Catamount Sasquatch, History & Winter Bushcraft

alright here we are at Craig’s dad
brought us out here thank you so much and we’re gonna be a trekking in here
momentarily hey Craig you have anything important to say to the camera no okay
I’ll take it good enough aha oh yeah just started our trek in ton
await me like I mean yeah my part a lot of camera equipment we’re on a trail
right now and honestly the good news is is that you getting to our spot
shouldn’t be too difficult because most of it have it will be downhill and the
other half will be up like a a small valley that doesn’t increase in
elevation very fast oh it’s definitely nice out it looks like causing us to
delay because my knives and stuff and hatchet are pushing way down on my hips
when I have the pack on in the belt and that is causing me to lose circulation
that was crazy like my my buttocks right here was pushing down and I trying to
move this out of the way like he was hurting like a lot so it was
like pushing some nerve or something and uh so we’re just gonna have to put the
strap these onto the pack and then put them on later
Craig I’m not I’m not taking on my pants okay Craig I’m not taking I just need to
take the belt off it was terrible Craig almost died
holding the camera for about five to ten minutes as I reassessed it some of my
gear what at least six minutes I know holy we can make it we’ve been trudged
on this trail for a whole do you think this is so Craig thinks this is cloud
poop very ingenious I have no idea what it is but we’re
going out into the wilderness so I went on this trail will be get out the trail
here shortly what’s going on what is it did you get a
boo-boo on your boot boot boot or no we’ve run into some type of dilemma oh
shoot oh man sock went down and his pant leg got
unfurled this is terrible are you okay we have to see first shock
first are you okay me who Craig who else would I be talking to you right now yeah
I think I got it good job man did you really good job I know that was
scary we’re 20 minutes into our hike and we almost had our first catastrophe well
I don’t I don’t know the means Craig you haven’t been keep me apprised of the
situation I have no idea you’re talking about fingers for cold oh oh because
it’s five degrees outside oh my is not five degrees that’s what the car said
yeah as we were driving in an open plain it’s at least like 12 degrees for more
here you ready buddy huh thank you yeah absolutely you waited for
me making you I was thinking the tree for all that son of a bitch okay let’s
go hide right now for me he’s doing a terrible job Craig I can see you Craig
the trees not big enough to hide you no Craig Craig it’s not helping he might
just destroy this thing oh you can get it don’t hurt yourself reg or me I just wasted all his energy for day one
get on your knees buddy these huge holes which take you out you can see we’ve
been trying to navigate our way around them through this section
Craig took lead that brave soul with his little walking sticks to see if we could
find holes Craig’s testing for holes be careful bro this is the land mine easily
you could break your leg in this this is the one spot we were to wish we would
front of Mike respects I think going the other way would help by the trees know
what nothing brah halfway there just in the middle of
the wilds I mean besides the road right there in the middle of nowhere woohoo throw me stuff like this so we
came over here we just hopped over this like it was nothing but now you have a
lot over weight on and there’s snow as you can tell it’s a lot harder all right so we made a little humble
abode you can’t see it yet but we’re basically there’s a ring of trees around
us and there’s a bunch of saplings here would be perfect for a shelter
construction and also help us from cover from the wind so the first thing we’re
to do since we’re here right now as Craig’s pronounced hatchet to feel like
a real outdoorsman yeah is we’re going to actually assemble our 22s and just
have them on standby so we run into anything for food out here we want to
get it yeah huh Craig everything uh important to say no
all right great commentary let’s get started you’d put it somewhere easy to get done what it wasn’t a race not a race bro so basically we’re ready to for small
game except I’m wearing mittens yeah I don’t know how well he’s gonna shoot
with those they don’t fit in the hole it’s a tragedy really so we just have
these up so as we’re moving around getting stuff together resources and we
see something to hunt we’ll be able to get to them right away because food is
definitely on the horizon but for now we’re going to move out all the snow
behind us in order to set up our shelters are setting up our shelter yeah Safety’s on yep yeah it’s like from the
centre we’re just gonna shift out and that’s gonna make it easier to uh to
work on the shelter and it’s going to be a good insulation layer we’ve been spotted
we’ve been spotted the Raymond Craig Craig all right well well anyway all
right where our plan is we’re gonna try to like bend these trees and create kind
of like it like a gazebo effect and keep them alive so we can undo it later if we
need to so right now we’re just gonna practice we can even bend it down far
