Chris Watts | The Watts Family Homicides

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  • He is the most evilest piece of shit in the world

  • Chris killed his wife and oldest in the house and on another video you see the youngest shadow walking to him under the truck and he picks her up. Chris said that the last words his youngest daughter said before he killed her was daddy please don’t

  • How could he?

  • well made video. vile man. rip to the vicitims

  • NK’s voice is so grating. Her sing song inflection and phlegmatically challenged throat make me want to scream! Not to mention the fact that the words expressed in her interviews are all lies. She is a typical Borderline Personality preying on a married man who also has an antisocial personality disorder.

  • #wheresDieter?

  • To think that this despicable piece of shit snuffed out these three lives, because he didn't want to be married anymore.

  • Chris is a fucking piece of shit flat out!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • This dude killed his family because he realized a lifetime of illnesses and medical bills
    He wanted to start over

  • So well done better then I.D 20/20

  • 2,700 mortgage wow

  • #shinelikeshannan

  • he should have got death instead of life

  • Her friend was a beast.. may God bless her with peace. She is the one who opened this entire case.

  • I couldn't get into this or watch this channel because of your cockney accent, I live in East London and don't speak that way, it's also pronounced 'dunes' not 'junes' please speak properly or get someone else to narrate your videos

  • You mean to tell me, after Nichol googles Shanan after her death, can cops trace text messages, googling Shanan in 2017 way before she and Chris linked up, how much money Amber Frey made off her book, wedding dresses, she lied about not knowing Shanan’s name, lied about knowing she was pregnant, etc, that the police have her in protection and she’s not a lead at all!? Not suspect to them in any way at all!? No one on this planet can convince me that she didn’t have anything to do with these murders! She knew something! I believe Chris is the monster here for sure! No doubt, he didn’t want that life anymore and proudly got rid of it…However, love makes people crazy! And I firmly believe Nichol was the handler in his puppet show. Chris is already sentenced to life…he has nothing to lose…I wish he can just finally spill the beans about Nichols role in all this. She cut him off 100%…she left you Chris. She got what she wanted, so give her up!

  • If he wanted to get away that bad, that piece of shit could have simply divorced her. Why ruin the lives of two beautiful children and a lovely woman? Just why????

  • damn that vid of his reaction to the new baby was fake as f..k

  • how weird that his lover is called nicole and they call their son nico

  • The beginning with his wife talking was so sad to hear. She seemed like a wonderful person. RIP.

  • Those precious children. It tears at your heart. Especially being a Father. RIP beautiful girls.

  • Chris watts when you die you will meet HELL ..and ur face will boil in a liquid prison… the devil himself will drink ur body fluids an piss out ur nasty soul into a pit of crying an screaming demons such as urself, that will ravish ur sick an twisted existence you ever had on earth… You took the lives of a good mother and 3 children.. Now they are Angels an walk with God .. You ruined sooo much beautiful things in life for stupid selfish reasons chris watts, now you will pay the consequences for eternity!!!

  • nobody , NOBODY will ever understand how a man could kill his babies. I saw many videos of him with his babies. He seemed like a normal father. was it all just an act? how could you really love them… and then murder them over some woman?

  • Really, what's up with the creepy barbie doll that looks like a morgue pic? Foreshadowing Shannans demise?

  • Nobody in my family would have batted an eye ! Right on Nicole Atkinson!!

  • Well done on this video!! Very very good !!

  • Although parts of Nicole Kessingers statements are and seem like total bullshit, I just don't see her involved in these murders. I've been cheated on and lied to by men , but that doesn't extend to believing Nicole Kessinger had anything to do with these murders. I can't sleep because of this case. I am haunted by this case , yet I believe that chris Watts acted alone. What am I missing??

  • That house is just incredible.

  • Scotts petersons brother 😂😂😂

  • Chris should have killed Crooked Cindy for being a tree which produced bad seeds like him. I wish characterless Cindy suffers by her backbone less henpecked husband. May WATTS family kill each other & their dark soul never Rest In Peace.
    Watts are undoubtedly the first family of serial killers where murders are celebrated.

