Chrome Web Store – What’s a web app?

When the web started, web sites were simple:
they had text. When you were sick of text, you could have…more text.  And then an
image.  And then…more text. The web, in essence, was about reading. “Doing”
was reserved for programs you installed in your computer.
Over time, though, websites evolved. They became faster and more responsive and added
richer graphics, audio, video and animations. Today, websites offer features that are pretty
much like those found in applications installed from a cd: we can write and send emails, play
games, edit photos, watch videos and more. One of the cool things about “web apps”,
as we call this new generation of websites, is that you never have to update them.  Every
time you visit Gmail, for example, you automatically enjoy its latest version with its newest features.
And you can use web apps from any device with a browser: your office computer, your personal
laptop, even your phone. At Google, we designed our web browser, Chrome,
specifically to run web apps, keeping it faster and up to date with the latest web features,
like 3D graphics and apps that work offiine. We’ve now taken Chrome’s support for web
apps to the next level with the Chrome Web Store, our new online marketplace. Try a web
app from the Chrome Web Store and you’ll get a colorful new shortcut to this app in
your new tab page. And don’t worry; you can easily remove an app if you want to.
There are thousands more apps waiting for you to discover them at
Have fun exploring!

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