enough to make like an arc to build this thing so I’m gonna help Craig out over
here all right beautiful absolutely beautiful all right bring it down
oh just going at the base higher than where it’s been
I can’t reach higher as you bring it up here there you go there you go go potty
buddy it’s just coming out of the ground all right that’s fine there we go
well it’s just that’s what we need it yes so who we have that one so we decided to you and improvise
lean-to and we’ll see how that turns out here shortly but starting you cold
hey Craig what’s the temperature I can already feel it what time what are you
thinking is I’m gonna say so five degrees it’s like eight oh there we go
so we’re gonna try to you here so we’re gonna try to yeah we have there’s a
v-shape right here or this like lead to both sides normally what you try to do
is like for double lead to you kind of have them right up above one another but
in this scenario to make it easier for us we’re just gonna have the fire right
here and have an opening right there for I don’t know but to you to work I might
have to revise again but time will tell I almost wanted it to be on the side
instead my half you well it’s a super cold day we already got this the
beginning shelter at least built as you can see it’s not too impressive hopefully these pine boughs will it’s
the Feist for me cuz I didn’t bring a sleeping pad to force me to live like
this as you can see I feel like kind of like a double lean-to and leaving a gap
up there for the smoke to escape in case like it does push in here and then over
here Craig he’s gonna try using a feral dog for the first time that’s camp fire
we’re gonna see he does if he doesn’t get out probably take over and give it a
shot Kenny on the first try I hope thank you we’ll see we’ll see you look so it’s
it’s really dry right now so too many holes
I think he’s gonna have a big difficult time dear the way he’s doing it but he
gets it you know good on him well we finally got our fire going I can’t sleep
it system going I’m hoping I could be freezing all night since I’m using just
the pine boughs is my padding I suppose time hotel I dropped my gloves and my filter got
frozen hopefully didn’t destroy it so now we’re just in our shelter Craig’s zipping up for the night here you can
see our fires doing building down oh to be a cold night sleeping with most my
batteries so is Craig and at least tomorrow the next few days is supposed
to be nice outta my nice it’s not gonna be like a high of like 42 but that would
give us time to go hunting and gathering and exploring so it’s going to be quite
a scene so if we can survive this night well the rest of its gonna be a lot
easier well it’s definitely cold out there till tomorrow unless something
happens tonight well here he are day two and we have the
Sun coming in I don’t know if you can see it behind me there are about to go
fly the drone start a fire make some tea and then go out hunting and fishing and
hopefully we get something good Craig right now you can see like our
little shelter system it’s not the best but it’ll do
Craig didn’t want to get up until I said he could fly my drone although he missed
out on flying it hey Craig any of morning works for the
morning it’s called any other great an infinite wisdom to share
you know there you go that’s it for now great so Oh aha the smoke is destroy my eyes
see I don’t know what’s up so we’re just getting ready to head out to go hunting
and fishing it’s gonna be a lot nicer day today than it was yesterday it was
definitely freezing Oh my eyes are watering well so we cooked
up some old man’s beard which you can eat if it has like this stretchy white
filament inside and this one does I added some spices it’s mainly used for
like antibiotics either ingesting or topical but it doesn’t taste too bad I
mean we actually get it from movies do me over here here’s old man’s beard
before we cooked it like that growing mainly on the north side of the trees so
has a lot of calories in it it’ll be helpful all right we’re about to go out
on the hunt or fishing and maybe we’ll get something if we’re lucky
you never know never know it’s warming up it’s so pretty cold and we keep
getting tons of snow falling from us up from the trees and when the breezes come
through I’m definitely hungry Craig are you hungry no only one of us are hungry
I guess that’s me terrains pretty rigorous up here it’s
not too bad honestly like it’s uh compared to other areas there’s about a
UH a half a foot of snow we’re using our microsites to explore
this terrain it’s definitely a good workout tiring how you doing yeah
certainly is mazes hop does hike see Craig still
trying to get up here there he is he found a walking stick and
you made it up all right we’ve been hiking maybe for
about an hour hour and a half and it’s uh it’s pretty crazy it’s always like a
humbling experience just to realize like you know after you’ve already been tired
building like a shelter not sleeping as gray as you would back home and only
eating like what you can catch in this case nothing so far but I’ve had a
little bit of mountain house last night before I went to sleep and Craig just
had tea but you can really feel like hell at least me I don’t know how craig