  • So if Nicole K searched 'Shanann Watts' in 2017, she must have met Chris Watts before 2018, even if she said they only met in 2018…?

  • Bu bu but on social media they had a perfect life and relationship!

  • What a monster, he confessed to suffocating his children…. To kill his pregnant wife and his own children and then act as if nothing happened right after dumping their bodies is just pure evil…. He is a psychopath incapable of any feelings…. When they were recounting the facts of the autopsy on Bella, it made me cry…. They were his own children and he killed them in cold blood…. I hope he rots in jail

  • Pretty sure it's England, but what region is her accent?

  • Awesome job I couldn't find this information anywhere thank you so much. There is something seriously wrong with the wifeif a stranger can tell a man is not pleased with a baby what is wrong with this woman. a blind person can see he was not happy about that third baby all this woman did is just want to have kids and kids and kids. He clearly was forced into everything with this woman his wife. Because clearly he like the way she looked because the girlfriend looks the same they almost look like sisters.

  • great video

  • The Question is what did Chris Watts gain in killing his tire family.. he didn’t even gain one day of freedom…after his efforts to be with Nicole kessinger. Hopefully he is now free to be with Nicole kessinger as much as he likes…very sad

  • I keep on watching the story of this sad case and I don’t understand why he killed them
    For what reason…the other thing is when you listen to Chris Watts talking he doesn’t sound very seems that Shanann was the bright one in the Relationship….for some reason he sounds retarded.,,,.

  • The guy annihilates his whole family for that selfish low life of a skank Kessinger.
    That bitch should be sitting in a small cell in prison along with that son of a bitch, this was all a preplanned and premeditated murder so that he could wipe away his old life and start a new life with Kessinger (mind you after reading about her texts and so forth to him and her friend, she absolutely repulsed and disgusted me the dirty hoe) also a side not, this dick head must have been the most stupid criminal in the world, oblivious to what was going to happen within a day or two after his family supposedly just ‘vanished’…he thought it’s all done and dusted, I got away with it.
    Dude your wife Shann’an may not have been perfect, but I can tell you that woman was a million more times more beautiful and wonderful than that poisonous vile bitch Kessinger. You sent 4 beautiful people to heaven, you just booked yourself a place in hell you murdering sick fuck!!!

  • Even if you have a mistress, it's no need to kill the family that you created, to be happy. That's selfish. You can just leave mf. It's always better to break a heart than to stab it. She will get over it eventually and you will be gone on with your new life. Don't be a monster with no morals because at the end of it all, if you kill them, your life won't get better…it's gonna get worst. It's called bad luck.

  • so you can (kinda) catch liars by making them repeat stories? and if they change details…

  • the kessinger woman actually tried to search if people would hate a murderer's mistress. and all her other searches allude that she's a selfish prick. what the fuck.

  • Poor guy , never meet a man (sociopath) when you're at your worse sadly this could happen..

  • What I dont understand is the oops we did it again video when CW looks at pregnancy test he says something so pink means,then shanann responded as if she wasnt happy at all the way she replied almost SMART attitude it's just a test ,sounds as if she wasnt happy, just beyond weird and strange,still a gruesome ,selfish evil,wicked deplorable monster,HE WAS HELL BENT ON NOT LETTING HIS WIFE AND KIDS HAVE ANYTHING ZERO SO HE MURDERED THEM,,,,,,I WONDER IF NIKOLE ATKINSON STOOD THERE WITH HER SON AND DAUGHTER ,AND SHE DIDNT CALL POLICE WHAT WOULD HAVE HAPPENED TO THEM HE COULD HAVE KILLED THEM ALSO IMAGINE THAT IS JUST CRAZY ,I WOULDNT PUT IT PAST HIM EARLIER ONLY 6 HOURS B4 HAND HE HAD DESTROYED HIS ENTIRE FAMILY ,GOD IN HEAVEN HAVE MERCY

  • How can someone hurt or kill his own blood, family or love ones???
    I have been looking at the videos about this catastrophe and I still CANNOT understand this level of evilness.
    God, if you are unhappily married, divorce, leave, separate, but there is no need to harm or destroy… why lord, why??????????

