Christopher Columbus: “This Land is My Land!” | SUNG HISTORY

Oh how nice, a song about Christopher Columbus! Oh I went sailing, my ships in trio Across the ocean to heck if we know. Sent by the Queen of Spain, Isabella I’m her spicy spice route finding fella. and on the journey, instead of dying, to our surprise we, found an island! no people on it except a few This land was made for… me!! This land is my land, this land is my land! I put my flag up so now it’s mine, man! That’s how it works y’all sure you’ll agree This land was made… for me!! Look at your clothing it’s just so awful! You’re wearing undies it’s just unlawful! Don’t know what laws are? Well now you do! These laws were made by us for you! And in the future they’ll celebrate me! though all you natives you surely hate me! I decimated your culture, health, and pretty view This land was made for ME, ME, ME!!! Don’t you cry and moan for your home because it’s mine now, every stone! And every person I will own them too!! And as you wander down my road You might be asking “what’s a road?” You’ll be surprised at all wondrous things that I will bring to you! Like pants! And shirts! and tons of European diseases… and did I mention PANTS?!?! I don’t want to over sell the pants! (you can’t) But you’re gonna LOVE the pants! yeah! You know you’re gonna love these pants!! This land is my land! This land is my land! I put a flag up on this nice island! and now I own it sure you’ll agree!! I deserve a day in October to celebrate ME, ME, ME, ME!! YEAH!!!

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