feels but like you could it’s like demotivating you’re like just trudging
through all the snow with all this weight on a head and not finding
anything we didn’t run across like a few uh elk and uh we actually saw a bull elk
which is ironic considering we had considered hunting bull elk up here but
decided not to just because the to take it back out would just take forever so
hopefully we don’t see more cuz we’re also we might just have to like wrap up
camp and then just drive out here and just hunt just come out here hunt get a
full meal hunt some bull elk right now we’re down like another valley adjacent
to the one that we went up these are really big long valleys in for the most
part they’re not very steep but there’s all dead fall and there’s tons of snow
and the snows are very deep it’s it ranges from about half of a foot to a
foot but just keep doing that long enough and you’ll feel it
so I’m hungry I’m waiting for Iquitos to kick in I made a mistake of being the
the old man’s beard this morning which didn’t affect me any
way except that it made me realize how hungry actually yeah
Craig ate a little bit of it but since he’s been fasting I think like it’s
investing with the stomach I think that’s the issue he’s having right now
my water filter broke at least like the filtration systems that iced over I’ve
done this before I should have known better I was just tired and I just
forgot so let’s hope I don’t get Giardia no in a couple weeks but apparently the
incubation periods takes a couple weeks so we’ll know that well hopefully we
make it to the reservoir hopefully get something because if not like we’re
ready halfway through the day and we’re gonna have to head back in a couple
hours anyway to start getting ready for for night hey Craig do you have anything
important to say unless it’s just snowing a ton our shelter is a very
feeble unimpressive shelter well we are headed back to camp and
we’re deciding if whether or not we want to go to somewhere else somewhere like
further down south that’s good to be better climate but uh for now it’s been
a long trek it just really makes you it just really reminds you of how hard it
is to just blow up here in the wilds and I’m kind of de motivated you know just
cuz I’ve done this before and it’s uh I lived up in the wilderness for like
three months during winters like this and I’m over it I really was hoping that
we’d be able to have like fall weather which is really nice up here by the way
no snow cooler climates but that just didn’t happen so we’re discussing going
somewhere further down south and seeing what we can what we can do we can find
so Greg’s got out ahead where we should be reaching our foot tracks from earlier
today heading down these hills to the lake to the reservoir so we shouldn’t
merge with them soon see you guys later see you guys back at camp alright here we are back in our shelter
it was a long day today not very much success but we did get to
explore a lot unfortunately it’s not the fall weather that we were hoping for
it’s winter all the way so we’ve decided we’re gonna head out tomorrow and go
explore some areas further down south where hopefully it’ll be a snow free and
a little bit better weather but luckily we’re gonna talk about this area because
we’re in the Catamount region above Pikes Peak and it’s actually really cool
and so I’m gonna go over a lot of like cool stories cool mysteries and of
course my favorite ones are the ones that involve like sasquatch-like
creatures as you all know those of you that watched my youtube channel I ran
into those I call them creepers but the North American hominid in the past and
so they’ve definitely definitely got my attention
so anyway right now it’s time to nerd out so we’re gonna nerd out right this
moment and talk about the kademan area and a lot of this as far as the first
part was taken from the Catamount branch open space and resource area they did
like a whole field study like these research on this area and like I found
it online so it’s the first section of this is taken from them and I’ve also
sourced it to on my own at the library really so I don’t know most of you
probably don’t know but a lot of gold was found in Cripple Creek on the other
side of Pikes Peak and that in fact that was like one of the beginnings of the
the early gold rush you know South Park and then Cripple Creek however gold was
never found on the north or east side of Pikes Peak
you know goals never been found however there is one account and I’m just gonna
and I’m just gonna read it here of where possibly gold was found but not just any
gold like pure veins that were the that were very very
pure I just said that okay I’m just gonna read it cuz clearly about due
diverted Chobot trying to illustrate it so it was printed in the Telegraph in
the telegraph on July 11th of 1948 it was regarding a lost mine on Catamount
Creek the article states that there was an old miner who struck a vein of gold
somewhere along the South Fork of the Catamount Creek in 1905 or 1906 he
traveled through green mountain falls with his three burros on his way to the
golden cycle mill in Colorado Springs rumors were that the old man carried or
richer than anything that was ever found in cripple creek many speculated the