  • The girls are so cute. So sad.


  • That son of a bitch

  • 19:39 foreshadowing
    This guy thinks he's funny 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • You forgot to mention Nico 😢

  • I must say in this video it's the very first time I have heard anybody comment on the fertility help for them to conceive!!! I've heard too many haters including the horrid watts family say that she made all her health issues up including & that she fell pregnant very easily every time so she was lying about it all. So I would like to thank you for that.

  • I'm sure it was a "traumatic" night for you, Chris.

    Probably jacked off with your micropenis to the porno pics of Nicole on your phone

  • That local news spot was so awkward & cringeworthy. He kept laughing weirdly after every couple sentences during it & babbling on randomly while staring off into space & swaying back & forth

  • Shanann was such a smart, accomplished, kind hearted and beautiful woman, by all accounts.
    This monster threw a perfect life away for a two dollar whore that used him and got away scot-free.

    Sad Story.
    RIP Shan'ann, Bella and Celeste.

  • I don’t cry often. But I did… may you all be now embraced by angels. Rest In Peace.

  • I think that as a family they lived beyond their means and him having an afraid shows you that they didn’t have a happy marriage. And I don’t know how life is in Colorado but here in Los Angeles, $90k is not enough for a family of 5. But above all, I will never understand why he would kill his two little girls. I can somehow see how perhaps he was angry with Shannan but why not leave?! Why kill her?! Why kill your family?!!!!

  • So eine hübche und liebevolle Mama!.
    Man könnt heulen, was da passiert ist.

    Dieses Monster soll in der Hölle schmoren.

  • When people say yes they want something but shake their head no……. and refer to them in past tense…….so obvious from that interview. He is also cross armed rocking back Nd forth. You can’t hide what is inside. Clearly shaking his head no.

  • I truely think nicole kessinger purposely pursued chris watts, i think she knows more then she is telling and God only knows what the deleted texts said in them, over all why did she search Shanann Watts name close to a year before she supposedly started dating him… i think that's total bullshit my opinion they started the affair earlier then they say she probably got sick of him going home to his wife and wanted Shanann's happy life. I don't understand why she thought he was a good guy when he was actively cheating on his wife. If she googled his name a year before then im sure her youtube videos popped up about their love story even many other videos. To me personally feels like my guts says she knows more or is more involved then everyone thinks she is.

  • “Things happen for a reason”. This is incredibly sad and it makes me wonder why some things happen for a reason. Did this happen to help someone else who sees red flags in their relationship? Why her?!

  • Homewrecking whore!!!

  • Girlfriend looks like a cheap whore photocopy of Shanann

  • Kill this mf already.

  • I feel so sorry for that dad

  • I couldn't even imagine what went through Shanann head when he was killing her 💔😢, all Shanann, CeCe and Bella are beautiful angels, it is so hard to think that they were killed by the same person who was supposed to protect them!!!

  • Kessinger absolutely was an accomplice.

  • There aren't enough friends like Nicole Atkinson in this world.

  • Chris Watts is a weak sicko who is easy to get manipulated , his evil Mistress NK manipulated him as well as the cops that she is innocent but what she did and what she said was sooo different. She said she wasn’t in a serious stage with Chris but was already looking for wedding Dress and already been to Watts family home twice in the absent of Shannan. She is a big lying evil Monster while Chris is stupid and dumb who even doesn’t know how to behave after The murders occurred which within a few Minutes cops had suspicions.He did The murders but his mistress controlled and manipulated him to make him do all these which she got away. RIP beauties, Shannan wouldn’t hve imagine that this thing will happen to her and her kids but life is so unpredictable. She could hve divorce him and marry again and even may be happy again but she didn’t deserve to die like this. I hope no women in this world will take this kind of evil Monster into their lives, pls all be safe and smart!!!

