CINAHL 7 – Saving Searches

This screencast will show you how to create
an account with CINAHL and how to save your search
history. In order to save your search history, you
will need to have an account in CINAHL. To create an
account, click on sign in here at the top, followed by create a new account. Once you’ve completed all of
the fields in the form, you can click on save changes. This will redirect you to a page confirming
your account has been created where you can click
on continue. Clicking on continue will automatically log
you in to your new account. Because I already have an account created,
I’ll log in by clicking on sign in at the top. From this page, you can click on save searches/alerts. This page will show you a list of all of the
searches that will be saved in the table here on the bottom. You’ll need to choose a name for your
search before saving. Choose the name wisely, especially if you
have, or will have, many other saved searches on the same topic. Consider including a version or a project
identifier to help keep your saved searches organized. You can also include a description of your
search below, though this is not visible when viewing all of your saved searches within
your account. Next you’ll want to make sure that “CINAHL
Plus with Full Text” is the option selected here, followed by “saved search
permanent” below. If you don’t selected saved search permanent
you will lose your search after 24 hours. Once you’re satisfied, you can click on save,
and then on continue. Your search will automatically be saved to your
saved searches folder. If you choose, you can also create folders
to further organize your searches by looking for the “My Custom” option from the
navigation bar on the left, and clicking on “New”. Choose an
appropriate folder name, and enter a description if you wish, and then click save. Your folder now
appears under My custom section of the navigation bar on the left. To move your search into a new
folder, select the box beside your search, which will highlight it, and then click on
move to, and choose your selected folder. You can now view this search by clicking on
your new folder, followed by the subfolder saved searches. When you want run this search again, or continue
adding to it, click here on retrieve saved search and CINAHL will add
each line of your search back into your search history. Keep in
mind, if you’ve added any lines to your search before retrieving a saved search, your
saved search will be added to your search history above the
lines from the current session. If you have any other
questions about CINAHL, or any other topic you can contact the library at [email protected]
for more information.

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