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– [Narrator] Today cancer causes one in every seven deaths worldwide. But how does cancer start, and what is being done to combat it? Our bodies contain trillions
of highly specialized cells and each carries genes responsible for regulating cell growth and division. But when a genetic change
disrupts this process cells begin to grow and
divide uncontrollably thereby becoming cancer. The genetic changes that cause cancer usually happen in three types of genes. Proto-oncogenes, which signal
a cell to grow and divide. Tumor suppressor genes, which signal a cell to stop dividing. And DNA repair genes, which preserve and maintain genetic codes. Changes in these genes lead
to abnormal cell growth resulting in masses of
tissues called tumors. Tumors may be benign, meaning
that they remain in one area, or malignant, which means that they are capable of spreading. Through a process called metastasis a malignant tumor’s cells
will eventually break off, travel throughout the body, and begin forming tumors in other regions. When this happens the
cancer has become metastatic and is most dangerous. The cause of cancer is still a mystery. Inherited traits may be behind some of the genetic changes that lead to the formation
of cancerous cells, and so might environmental exposures. Such as excessive radiation from the sun, or chemicals in cigarette smoke. In the United States today
roughly one-third of all people will eventually develop cancer. Of the over 100 different types of cancer breast cancer is currently
the most prevalent type, and lung cancer causes the most deaths. But our ability to fight
cancer is improving. Since just the 1990s
cancer mortality rates have dropped more than 26% in the US, and more than two million
lives have been saved. As treatments and methods
of early detection improve, and doctors, scientists, and the public better understand cancer, hope remains in the fight
against the disease.

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  • Today, cancer causes one in every seven deaths worldwide. What are your thoughts on this disease?

  • Instead of looking for cures how about we look into how we can rid the things that can cause cancers

  • Last year, my crush told me she is on the verge of having cancer, and I was thinking, GOD NO. It was in a mole on her arm, they shaved off the mole, then did a touch of of surgery to ensure she wouldn't get it. The surgery went well, and she is well and fine today, she is lucky, and I'm very lucky to know her.

  • So.. this is how it feels to be a Pichu/Pikachu user in SSBU

  • R.I.P My dad
    died because of pancreatic cancer….

  • Very very scary

  • You know what is arguably the most infectious cancer?

    Being cancerous in social platform

  • 1 in 3 develope cancer???…..thats scary.

  • ?

  • Healing cancer…

  • Pray to God in jesus name for healing and fast for 3 days.

  • Video: as treatments and early detection improves
    Technology with radiation: I'm gonna stop you right there

  • Ugh, seeing the IV in the person's hand made me cringe. I'm currently going through chemo for Hodgkin's Lymphoma… No fun at all. Best wishes to all my brothers and sisters fighting the fight against cancer.

  • The biggest question is …how did a disease which was not dangerous a century ago become the biggest killer of the 21st century ????

  • Fasting kills cancer cells.

  • Fortnite players:

  • Watching this is very scary when you have seen people with Cancer.

  • At the start, i thought i was watching the video, turns out it was an ad for cancer treatment

  • Islam is cancer to world..

  • I self saffering with prostate canser, just keep in mind your willpower plays very positive roll to keep you going. I pray for all C peasants who are struggling for life against this beast. ?

  • Why do the malignant tumors cause people to die? Is it because they are disrupting organ function?

  • My mom just died because of that wish every person will be save

  • It's not enough. We need to do more. We need to understand it more so we can end it. It's brutal and it needs to end.

  • People are saying that There is already a cure for cancer.doctors just dont want to use it because they are afraid of losing there Money or job I think

  • Earth= Human
    Human= Cancer

  • Excellent video

  • Barry barry Thanks for you

  • Only America has cancer patient and whole world was nothing

  • What is the early symptoms of cancer??

  • No matter What Color We all will DIE…..

  • 1 in 3 in america? well-

  • My father is died in mouth cancer

  • Has cancers four

  • one of the main reasons behind breast cancer is not breast feeding

  • Guys cancers four has

  • Best channel simple to know and understandable

  • World polution and chemicals, going to kill whole population.

  • Every decade new sick comes

  • Why female body you use

  • Please hindi me explanation dijiye

  • Informative thanks

  • My father was passed away due to lungs cancer, we came to know about it when it was on last stage and we couldn't do anything, I hope I could have saved him. I miss you dad…

  • We cand do this together forever
    The question is
    "Can we make it to the fourth second?"