  • Shanan’: “Nothing is going to take my life away from Me”
    So heart-wrenching to hear Shanan’ say this at the beginning of this video , and little did she know that this psychopath demon was going to take her life and the lives of her precious baby girls , and her unborn child. This case is just so unique because it was documented from start to finish on camera and security camera …thank God for the neighbor and for her best friend because they loved her and it was because them that this animal was caught.

  • Psychopaths know how to lie and they usually add details to the lie when they’re nervous like when he said “Chris Watts W A T T S” listen to that retard sing like a canary on camera uh-oh-ah-uh-oh he can’t even speak right he’s stuttering like a fool …

  • He is such a sick, selfish psychopath. I read that Kessinger is now in the Witness Protection Program. Good riddance.

  • He killed his family over a extramarital relationship? Oh my God. So sad. God will handle this situation. Im so sad.

  • Seriousl

  • I am glad that cold killer monster is in prison for the rest of his life. That man is right, he has no heart, soul, love, or anything.

  • Smdh I swear it's the cutest nicest guys that be literally insanely selfish and cruel 🤔 damn bro this is cold

  • Chris's SOUL WILL BURN IN HELL !!!!!! / INFINITY .

  • Wat a sad story I just don't understand how this could happen

  • How can something that was so beautiful trun so bad so fast so sad he was a loser wearing a mask

  • Cheating ass hole he kills his family for wat a new pussy that's sick evil man

  • And that bitch who he was with should be ashamed of herself for breaking up a family

  • Fake as fuck look at him liar

  • CW said he didn't know about shananns Dr appointment ,I'm wondering if he knew, and had to kill her in fear Dr would find oxycodin in her system

  • This abomination stuffs and throws precious Bella into a twenty foot oil battery alive and doesn't shed a tear or lose any sleep ,

  • His mistress is just an average whore,Shannan was beautiful

  • Just wondering why he sent shanann that creepy picture with something covering that doll. Then when she found thats how she looks. This case is creepy and horrifying

  • Well apparently he did take your life away from you, sadly and unfortunately he was not the person you thought he was. Not only took ur life away but also took ur children's life too. It was so easy to filed for divorce and tell you the truth about having another affair with a young brat. My deepest condolences 🙏 to her family. This story is so sad and heartbreaking 💔.

  • When she was standing at her room and he walked in you can tell he was acting and look so fake, he did not want another baby with her. He was madly in love with the young girl he was having an affair with. He figured that another baby was going to get in the way of his new relationship. So that monster decide to took the whole family life away instead of being honest about the whole situation. At Court he didn't show any remorse.

  • Kessinger was your normal run of the mill worthless gutter hoe

  • I can’t stand looking at this murdering POS

  • What a sick fucked up goof Chris watts smirking after killing your family your soul will burn in hell forever fuck you

  • It's a little disconcerting how they saw everything they looked up and all that. Even shared her porn history to the world. Shouldn't that be private?

  • Gracias por compartir con subtítulos

  • What a PUKE

  • He stayed behind to keep up with his affair.

  • He will someday realize his wife was a better person, she loved her family and him, did everything for them. Even with health problems and children she was a hard working woman his mistress will never be half of the woman she was

  • NK was a freak in the bedroom and showed him attention. I see why he was in love. Shannan didn't seem to be as wild as she may have been for him. What man doesn't want that. That happens over time especially after kids. Probably controlled what he did in the bedroom too. Didn't let him be a Man and take charge. Idk maybe so.

  • he's a psychopath, definitely.. his google search says it all "how do you feel when someone says they love you" is only something a psychopath would ask.

  • people are sickening. this is sickening.

  • I wonder if she was going to name her son (Niko) after her friend Nicole

  • What a monster he is!

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