Casually Explained: Elon Musk

This video has been brought to you by Express VPN, making me finally a real youtuber. Most people know Elon Musk is the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, Inc. where he stands out from other business leaders for his bold risk-taking, work ethic, vision for the future of humanity and smoking weed on Joe Rogan’s podcast and being the leader of two companies means he has one of the most demanding schedules in the business world, spending at least 40 hours a week at SpaceX and 40 hours a week at Tesla. That means on any given day he spends 16 hours working, 2 hours on his daily routines and meals, and there’s 24 hours in a day That means he only has six hours a night left to shit post on Twitter For those unfamiliar with his companies, the most notable achievements of Tesla Inc. have been designing innovative electric cars that actually looked good and, more recently, the Tesla Roadster 2020 which is not only electric but has the fastest acceleration out of any supercar ever made, can park and change lanes by itself, And while you might think it could be unsafe due to the lack of sideview mirrors It actually has the highest safety rating ever achieved, on account of the fact there is currently no way to enter the vehicle. Meanwhile, at SpaceX Well, they make money through contracts with organizations like NASA and privately launching satellites The entire mission director of the company is to establish a space colony on Mars in the next half century And while this might seem ambitious, one of the ways you know Elon’s ideas are so good is because his speeches aren’t. In fact every time he’s on stage it’s almost indistinguishable from a kindergartner doing show-and-tell with their favorite Hot Wheel. The only difference is instead of an aluminum matchbox car powered by falling It’s an actual car piloted by a dummy in a spacesuit that he’s literally blasted to the International Space Station for the meme. Even when he’s describing the future of humanity as an extraterrestrial species, it’s once again indistinguishable from the back of the Starcraft box. Besides his companies, Elon Musk is just as interesting as a person. He was born in Pretoria, near Johannesburg making him the world’s richest African-American. The start of college he asked himself what were going to be the most important things for humanity in his lifetime. Which he decided were the internet, sustainable energy, and space exploration. Then instead of being distracted by girls in college and giving up on his dream like a normal person He was distracted by girls in college and still did it anyway One of my favorite Elon stories is of him chasing a girl named Justine he had a crush on in college And after getting rejected for an ice cream date He showed up where she was studying with two chocolate chip ice cream cones melting from the indoor climate control …and his love. And while this sounds super cute, at the time this strategy did not work, on account of the fact he did not follow my first golden rule of not being creepy: which is being above a 7. He did however later find success when he followed my second golden rule of not being creepy, which was being worth 20 billion dollars. Incidentally, this also fixed the first rule. Regardless, thanks to Elon’s ice cream tactics He and Justine eventually had five kids together, which is just enough to collect the remaining infinity stones. Since the end of the marriage with his first wife, Elon has been in the spotlight for many high-profile relationships including ones with Talulah Riley Amber Heard and now Grimes, who he met on Twitter Now you might be expecting me to explain Elon’s taste in women, but the only analogy I can think of is when I listen to my pop playlist and it accidentally shuffles with Evanescence and I’m like, “hmmm, yeah, I needed this.” In addition to running his companies and sliding into the DMs of synth-pop Canadians Elon also works a little bit with OpenAI, SolarCity, and owns what he’s called “The Boring Company” that will soon be drilling enormous tunnels underneath Chicago and Los Angeles. For what he says will be high-speed transit But honestly at this point he could just be playing IRL motherlode because I think we’ve all decided just to let him do whatever. But what excites and terrifies me the most is his grand plan to bring everything that he’s doing together simultaneously And unlike companies like Apple who will eventually have an iPhone implanted in your brain or Google that will literally be your brain Elon is going for the monopoly on an entire planet because think about it like this SpaceX builds the rockets to take us to Mars and establishes the Mars colonies. The Boring Company builds tunnels to connect them all, Solar City powers everything with solar panels Tesla makes the cars that run on the electricity, the AI keeps law and order, and then when it’s all ready Elon takes 50% of the population to Mars of the snap of his fingers. Well, I’m sure some people don’t like the idea of one company controlling a whole planet, at least when you visit earth you’ll be able to tell everyone that you on a trip to Disney World. 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