mines location was somewhere along the South Fork of the Catamount Creek but
others claimed he had no money at all and was actually carrying high-grade ore
down from Cripple Creek enough people believed it to to it to be near the
cattlemen area that multiple prospector holes were dug all around the area so if
you look in this area there’s tons of like prospector holes looking for gold
but there is no gold here and so it’s believed that this was that the reason
they started looking was because this man you know found like this goal that
people thought was here anyway he eventually was admitted to the hospital
for tuberculosis and while on his deathbed he was asked to reveal the
location of his mine but he refused saying let them find it the same way I
found it but it will be hard to do ayuh planted trees on the dump and that
was the resource the Gazette Telegraph again July 11
1948 all right hold on put it on pause all right back for the story sorry you
had to cut the last part at the end of the up the gold mine because uh I got we
got like smoked out but Craig stoked the fire and it strain its own updraft so we
don’t have to worry about any more now on to the next one
so there were a ton of fires in this area back in the day and also logging
roads so you actually see a lot of evidence of burns and also a lot of
evidence of like old roads they weave throughout this area like they’re
they’re hard to see like you can only see parts of them now
and a lot of like old stumps because there’s like excessive logging in this
area for a long time during like the the mid 1800s but anyway right now we’re
gonna talk about like the fires and obviously this is just an oral like
history document compiled by the forest by a forest ranger in 1937 interviewing
a John Harkins of Divide which is a town nearby here he reflects the to a fire
occurring on raspberry mountain which is very nearby where we’re at we can uh
when we hike up all these hills we can see it like to the west of us
and he used to previously be called sleeping giant which I’d love to source
and find out why it was called that originally but until then we’ll figure
it out so between 1860 and 1870 he reported a
fire burned before his time but he believed it it to have occurred an area
between divided and the top a raspberry Mountain another oral history document
compiled for the Pike National Forest mr. Charles Rickon stated that a fire
was started by the Carter kids north of her Rickon ranch the location which has
not yet been established by the authors of this and that burned for about 50
miles in the Norley direction about 1876 or 1877 and that happened during the
fall and no one obviously tried to put it out so kept going and then of course
there there is another one anyway there’s a lot of fires here and
then of course back in the day there was the great burn which burned at least
theoretically all the way from like cripple creek nearby there all the way
south of Pikes Peak across the east side of Pikes Peak and all the way up to
Woodland Park even some say even up to divide and that was a long time ago
about a hundred fifty years ago and the youth said that the Comanche were the
ones that started the fire to hurt them because that’s what they would come
during the summer with y’all talking about the Utes another really cool thing
is like you pass it’s like some distance away from us and for a long time like
they didn’t know and they still don’t know precisely if it’s true but here say
it was said that it would actually but the vibe mr. John Harkins in 1933 he
said that the you trail followed up for stole a creek from you pass onto
Catamount Creek hence westwardly at the North base to
raspberry mountain so it basically went around and up into the foothills where
we are right now and then just stoop down into like this huge open grassy
area which is to the valley just going down from where we came like it’s really
close to where we are so we’ve been exploring this whole area before we even
got here to camp out and we may have very well been like on the you trail
which is really cool so I thought this was pretty neat okay there’s a lot of
bootlegging going on about here back in the day and these moonshiners used
potatoes to make vodka and juniper berries to make gin so gin was
definitely like going on here because there’s juniper berries all around the
place in fact we will try to eat some later if we come across any on our way
back some other cool stuff is that the YMCA is like youth camp from like a late
18-hundreds to $19.00 it used to be nearby we are now
now its say out a ranch that’s controlled by the teller County and a
private family and they have they do a lot of like investigation and research
there’s off limits but basically where we have the Catamounts reservoirs if you
know them the water them used to be like a farmland and I think that’s north came
out reservoir and in the South Catamount reservoir that’s actually where the
youth camp for the YMCA would bring the kids there to have like a summer camp so
that’s pretty cool all right moving on to some of my more exciting events as
far as Bigfoot encounters and this is from the area that we’re in now that
ideally I would like to do some scouting around if the weather had been better
