checking his search history *surprising*

I dont think you’re telling us “everything” thats on your search history. thats what I said oooo what are you hiding Liam what is it? I wanna know too oh nevermind im telling you, he’s high Doyin is my mood no matter the situation 10 dollars to who ever can tell me what he said. he’s probably wondering how he’s going to get back on that sleep schedule of his; waking up at 7 and going to bed at 6:30. I guess i miss you too? jkjk same is it bad that i dont doubt that its the 3rd time that happened today? yee haw this is a useless clip me too yes yes, I do ummm okay then Navya: AWWWWWWE I know for a fact that is not what he said No, I dont remember Brooke: who thinks Alana’s channel shuold be on the Gay section of PornHub? Brooke if your reading this Remind me put these videos on PornHub. im not joking I WILL DO IT

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