Capture the Flag | He Will Not Divide Us

War… has changed. It’s an endless series of proxy battles fought by mercenaries and machines. Nanomachines, inside their bodies, enhance and regulate their abiliti- After defeat on the battlefields of New York and New Mexico, Shia headed to a new, hidden location. No more chanting or interaction; this latest exhibit would just be a flag waving arrogantly in front of a camera. There were no landmarks. No scenery. No clues at all to it’s whereabouts. It would be impossible to find and nothing could stop the broadcast. Check. Mate. And this would allow Shia to act smug for the next 4 to 8 years. That is, unless /pol/’s agents could find away to track it down. Challenge accepted. It was to be the greatest game of capture the flag ever. /pol/ began organizing. They set about gathering all the information they could on the local environment: trying to match up clouds, wind patterns and ambient noise. Because it was a live stream, they could match the time of sunset, to quickly discern that the flag was somewhere in the eastern timezone. That’s two-thirds of the country ruled out in one move. Others began looking into intel about Shia’s whereabouts, as it was highly likely he was present for the raising of the flag itself. As time went on, distinct noises could be heard in the background: the croaking of frogs, suggesting water nearby. Then, the second big break. In the distance, just faintly, two jet streams. /pol/ quickly opened a live feed of all of the air traffic across the eastern seaboard, but identifying these two lines… …amongst all of this… …would be a challenge. Meanwhile, social media trackers found this post. At a small town dinner in Tennessee, this waitress couldn’t help but brag about her run-in with Shia. It was another big break. TMZ also reported that Shia had been seen fly fishing in the area. The search was closing in on Greeneville, Tennessee. The hunt was moving much faster now. According to the aviation team, two more planes would soon be flying overhead; If they could be spotted on the live stream /pol/ would have confirmation. Bingo. To further narrow down the search area, the aviation team stared charting all of the flight paths of spotted planes but they still needed more information; and as day turned to night, they got it. /pol/’s austronomy division used the constellations to narrow down the angle and rough position of the camera. With this, the flight paths, and some advanced trigonometry, the candidate area had been reduced way down. Further confirmation from weather satellites backed up the claim, as an agent was dispatched to the scene. As he drew close, he started honking the horn, while viewers of the live stream gave feedback as it got louder. A few minutes later, target sighted. But he couldn’t just head in during broad daylight and risk Shia’s wrath. Instead, he had to wait for the cloak of night. In the meanwhile, /pol/ got to work devising an infiltration strategy. A few hours later, the flag came down and a M.A.G.A. hat and shirt went up. It was a beautiful moment and it all took place on the live stream. /pol/’s Central Intelligence Agency had clocked HWNDU Season 3 in 38 hours, and 14 minutes; and poor Shia was divided for a third time. Could he ever recover? Could this be the end? Well, as I was editing this video, there has been an update. The stream has gone down and the M.A.G.A. hat and shirt with it. But, intel indicates that the flag will be up again soon. A drone was flown over the area and you can see here that Shia is keeping guard of the flagless pole. In response, Operation Eagle Eye is on standby. The drone carries a sophisticated device. You can see here: a M.A.G.A. hat, Confederate flag, and bucket. To find out what will happen next… …stay tuned for Season IV!

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