Christianity from Judaism to Constantine: Crash Course World History #11

Hi there my name’s John Green; this is Crash Course
World History and today we’re going to talk about Jesus. So this is a Roman coin from around the time
Jesus was born in the Roman Empire, and it calls Augustus, the emperor, the son of God.
So let’s just state at the outset that in 4 BCE, being the son of God, or at least being
the son of a god was not such an unusual thing. But a poor Jew being the son of God — that
was news. [Theme Music] Any understanding of Christianity has to start
with Judaism, because Jesus was born a Jew, and he grew up in the Jewish tradition. He
was one of many teachers spreading his ideas in the Roman province of Judea at the time,
and he was part of a messianic tradition that helps us understand why he was thought of
not only teacher but something much, much more. Let’s go straight to the Thought Bubble
today. The people who would become the Jews, were
just one of many tribal peoples eking out an existence in that not-very fertile crescent
world of Mesopotamia after the agricultural revolution. The Hebrews initially worshiped many gods,
making sacrifices to them in order to bring good weather and good fortune. But they eventually
developed a religion centered around an idea that would become key to the other great western
religions. This was monotheism, the idea that there is
only one true god (or at least that if there are other gods around, they are total lameoids).
The Hebrews developed a second concept that is key to their religion as well: the idea
of the covenant, a deal with God. The main man in this, the big macher was Abraham.
Not to make this too much of a scripture lesson, but it’s kind of hard to understand the
Jews without understanding Abraham, or Abram as he was known before he had his big conversation
with God. Recorded in Genesis 17: “When Abram was ninety years and nine, the LORD appeared
to Abram, and said unto him, ‘I am the Almighty God; walk before me, and be thou perfect.’
” And I’m a make a covenant with you and a bunch of cool things will happen like you’re
gonna have kids and your descendants will number the stars and you can have all the
land of Canaan forever, it’s gonna be awesome. I’m paraphrasing by the way, Thought Bubble. So God promised that Abram would have kids
with his wife even though the dude was already like 99, but there was a catch: “This is my
covenant, which ye shall keep, between me and you and thy seed after thee; every man
child among you shall be circumcised.” Keep it PG-13, Thought Bubble. Now that is asking a lot from a guy, especially
a 99-year-old geezer like Abram living in a time before general anesthesia. But those
were the terms of the deal, and in exchange God had chosen Abraham and his descendants
to be a great nation. From this we get the expression that the Jews are the Chosen people. Thanks for keeping it clean, Thought Bubble. So, some important things about this god: One, singularity. He — and I’m using the
masculine pronoun because that’s what Hebrew prayers use — does not want you to put any
gods before Him. He is also transcendent, having always existed
and he is deeply personal – he chats with prophets, sends locusts, etc. But he doesn’t
take corporeal form like the Greek and Roman Gods do. He is also involved in history, like he will
destroy cities, and bring floods, and determine the outcome of wars, and possibly football
games. Stan, no! FOOTBALL games! Probably most important to us today, and certainly
most important to Jesus, this god demands moral righteousness and social justice. So,
this is the god of the Hebrews, Yahweh, and despite many ups and downs, the Jewish people
have stuck with him for- according to the Hebrew calendar, at least- over 5700 years. And He has stuck by them too, despite the
Jews being, on occasion, something of a disappointment to him. Which leads to various miseries, and
also to a tradition of prophets who speak for God and warn the people to get back on
the right path lest there be more miseries. Which brings us back to our friends, the Romans.
By the time that Jesus was born, the land of the Israelites had been absorbed into the
Roman Empire as the province of Judea. At the time of Jesus’s birth, Judea was under
the control of Herod the Great, best known for building the massive temple in Jerusalem,
that the Romans would later destroy. And by the time Jesus died, an expanded Judea
was under the rule of Herod Antipater. Also, unhelpfully, known as Herod. Both Herods ultimately
took their orders from the Romans, and they both show up on the list of rulers who are
oppressive to the Jews, partly because there’s never that much religious freedom in an empire. Unless you are, wait for it… The Mongols
[Mongoltage] or the Persians. Also, they were Hellenizers,
bringing in Greek theater and architecture, and rationalism. And in response to those
Hellenistic influences, there were a lot of preachers trying to get the Jews to return
to the traditions and the godly ways of the past, including the Sadducees, and the Pharisees,
and the Essenes, and the Zealots. And one of those preachers, who didn’t fit
comfortably into any of these four groups, was Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus was a preacher
who spread his message of peace, love and, above all, justice, across Judea over the
course of his actually average-length life for his time. He was remarkably charismatic, attracting
a small but incredibly loyal group of followers, and he was said to perform miracles — although
it’s worth noting that miracles weren’t terribly uncommon at the time. Jesus’s message was particularly resonant
to the poor and downtrodden and pretty radical in its anti-authoritarian stance. He said
it was easier for a camel to get through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to get
to heaven, he said the meek were blessed, that the last would be first and the first
would be last — all of which was kind of threatening to the powers that be, who accordingly
had him arrested, tried and then executed in the normal method of killing rebels at
that time: crucifixion. Also, just to put this question to bed, the
Romans crucified Jesus, because he was a threat to their authority. Later traditions saying that the
Jews killed Jesus? Very unfortunate, also, very untrue. We’re not going to discuss Jesus’s divinity,
because: 1. This isn’t a theology class, and
2. Flame wars on the Internet make me so uncomfortable that I have to turn to camera 2. Hi there camera
2, I’m here to remind you that 3. Fighting over such things, like fighting
over whether the proverbial cake is a lie, rarely accomplishes anything, plus
4. What matters to us is the historical fact that people at the time believed that Jesus
was the Messiah, the Anointed One, the son of God. And they believed that he would return
