe. Thank you for watching. Goodbye.

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