but like we’re writing to about have a foot to a foot of snow as we trekked
through here and it’s been like a really slow like journey and of course we’re
trying to survive by just the food that we can that we can find in the wild you
know hunting and gathering and we’re just into our emergency rations cuz we
had a bunch of snowstorms here so things I almost have been pretty inactive so I
don’t think that’s gonna happen anytime soon but anyway around this time like at
least maybe a month ago there was a gentleman on two separate occasions
during fall that ran into these these hominids and I’m just gonna I’m just
gonna read it the way like he was found on the BFRO Route site and we’ll just go
from there that’s the area we’re in right now is basically where this
happened to this gentleman and the people he was with so ago it starts my
name is Jeff deep I live in Horace Springs Colorado I have
been a big game guide for several years and I am in the process of opening my
own outfit I must admit I have always been skeptical about Bigfoot until now
two years ago in 98 I was packing in clients into Pike National Forest myself
and another guide along with four clients were on our way out and got a
late start only a few miles to go we were were in
total darkness along a trail my horse stopped without commanding up very
anxious I assumed it was another animal or at worst a mountain lion I eagerly
tried to get him to move forward and he would not I got off my horse and led him
up with the trail coming around it been that in the trail a creature staying at
least seven foot tall and covered in dark hair crossed the trail not twenty
feet in front of me it walked on two legs and was out of sight in two or
three steps but it was amazed but what amazed me was that it didn’t make any
noise as it disappeared into the very steep valley below another thing I found
disturbing was the faint smell in the air I hunt and guide two hunters for
mostly elk and nine times out of ten I smelled him before I see them this was
no elk bear or mountain lion after the incident I was careful to lead the
horses to one side of the trail and not to disturb any tracks the next day after
getting my clients to the airport I returned on foot and was shocked to find
a track I placed my foot beside it and it was at least another eight to ten
inches past my boot I wear a size 10 no one has ever spoken about the incident
and no one will admit what they saw I’ve tried several times to talk about it but
no but no one wants will admit it I have I have a held this secret inside me
until now last year while hunting in the same area alone I was I had a close
encounter and was able to observe at length what I saw that night
so misses his first interaction encounter with this hominid in these
parts here and then the next one’s even more kind of like like intimate where
he’s able to see it for quite some time and it’s actually just a valley over
from where we are right here right fact we kind of walked by it and I shot some
shots with the drone I couldn’t get it’s great shots as I
wanted to just because of high winds and I was losing the signal
but we’ve been there before and it’s it’s it’s pretty beautiful like huge
huge beaver ponds but anyway and that’s why we put it for
herself right here strategically located area where both animals and maybe this
hominid species will cross by so the next story goes like this I was hunting
the remote camp that is half days back in on foot no one else hunts this
country I have never seen sign of people in the past I had made camp at the
bottom of Valley that held some remarkable Bulls in it there is a stream
that runs through the valley and at the top yeah well it is cut off by large
cliffs that unless you are a professional rock climber is unpassable
and that’s the crags that you have like further up this way the valley phase
talking about no smoke so there is a throughout the valley runs
a series of beaver ponds and I was camped at the last one at the bottom and
you know interesting thing about the beaver ponds actually looked at the
beaver ponds that right now like they’re they’re inactive and it looks like
they’ve been active for a long time but if you look on Google Earth around this
time around 2001 2000 they’re actually active these beaver ponds and so that’s
the were able to narrow down even further where this incident occurred I
started a fire prepared dinner after a restless nights sleep due the
anticipation of big bulls I woke up at 3 a.m. in fix breakfast to gather my gear
and was off by 4:30 or 5:00 I hiked up the valley to an area I had always seen
out this particular morning that the wind was not coming down off the
mountain instead it was swirly I decided to sit on top of outcropping and use the
height to my advantage and tried not to spook any animals as the Sun was coming
up I Bulls to several times look for a response I heard a bull elk respond in
the same direction that I look took coming up I quickly started to glass the
area in search of the bowl as I was working my way up the valley
I heard the bull again I went with my glasses to where I thought I had heard
the bull the bull and when I glassed around the beaver