  • Better check the benefits of Guyabano Leaf after seeing this video.

  • I miss my mom a lot… I lost her due to ovaries cancer. Wish I could tell her how much I love her before her last breath but apparently I wasn't there. I regret it a lot but what can I do….

  • World priority should be cure cancer and find his treatment

  • Invest more money on researching and improving the immunotherapy method, thus helping our body’s immune system to better fighting off our own haywire cancer cells

  • My son is a medical student working very hard to make this world cancer free..

  • May God save us from cancer and all diseases.

  • I want to stop smoking..please..

  • i hope someday scientists find out a miraculous chemical which can cure cancer

  • Such a discraceful and unfair disease??

  • May Allah not give such a disease to any enemy.

  • How it's growing up a cancer ♋ diseases in our bodies if vitamin B17 is not in our body. That Why the government or hospital or pharmacist they earn money just making medicine just treatment they are giving. Main thing is B17 vitamin get the treatment as well they soon recovered. Like Almonds much much vitamin B17 and many things have it all cancer patients will cure.

  • Cancer!
    Which is repeatedly louds nearly 20 to 25 years or exactly two generation.
    We supposed to analyze these periods means results maybe find possible ( food, water, circumference)
    Don't think about medicine only precaution is necessary.

  • Is cancer genetic also

  • YouTube must know I’m dying, going to get scooped in two days cause I started getting major symptoms of colon cancer. Wish me luck

  • My cat
    mammary cancer

  • But aren’t more people affected by cancer compared to 20 years ago?

  • I had cancer when I was 3. After 7 years of treatment, it's been 6 years and I'm cancer free… I've heard people say that though the doctors are really good but they don't know how it feels to go through the cancer journey, how everything feels and etc but I know all these, I've experienced it. And from then I've made my decision to become an oncologist and become an inspiration for all those who are suffering.

  • We salute to those people who are trying to make a cure for cancer

  • Iluminati crates the canser…!

  • Cancer, our worst enemy ever yet

  • Cancer is a large part of the reason why humans die. Early cancers are hard for humans to notice. It's too late for humans to feel sick. We have to live the right life so that we don't get cancer.

  • One day if I’m gonna be a very genius doctor I may create a cure for cancer

  • took the life of my father when i was 3. i wish they find a cure for this soon to prevent any more deaths.

  • May Allah SWT Save Everyone from this Disease. Ameen

  • I can save half a million life's.with a simple advice …. Adding Chilli Powder in your food can prevent blood cancer because Chilli improves the immune power in your body and also The active ingredient that gives chillies their kick, Capsaicin, is said to surround cancer cells and kill them off, scientists say but excessive use of Chilli Powder causes Ulcers in your stomach…just a little Chilli powder in your food prevents blood cancer and other rare cancers by 80 percent ….yayyy i saved your life if you may suffer with cancer ✌️✌️

  • Yo, the visual effects in the vid made me want to vomit

  • I ll waiting for that day when Dr ll say that cancer treatment is possible for all human being, just like tuberculosis. Once a time it's was also h very fatal disease for human bt our great Dr / Scientists made possible his treatment after few years research.

  • Why there is no cure??????
    Its almost 2020

  • Cheat Cancer: How I Survived 18 Years Using Supplements – Kindle Edition By George Wieland The bulk of the book is an account of the 37 supplements Wieland used in his successful fight against cancer, including the dosages for each as well as the different cancers they act upon.
    Wieland suggests four basic books if one is to research supplements. He then describes the key physiological mechanisms on which supplements operate: (1) Differentiation or normalizing cancerous tissues, (2) Apoptosis or programmed cell death of cancer cells, (3) COX-2, elimination of dangerous inflammation, (4) Angiogenesis or the growth of new blood vessels by tumors, (5) 5-LOX, an inflammatory enzyme that fosters the progression of cancer, (6) NF-kB, the protection of cancer cells against the body’s normal defense mechanisms.
    Wieland’s four main strategies in his fight against cancer were: (1) Synergies or multiple supplements in low doses rather than just a few supplements at high doses, (2) Multiple inexpensive supplements rather than fewer that are expensive, (3) Whole herb extracts that include a host of anti-cancer ingredients rather than purified extracts of a single anti-cancer ingredient. (4) Use of repeated laboratory tests to see if various supplements are working, or not.