some day to redeem the world. Which leads us to two questions about Christianity: First, Why did this small group of people
believe this? And second, why and how did that belief become so widespread? So why would people believe that Jesus was
the Messiah? First. The Jews had a long tradition of believing
that a savior who would come to them in a time of trouble. And Judea under the rule
of Herod and the Romans… definitely a time of trouble. And many of the prophecies about this savior
point to someone whose life looks a lot like Jesus’s. For instance, Isaiah 53 says the
person will be misunderstood and mistreated, just like Jesus was: “He was despised, and
rejected by men; a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief: and as one from whom men hide
their face he was despised; and we didn’t respect him.” And a lot of the prophecies like Daniel 7:14,
for instance, explained that when the Messiah comes there will be this awesome, new, everlasting
kingdom. And that had to sound pretty good to people who’d had their autonomy taken
away from them. So some religious Jews saw Jesus in those
prophecies and came to believe either during his life or shortly thereafter, that he was
the messiah. Most of them thought the new everlasting kingdom was right around the corner,
which is probably why no one bothered to write down much about the life of Jesus for several
decades, by which time it was clear that we might have to wait a bit for this brilliant
new everlasting kingdom. I should note, by the way, that the idea of
a messiah was not unique to the Jews at the time. Even the Romans got in on the action,
for instance, the Roman poet Virgil wrote of a boy who: “Shall free the earth from
never-ceasing fear, he shall receive the life of gods, and see Heroes with gods commingling.”
Sound familiar? But Virgil was writing about Emperor Augustus
in that poem, not Jesus, which points again to the similarities between the two. Both
called sons of God. Both sent to free the earth from never-ceasing fear. But one ruled
the largest empire in the world; and the other believed that empire, and the world, needed
to change dramatically. So why did the less wealthy and famous son
of God become by far the more influential? Well, here are three possible historical reasons: Reason #1: The Romans continued to make things
bad for the Jews. In fact, things got much worse for the Jews, especially after they launched
a revolt between 66-73 CE, which did not go well. By the time the dust settled, the Romans had
destroyed the Temple and expelled the Jews from Judea, beginning what we now know
as the Jewish Diaspora. And without a Temple or geographic unity,
the Jews had to solidify what it meant to be a Jew and what the basic tenants of the
religion were. This forced the followers of Jesus to make a decision: were they going
to continue to be Jews following stricter laws set forth by rabbis, or were they going
to be something else. The decision to open up their religion to
non-Jews, people who weren’t part of the covenant, is the central reason that Christianity
could become a world religion instead of just a sect of Judaism. And it probably didn’t
hurt that the main proponent of sticking with Judaism was James, Jesus’s brother, who
was killed by the Romans. Reason #2: Is related to Reason #1 and it’s
all about a dude named Saul. No, not that Saul. Yes, Saul of Tarsus, thank you. Saul, having received a vision on the road
to Damascus, became Paul and began visiting and sending letters to Jesus followers throughout
the Mediterranean. And it was Paul who emphatically declared that Jesus followers did NOT have
to be Jews, that they did not have to be circumcised or keep to Jewish laws or any of that stuff. This opened the floodgates for thousands of
people to convert to this new religion. And the other thing to remember about Paul is
that he was a Roman citizen, which meant that he could travel freely throughout the Roman
Empire. This allowed him to make his case to lots of different people and facilitated
the geographic spread of Christianity. Oh, it’s time for the open letter? Alright.
An open letter, to the fish. But first, lets see what’s in the secret
compartment today. Oh, Stan. It’s my favorite album Jesus Christ Superstar, finally available
in my favorite format, the cassette. Did I color-coordinate my shirt to Jesus Christ
Superstar? Yes. Dear Ichthys, So check this out: In the first
century when it was still super underground and hipster to be a Christian, you were a
secret symbol of Christianity, used to kind of hide from the Romans. Ichthys, the Greek
word for fish, was an acronym and it was a super clever way to talk about religion without
anyone knowing that you were talking about it. But you’ll never guess what happened – even
in places where it’s completely fine to talk about Christianity now and to use, you
know, regular Christian symbols, like the cross, you have had a huge resurgence thanks
to the plastic automobile decal industry. I mean seriously, Ichthys, I haven’t seen
a comeback like this since Jesus. Best wishes, John Green And lastly, Christianity was born and flourished
an empire with a common language that allowed for its spread. And crucially, it was also
an Empire in decline. Like even by the end of the first century
CE, Rome was on its way down. And for the average person, and even for some elites,
things weren’t as good as they had been, if fact they were getting worse so fast that you
might have thought the end of the world was coming. And Roman religion offered no promise of an
afterlife, and a bunch of squabbling whiny gods – sorry if I offended adherents to Roman
religion, but seriously, they squabble. So even though early Christians were persecuted
by the Roman Empire and sometimes fed to the lions and other animals, the religion continued
to grow, albeit slowly. But then as the Roman decline continued, Emperor
Constantine allowed the worship of Jesus and then eventually converted to Christianity
himself. And then the religion really took off. I mean, Rome wasn’t what it used to
be, but everybody still wanted to be like the Emperor. And soon enough there was a new
son of God on coins. Thanks for watching. See you next week. Crash Course is produced and directed by Stan
Muller, our script supervisor is Danica Johnson. The show is written by my high school history
teacher Raoul Meyer and myself and our graphics team is Thought Bubble. As only 62 million of you guessed last week,
the Phrase of the Week was “Chipotle Burrito”; if you want to guess at this week’s Phrase
of the Week or suggest future ones, you can do so in Comments where you can also ask questions
about today’s video that will be answered, hopefully, by our team of historians. Thanks for watching Crash Course, and as we
say in my hometown, Don’t Forget To Be Awesome. Ow… again.