pond that’s when I saw it I saw a very dark object squatting beside the beaver
pond at first I thought it was a bull lying in the pond the creature stood up
and was looking around when he looked at me and in my directions I got a feeling
he knew I was there and I and a feeling of excitement and terror filled my body
the creature was again around seven foot tall maybe taller but not much and it
was short dark brown almost reddish coat it had a facial it had facial features
of that of a human with exception of a human nose it was smaller and looked as
if it was sat on its on on its mouth on his mouth another feature that stood out
to me was the size of its hands they were long and were like half the size of
its forearm for the first time ever I was truly scared not at what I saw but
have not have not really knowing seen anything like this before
and having to face a reality after at least five minutes of observing the
creature he turned and walked through the creek towards my camp he then turned
and walked up a ridge and stopped and watched my camp or at least in that
direction after he moved off I got down off my perch and ran to my camp I packed
my gear and have yet to go back to in the area they know obviously here other
things that are noticed they’re just like added on the the witness reports
the only thing that comes to mind that other than seen this thing was that when
he looked at me it was as if he knew something but he was unafraid and then
of course other witnesses for the first sighting there were six of them and they
they were following him a horse back and the second time he was alone so time and
conditions the first time he was at 9 p.m. with a half moon the second signing
was cool and Chris light wind from the south and the Sun was out early it was
around 7:15 a.m. in the morning and of course environment just north of Pikes
Peak at the bottom of the crags it is a mountain mountainous with us
mixed aspen and pines and that’s where we are right now in fact the reason like
we we just we picked this location was hopefully they would be coming through
here and and trying to interact with us as has happened to me in the past that’s
been documented in some of my previous videos but I mean I’ve never really seen
much evidence during winter as far as tracks and stuff and it’s hard for us to
navigate around so that part’s kind of a UH I think a bust for right now but some
more fun interesting things about the Catamounts is that Catamounts is
normally referred to a place with mountain lions and but Timothy Renner
you may know him he’s done a lot of books of looking through like the
historical sights and names and the place names for like this big for like
creature across the country and he has stated that Catamount is normally used
in every situation specially on these coasts for these bigfoot-like creatures
and it is is like hypothesis at least in assessment that’s Catamounts just like a
code word for these creatures because they might like makes they make like a
lot of noise and screams but as we know mountain lions and heat also make up
with terrifying noises and screams – so it’s circumstantial evidence at most so
another thing the reason I wanted to the reason I wanted to to kind of like I
wanted to try some experiments here is because in the past like we’re in the
first like a report instances at least I like on the BFRO website comes from
California during the fall again during the fall like we are right now from 1870
so this is a long time ago and basically what what he would do he was out
hunting in the morning you know he’d leave his fire going and he’d go hunts
and every time he get back to camp his fire would just be like all over the
place is if something something they come and like rummage through it and
that was the only thing really touch and so one of the days he decided to –
instead of like leaving he tried to find a vantage point where he gooth was
concealed and could see his camp and sure enough what he witnessed like
dumbfounded and this is before like they really knew about gorillas and stuff so
he he saw like what he describes is like like the sasquatch-like creatures first
he was like a he’s thinks it was like a young juvenile that came up to the fire
and played like with this put this put it with a stick but the stick in the
embers until was it was still was hot and just played around with it like a
little kid would and after some time of doing that he kept making like whistling
noises and like gestures almost just something else and then a female one
came by and started playing – but she looked more reluctant but anyway the
whole point of that story is that they’re clearly very curious like a
hominid creatures like like there’s no there’s really no mistaking that and
they’ll come to you like if you’re in our area that they’re around that they
pass through and it’s night and they have a cover and concealment and that
they they’re not gonna like leave much of a of an imprint to get near you
though they’ll come up they’ll come up and like inspect you and that’s
obviously me just saying that for my own experiences
yeah it doesn’t necessarily mean like that there’s that I can prove that based
on like the circumstantial evidence having other videos but but basically