  • En la enfermedad del cáncer podría estar la clave para la eternidad; la ciencia se ha preocupado por combatirlo y encontrar una cura, talvez no sea una enfermedad… Respeto mucho a las personas que lo padecen y a sus familias, no es mi deseo herir suceptibilidades.

  • 1:25 no pls not me

  • My family has a large history od cancer. From both mom and dad's sides. My great grandpa had it and died. my opa had it and died. My mom and oma had mysterious lumps appear and be removed. Its scary.

  • Yeah we have cure but you need a lot of money
    Sad but its true

  • What about that call of duty kid i faced off?

    Edit: i hope you all don’t take this seriously

  • blue checkmarks

  • My father died in prostate cancer. Two years gone but even now i can't ? get out from the trauma

  • How did I end up here from Minecraft letsplays?

  • Filthy Frank: cAN i HaBe a cANcEr

  • Who actually believe they going to release or develop a cancer cure? I certainly don’t! Is basic knowledge that illnesses is profit for the medical industry, so treatment or keeping people alive are the only MAIN goal.

    When I was working as a RT — respiratory therapist— Med. business is pretty dark/unfair. Med. providers only focus on treatment and practice modern medical skill to keep patient alive. Doctors only talk about treatment and better benefits and basically gave up for cures. Is basically just money insurance, treatments, next visit, repeat. One time they skipped out a patient — he was treated several times before — who insurance didn’t pass and his cancer got worse when he came back. All providers and nursing were antisocial about it and left the poor guy for preventible or unnecessary treatments. Is a world with dark people outdoor so pray for the best.

  • They know how to inject a colon cancer with a substance to highlight it's borders and put it on a bad . I don't know why it would be so difficult to then inject it with some substance to kill it and then remove it to prevent any seeding .

  • Why are you making memes about cancer?

    You know cancer is the top most dangerous disease in the world and your making it a joke?

    So so so so many died in cancer and you make it a joke.

    Sorry but this is just the way to STOP making a world dangerous 1 disease in the world a meme,joke. Because its not funny 😐

    And so many sacrifice there selfs while

    Your just laying there making jokes!

    Pls stop ok thank you ??

  • Extremely informative..thank you?? God bless everyone fighting this horrible disease ??

  • It's part of population control, it's good to have cancer.

  • May ALLAH save everyone from the diseases

  • Scariest video ever..

  • My uncle have blood cancer stage 4. And he always stay strong and keep smiling. I hope he will recover soon.

  • Mystery? I guess smartphone is one of them

  • It's not a mystery, it's simply business. Change Diet and life style is the solution. Our body can heal itself, we just need to activate it, by Authophagy.

  • Thank God, some good news at the end!!!

  • We should lessen the consumption of sugar, sugar can trigger the cancer cell easily.

  • How dare it steal the name of my zodiac sign

  • Bro I have cancer I hope I don't die

  • Use homeopathic Nux Vomica 3x medicine for chemotherapy damage detoxification. Chemotherapy damages all organs in body specially the kidneys severely. Take 6drops one time daily with half cup water in empty stomach. After 2months stop Nux Vomica 3x and start Nux Vomica 30 medicine 4drops one time daily.

    For any type of cancer….General medicine homeopathic medicine Ruta Grav. 30c, Acid Nitricum 30c and Radium Bromatum 30c medicine…..Each medicine 4-5drops one time daily with half cup water in empty stomach before 1hour of meal or after 3-4hours of meal.
    Homeopathy has good treatment for all types of chronic diseases including Cancer without any side effects if doesn't use in wrong dosage or overdosage. The medicines told above that are general medicines for Cancer disease.

    For Brain tumor use….Ruta Grav 6c 2-3drops and Calc Phos 3x 2-3tablets once daily with half cup water in empty stomach.

  • There has already been many cures for cancer. But when people found out cures the government and higher status people destroyed the mans lab and all his stuff was lost. I don't really understand what donating to cancer does they have so muh money already and im pretty sure it doesnt cost a trillion for each set of equipment. What do they do with the money does it even actually go to cancer? Also the same for all the homeless kids or sick kids o forgot the name they have raised over MILLIONS of dollars yet theres still a whole bunch of kids homeless or sick. I dont understand, if iI donate the money like everyone else the money should go DIRECTLY to the people that need it. Not to the government, not to some random person. To the people. That. Need. It.

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