Hello. The minister of culture informs you that if you like the video you can give it a thumbs up and subscribe to Amixem’s channel. Goodbye CLAP ! Hello! Today we meet up for my first video in my studio. There’s a huge mess because I moved recently. If you can see what I see around me, it’s nearly Bagdad… But it doesn’t matter, because this studio is quiet and that’s what I was looking for. Do you hear anything ? *crows crawing* Well, these are crows I added at editing, for the joke part, the LOL aspect. Serious, we don’t hear anything and that’s great ! Filming is going to be much more casual. In fact, without lying, it’s not really beautiful Acoustic foam has never been really fancy That’s why every single Youtuber Notably american Youtubers who needed to soundproofing their studio used these acoustic foam panels, all square they’re all the same, look, I got one here Here you go, that’s it : acoustic foam.
And it absorbs sound. So if i put this here, you don’t hear me Hey you’re fine or not ?! Did that work ? No. If it didn’t work it sucks because this shit’s expensive Today for my first video in my new studio We’re going to play a game that I want to play for months This is the game “More or Less ?” Which is more or less funny I didn’t necessary had jokes with the name of the game In the download page of Google Play, look at the first pic Ahah ! Amixem ! We use the image of Amixen to sale the app! Hum hum I’m going to hit you with a trial on the ass me sir ! No its not true I don’t give a shit The goal of the game is really simple, we have to choose which Google search is the most searched by people And often this is not what we think So it’s funny Okay here between Squeezie and Amixem I think I got kicked out but it doesn’t matter Let’s go, play “More or Less” So between “Looney Tunes” and “Allo Resto” I think it’s “Allo Resto” which is the most searched Because there are more people starving than people who want to watch cartoons Oh yes it’s good it’s good Little information, if I got wrong we restart from the begining so we will try to go as far as possible which one is the more searched between “Allo Resto” or “Car rental” Ah it’s hard but I think it’s “Car rental” Oh no this is a fail Ahah ! “MisterV” or “Samsung” ? “Samsung” more, more “Samsung” Yeah yeah we’re okay “Nicki Minaj” or “Antisemitism” No this is “Nicki Minaj” who is more researched than “Antisemitism” Ok this is good, whouuu I see that Shakira is coming in the game ! I’m fan of Sharkira, I love Shakira insanely Okay not of her songs but… okay it’s fine ! So “Barack Obama” or “Shakira” And unfortunately for Shakira I think that no it doesn’t go well Sorry sorry Shaki’ Oh shit, oh no ! “Carpool” or “Judo” “Carpool” Less, less, no there are less people who research judo I love judo, I did judo I was… By the way will talk about it on another day I did judo during 9 years of my life And i’ve finished… blue belt ! Blue belt yeah I was pretty good uh, i was respected in the judo world I was doing “Ipon-Soinagai” easly “Osotogari”, “Tayotoshi”, judo represent ! “Judo” or “Starvation” I hop poeple care more about starvation than judo Come on more Come on we believe in humanity, we believe in humanity ! And we’re wrong to believe in humanity because people prefere osotogari Oh no an ad, oh no *this is how you get free youtube money* And it’s looks bad Everytime why ads into apps, its shitty, you don’t want to clic Look at this Andr it’s rated really good, there are 892,000 person… but it’s sh… but we don’t care ! “Taxes” or “Sexy Clothing (¬‿¬) ” ? I would say consomation’s stuff which necessits a purchase Besides she has got great tits That’s a bit “clickbait” I would say more OH NO ! FUCK ! I’m too bad It annoys me how bad I am. Well here it would be a little sad for the United States, if they are less popular than “Facepalm” I would say more Yes, yes indeed! USA vs Poland Polish sorry, but there you have it in the ass! YOU HAVE IT IN THE ASS! Poland vs Mussels Here I think of the people who arrived on the video and who just want to check quick video without really watching And fell on that precise time And he will say to himself “What is this guy? I got lost on Youtube, it is a disaster” Unfortunately for Polish and God knows I have respect for Polish, is less desirable than “Mussels”. Because people like mussels and, also like the Polish but less. WOOOOH. Equality! There were as many people interested in the Mussels that Polish It’s crazy! Between “Mussels ” and “Bisexual” So there actually was the uh we have the lexical field huh who is respected But it’s complicated, it’s complicated, I would say less. Euahhh, ah yes it is less is less ok Between “Bisexual” and “Norman”, again the lexical field … Well I say dumb stuff “Norman” is still more desirable than “Bisexual” we agree Okay that’s good Ok here it makes no sense, “Natoo” vs “Torture” Unless you really do not like video Natoo and when you look at her is torture, but otherwise it has no meaning “Torture” is less desirable than “Natoo” we agree? We agree ? Obviously, obviously, and I lost bah, bah, and that’s great, and impeccable bah, bah and start again Our record so it’s 13 and I’m told that if I do 15 I’d be in the top 1% of players We will try, we will try “Global warming” vs “breast implant” This game makes no sense Do we have confidence in humanity? Nan nan nan yeah Damn, had to keep faith in humanity! Well that’s something that makes sense, “Beyoncé” or “Youporn”? I think there … Youporn it would be good that the … OH FUCK * Chuckling * very masculine Ahh … and say that half of the research that’s me fucking So ? “Apple” or “Kamasutra”? I think it’s Kamasutra … I do not know … it’s not no Kamasutra … although ass stuff is … Ok it is Apple that is more searched than Kamasutra “Canada” or “Alcoholics Anonymous”? Here it makes sense because we know that Canadian are not angry with the whiskey here eh At the same time when it’s -40 ° C we must find solutions … Canada it allows me to start a new subject I will come to Montreal on or about August 15, 2016, so there very soon And so we will probably make a Subscriber meeting with Aiekillu I do not know when, I do not know how … And if you’re interested and you are in Montreal, the link to my Twitter is in the description, I would give you all the info on Twitter “Diep.io” vs “New York” New York’s most wanted, obviously much more Obviously! Yes ! * Odd Rail* I was afraid “New York” vs “Pixar” ahhh damn aheinhh I would say more, go Pixar! Oh, it’s a disaster, everyone in beating balls Pixar My God ! “Allah” vs “Microsoft” Finally it is both religions the way … “Microsoft” is more sought that “Allah” huh uh, much more Aheinhh “Jacquie et Michel” vs “The Amazon Rainforest” Again we are in the same area have you understood? Amazon Rainforest have you understood? Yeah ok!!!! No but the ass sites is necessarily most searched Youporn remember 83 million, here you go … “Aziatomik” vs “Pink Floyd”, sorry no but sorry Aziatomik but then at some point I have no choice “Hinduism” vs “Dementia” WHAT THE FUCK Uh … “Dementia” uh … I do not know less less OUH OUH OH that there was close … “Dementia” vs “Albert Einstein”, Albert Einstein is most wanted! YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES “Albert Einstein” vs “MI5” It’s good ! It’s good! We don’t give up! We don’t give up ! we’re at 15 Oh damn uh … “Royal Family” is more searched Come on! Go a little bit more than that Oh no it’s a failure 🙁 Although I still did 16, I did 16 *clap* Victory ! It’s the end of that first little video in my new studio, I hope you enjoyed it, soon for a next (video) it was Amixem, subscribe , OVER

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