what I was hoping for in this situation and we put ourselves in an area where
there’s tons of saplings all around us and that’s for better cover concealment
and of course like it’s better helps us with wind but this is like a perfect
spot if they are in the area they’ll feel safe to come up but I don’t feel
like they’ll feel safe to go over their snow I don’t know if
what I mean a lot of stuff I don’t know like I’m just making a lot of guess in
I’m speculating a lot but but I was hoping this area might be a spot where
he might have interactions and then of course hopefully I’ll be able to
interview him later later there’s another gentleman named tanner that’s
actually he’s actually I had seen these these hungry creatures in this area
since he used to live nearby and he he went as far as to come a little often in
this area and kind of like like gift them feed them and he had a lot of
results for that I think that’s closer towards raspberry
Mountain than where we are now but the fact is we’ve had all the sightings from
like you know 98 2000 and we had more recent ones just from a couple years ago
in these areas so I don’t know it’s pretty exciting I mean obviously I don’t
think he’s gonna happen tonight just cuz there’s snow everywhere it’s
it’s a winter but it should be fall but maybe maybe in the future maybe one day
we’ll get lucky hey Craig do you have anything to say November 28th I believe is one fall or
sorry winter officially starts not right now September 28th I believe is wedding
it fall officially started filming are you gonna just leave this dead bird
right next to my head this all night long you just gonna leave the bird there
Craig it’s funny okay now push are you pushy record alright now come up here
with Lee quit with the light where you were sit sit up Craig
all right now now do it from there Craig Craig stop
Craig stop it trying to get b-roll Craig stop and try to get I give up that’s hot so we’re just exploring this place at
night Oh Craig found something yeah dude I’m on my way was he fine found a tree
dude well that was worthless like he literally showed me a tree we’re
supposed to be out here looking for something scary you know like Bigfoot no
nobody found over there probably nothing important never there’s like our our
shelter did you find something yeah all right I’m coming what’d you
find okay
did you just spell your name in the snow with a stick okay why why not seemed
like the thing to do I can’t believe you know we’re supposed
to be being like really quiet and we’re supposed to be you know searching for a
Bigfoot oh did you hear that Oh Craig quick what are you doing moving
this tree okay you’re making a bunch of noise Craig why we’re supposed to be
being stealthy how he’s with the Finding Bigfoot it you mean so stealthy Craig
what are you doing okay Craig you’re freaking me out okay
it’s getting really weird man I want to go home okay I’m going home well here we are packing up it’s only
beating about three days but we plan to go each other areas an adventure right
now I’m just like warming up the drone try to fly it some more since most of my
technology’s just been dying left and right because the lithium batteries can
handle the cold I’ve been sleeping with the main camera batteries but not the
drone so right now I’m just laying it heat up in the Sun let’s see it’s
warming up today it’s it’s probably gonna be a pretty nice day as you can
see it’s just a little bit above freezing so that’s good right hey Craig you everything to say that is
we’re packing up and leaving neurotic or what but we’re heading down south
aren’t we Craig some hot springs till then you

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  • Beautiful

  • You guys should look into bringing some MRE's, Meal Ready-To-Eat. You can pick them up on Amazon for around $10 a piece. You do not need a fire and they are hot foods and drinks and snacks, all in one package. Perfect for what you are doing in this video.

  • Great video my man! Very nice footage and pretty cool soundtrack also.
    Colorado's wilderness is not only impressive but absolutely gorgeous!
    I also enjoyed hearing some of the encounters that took place in the region, very interesting. I personally heard on many different occasions the term "Catamount" being used to describe these elusive hominids, especially back in the days.
    Thank you very much, i'll see you on the next one, take care.

  • Good video and you guys are funny. This means more to me as I lived right there and left a year and a half ago. I drove 24 into the springs everyday sometime in my military Humvee. The crags I think has them for sure. My buddy is in Kuwait and owns 35 acres and a log house across the street.
    For a good read Google
    Writings of Keith foster Colorado that will open your eyes.
    I have seen a pic taken by a family not far from woodland Park of one in broad daylight as they cut a Christmas tree.
    After poking around and learning what I learned no one would spend the night out there with me so I my dog and Mr AK toughed it out.
    Man I know 3 spots for sure where they are and please keep making videos.
    Btw I like your battle buddy craigs long gun.

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