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(stone scraping) (continues scraping, music begins to play) (indistinct voices murmuring in the distance) History is the living, breathing story of us understanding history is key to the progress of mankind, whether
its history on a global scale, or our own personal journeys…
if we don’t know where we’ve been how can we possibly know
where we’re going today’s technologies are
allowing us to connect and have more engagement with the past We as humans are just inundated
with information and it’s so hard to weed through it
and assimilate it all There are some great tools that are
on the internet, and that are available to us, but it’s all in these
obscure, different locations Imagine if you could go any place in the
world at any point in time and see what was going on there, nearby,
or anywhere for that matter Imagine the type of insights and
perspectives you’d be able to gain by having an eagle-eye’s view of history and that’s what the ChronoScribe project is all about it’s allowing us to take our history
and index it by time and location so we can actually go back and
see what was happening then Hi, I`m Jesus and I’m Jon, and we’re the cofounders
of a new history educational website called ChronoScribe. ChronoScribe is an online portal
with the goal of taking the world`s history which is inherently
subjective and narrative and distilling that into tiny, atomic fact based events, taking those events,
indexing it on time and location and then putting it on a virtual
globe with timeline navigation Let’s say you’re given an assignment
from your teacher to do a study on the evolution
of inventions Let`s say you pick somebody that’s really
notable from history – Nikola Tesla. You’d go to ChronoScribe, you`d
search for Nikola Tesla You`d see his whole timeline
of his whole life You could then see a data point
for alternating current alternating current,
the blade-less turbine we know that he is the credit
for these inventions but typically in the scientific field you’re
ot the only person working on that you’re getting ideas from other people and
other scientists that are helping you that data point will be part of
several other timelines from this you’d be able to just see all of these
timelines intersecting across Nikola Tesla’s and get an idea of the whole picture one of the first things that we`ll be able to do
with phase one, when we launch the site is allow you to either important your
own personal timeline from Facebook or create your own, so when you do that, you`d be able to see on the virtual globe with the timeline
navigation just like any other historical event your own personal timeline the great thing is you could then
search for something else like Nikola Tesla and see where those intercept ChronoScribe is a project for all of us and the time is right for something
as ambitious as this to finally become a reality by being able to piece any number
of events together ourselves we’ll have the ability to share a whole new
experience, not only with our individual pasts but also as they join together
in the fabric of time this project isn`t about making
money and driving profit you know, for us it’s more about
making the world a better place by educating everybody about History We don’t think that education
should cost people money We don’t think that education is something
for the privileged or people that… that, you know can afford it Please join us and give us your support
as we work to bring ChronoScribe to life as we work to make history more
accessible to everyone because History isn’t made alone

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  • In your little pea brain do you have any comprehension how pathetic you are

  • i love the idea and cant wait for whats next for Chronoscribe !!

  • I'm so excited for Chrono Scribe to take off!! I love history and I am ready for Chrono Scribe to help me see history in a different way!

  • We appreciate everyone's support!!  History is important, but we might not always 'have the time for it'… or it might not always make sense why we're learning a subject that seems so far removed from us individually. Our project should help people connect with History on a more personal level, while bringing the convenience of a freely accessible online resource that everyone can add or gain value from.

  • What a collection of creeps,they slid this psam into an upper slot at the last second just as you tap onto something you want to watch.These pathetic lamers LOSERS all worked scrubing toilets at Mc Donald's in high school..Loserssss

  • Chronospam

  • I am pretty excited about this project! It looks revolutionary!  I am already getting a list together of things I want to research when the site launches! 

  • Imagine if you could read a book while also tracking the timeline of events from the book as they played out in time on the globe… Even being able to add or filter out events that you might not want to highlight – and then being able to share that online, print it out for reference, research, or even to add into a book report. That's just one example –

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