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Welcome back to my channel TheCandyGuy where i talk about treats for the sweet tooth Today I’m going to talk about Chupa Chups Chupa Chups were introduced in 1958 by
Enric Bernat in Spain The original name for Chupa Chups
was Gol like goal in English I think that was straightforward but I
didn’t want to assume The name was changed because for some reason the original name just didn’t go over too well with consumers so it was changed to Chups the candy got its full name from a jingle used to advertise it said chupa, chupa, chupa a Chups which in Spanish which in Spanish chupa mean to suck so the jingle suck a Chups it just stuck with people and so the company kept that as part of its name Chupa Chups In 1988 the artist Salvador
Dali gave the Chupa Chups their most recognizable logo by putting the daisy
around the name Chupa Chups so a lot of sources online said that Enric got the original idea of the Chupa Chups because there is a lot of hard candies
but it was a little bit messy with kids because they’d always take it out of
their mouth so he decided to put a stick with the hard candy so that way it would
be less messy for kids but this was in “58 when he came up with the idea for the
candy but there was Tootsie Pops and Dum Dums and BB bats in the 30s and 20s so, but those were in the US so I’m kind of
confused on the information I don’t think it was an original idea
not calling him a liar but there was a lot of suckers in lollies way before Chupa Chups came around So here’s a Chupa Chup. Just a hard candy on a stick I got the orange one I honestly think this is my first time having a Chupa Chup I thought I had one in the past
but honestly I don’t think I have but not much to it. It’s simple, little hard candy on a stick, fruit flavored there’s also a soda flavor, strawberry flavored, there’s a bunch of different flavors anyway Thank you for watching this
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