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    Your wants and hopes will not change the future that is destined for all humanity.

    Eventually the worshiping of the imaginary mythical gods will be abolished. With only the true understanding of the Great Creator that created all that exists. And the understanding of the Great Creator’s Great Creation.

    True Science has confirmed the existence of the Great Creator and the Great Creator’s Magnificent

    Great Creation.

    In the end there will be a total disarmament. It is a True Scientifically fact that destroying life on this planet is foolish and unsuccessful for humanity.

    This is just words to the honest and wise: honesty and understanding is the only true belief. Without honesty and understanding we do not know what to believe.

    To accept others opinion of the truth without proving it to yourself; it is being deceived it is not believing.

    We must understand to believe.

    There are many imaginary and mythical gods but just One and Only Great Creator of all existence.

    And this is the life and teaching of our Ancient Brother Jesus: Judge not, Refrain from lies and deceit, love your enemies, resist not evil, have the same care for others as you would like to be cared for.

    Some has doubts of the existence of Jesus; however, weather Jesus ever existed or not, has nothing to do with the life and teaching that is told about him.

    His life and teaching makes very good sense and is very logical and successful.

    In fact it is True Science.

    Just think what this world would be if all humanity understood the success of such a life. To create instead of killing and destroying.

    I do realize that the facts and truth is difficult for Christianity to face honestly.

    All Criticism is welcome, as thoughts of criticism are one of the processes of learning. True Criticism is presenting facts it is not name-calling and slander.

    Until Next time; Sweet Dreams: truth will solve all our problems before we create them; and ignore or reject the truth; problems will multiply all by themselves; those problems will need no help.

    Have a great and a meaningful life, if it is at all possible.

    Just whispers, of the Ghost of Reality

  • Great history about Christianity Thanks.

  • Which comes into existence first, Jesus or this universe?

  • I’m a catholic!

  • What was the earliest religion to develop from the teaching of Jesus?

  • Fact Check. Saul didn't become Paul on conversion – Saul was his Hebraic Name, and Paul was his Greek name (Paulus) And its entirely possible that he adopted the name to honor a certain Greek Proconsul – Sergius Paulus, a convert from Cyrpus (Acts 13:7) for the first mention of the name is directly after the proconsuls conversion. But thats conjecture and not based in fact. However, the thought that Paul's name was changed at conversion isn't true.Paulos

  • John speaks so fast… it's kind of irritating

  • Is there a CrashCourse on atheism, buddhism, jainism, islam, bahai, judaism, scientology, etc.? (I know how to find it if there is; I'm just 'suggesting' the one's there's not, if any)

  • Why did you make this video? For the love of money? This is not teaching Gods Word but a joke you must repent and read your Bible John 3:16-18

  • The truth is,

    Our Lord and Lord of all human beings sent many apostles to earth and in every civilization comes a messenger prophesying people the way of truth and the way that is directed to heaven and escape from hell.

