Caught Internet Stalking

– Thank you. (classical music) Alright. – Raphael? – Erika? – [Erika] Yes, hi! Hi!
– [Raphael] – Hey, how are ya? (laughs) – How are you? – Good! (laughs) It’s so funny, I was telling a few of my girlfriends about this Tinder date and we actually know someone in common. – We do? Oh! Michelle Park! – Whoa! That’s so crazy
that you would know that. She said that she spoke
with you briefly at a party, like, a few weeks ago. Did someone do some internet stalking? – Oh! You got me! Oh, man. I am so embarrassed. Sorry. – It’s okay, I get it. It’s normal. – Really? You sure? – Yeah! Everyone does it. – I know, right? I really appreciate that. – Yeah. I love this place, by the way. – Oh, I know you do. – [Waiter] Do we know
what we want this evening? – Still deciding. – [Waiter] Okay. – I’m sorry, how did you know? That I…? – It’s just that you
post a lot of pictures from here and I should
not have mentioned that! (laughs) I’m sorry, that
was maybe a little bit too much of a deep dive. – I get it. I do it, too. – Really? – Mhmm! – (laughs) Thank God! I should’ve known that a site major would be understanding! – How do you know what I majored in? – Oh, Ron’s Facebook. – My dad? – Well, your grandad. – What? – Oh, that’s right, you don’t know. – What? – (sighs) Okay. I am so sorry. I should not be the one to tell you this. You know how your brother is old enough to be your dad? Right? Well, that’s because he
actually is your dad. – What? – I know, I’m so sorry. – [Waiter] Still deciding? – You know what? All
the reviews on Yelp said that you were supposed to
be the best waiter here. But, I gotta tell ya, you’re
kinda getting on my nerves. – [Waiter] You stalked my Yelp reviews? You freak! – That’s not stalking if it’s on Yelp. I mean, it’s not like I
went through his LinkedIn and made a recommendation in his- you know what? I gotta delete that. – I’m sorry, I think that
this is maybe too much. – Calm down! Take a breath. Remember your blood pressure. – You have a problem! – Come on! You know this is what we do! Medical records are so easy to hack into. It’s like they want you to do it, right? I mean, otherwise it wouldn’t be so easy to just call up,
pretend to be your dad, who’s actually your granddad. I am so sorry about that, by the way, they made that decision
not to tell you without me. I would’ve never done that to you. – Don’t message me again! – Can you please not tell Ron I told you? He really trusts me.

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