    And every messenger has a miracle.

    During the reign of Moses, sorcery and magic spread, and the Lord gave Moses more powerful miracles than magic

    And it is a stick that throws it, and it shall be a snake by the command of the Lord, and shall overcome all magic

    During the reign of Jesus, medicine spread and the Lord gave a miracle to Jesus and gave him the ability to revive the dead and anoint on the blind and see.

    And every time there comes from corrupting religion and governing without the rule of our Lord and change in the law of the Lord, or abound intellectual misguidance and abound lusts and others and then

    Spoil religion. Then our Lord sends a messenger renewing the religion that spoiled

    During the reign of Muhammad, rhetoric, eloquence, poetry and Arabic literature abounded.

    Ignorance in religion and disobedience of the Lord increased in people.

    The Lord sent the eloquent Koran by Jibril to Muhammad, the clearest book on earth that guides people to the last religion.

    Did you know that his message is compatible with what is happening now

    I will give you what Muhammad said 1400 years ago (إن من أعلام الساعة وأشراطها أن يكتفي الرجال بالرجال والنساء بالنساء .)

    This means that one of the signs of Judgment Day is that it becomes males with males and females with females "homosexuality"

    Read the Koran

    Try and you will not regret and discover new

  • The Jews killed Jesus Peter said so in his Pentecost Sermon. John Green you are a LIAR !!   Acts 2-23 This man was handed over to you by God’s deliberate plan and foreknowledge; and you, with the help of wicked men, put him to death by nailing him to the cross.

  • Enjoy your blasphemy now with your audience, but one day you will remember every blasphemous word you every spoke.

  • true. Roman emperor killed Jesus Christ because he was threat to Roman rule. But Roman emperor was associated with Jews who were extremely angry at Jesus Christ because he was preaching true religion that was threat to Jews.

  • Interesting, it's too badd we didn't have a crash course on the mad Emperor Constantine

  • Modern jews are NOT the same people to Biblical jews.
    Modern "Judaism" is a basterdization of Christianity, similar to Islam. It has no roots in Ancient Judaism that simply became Christianity.

  • That's why I think is indeed a "CRASH" course…
    Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, David, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Jeremiah, Elijah and JesusChrist Himself weren't mere "jews" but full blown Hebrew Israelites. Christianity has nothing to do with Judaism either. This is a false religion condemned by Him during the time He walked among us. Even that symbol (the 6 pointed star) has no relation with God's people nor the movement (NOT RELIGION) better known as Christianity.

    For the record, many other facts check in perfectly.

  • they really included the flying spaghetti monster in there

  • Never from Judaism or Constantine

  • I feel Jesus was executed by Romans for his supposedly anti roman activities, The death penalty was reserved for bandits and rebels, Jesus was himself a devout Jew, Considering the popular anti roman resentment and the disagreement among Jews themselves with many blaming Temple Pharisees of colluding with imperial authority of Romans, it is likely that Romans arrested Jesus and decided to execute him for trying to portray himself as Messiah and rally people against Rome, something against both Temple authority and Romans. This trend is clearly visible in subsequent Roman Jewish wars and Bar Khokhba revolt, Bar Khokhba also declared himself "Messiah" and met the same fate from Imperial authority, Romans could not care less about some fanatic preacher talking some jibber jabber about Judaism, I don't think Empires care anything about such activity, if you don't oppose them politically you can live your life the way you want. Jesus was a political figure like most of the Jews of the time and also Bible is not History, it is like saying Mahabharata is History of Hindus, History is written on the basis of evidence, not some literature written to promote some religion.

  • Hopefully we get a vid on the Olympians or like 100! And Hindu, also traditional Chinese I don't know much about either. Isn't it the "jade emperor of heaven" or something like that?

  • But Jesus was not even real… He was a fabrication from the Egyptian god Horus.. Born from a virgin, walked on water… healed the sick and rise the dead etc… Its just tales that has been used by in power to further their own agendas through time. Does no one study real history?!….

  • Sorry but that’s not true. Pilate gave the Jews a choice of who to free and they chose someone else and so Jesus was put to death.

  • I am Christian

  • well according to over religion Ibrahim was bestowed by 2 sons only and He was asked to give sacrifice of his only son that was at that time 9 or 10 years old and he did but his son was again saved by the god because HE just puts us to test. and that is why the jews at that time gave sacrifices of animals because it is mandatory to do so till now every muslim does it till now. And Ibrahim was not promised of a land or something but a descendant who will be from the generation of the the boy that Ibrahim has sacrificed. And the reason that jews hate muslims is that Hazrat issa or the one called jesus was from jews and he was the second last prophet but the last prophet was not And the last prophet was the one who was promised to Ibrahim. but yet the stars stuff is somewhat true and it is connected to the great grandson of Ibrahim not to Ibrahim himself.

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