Can ISP See When You Use a VPN? | NordVPN

When you connect to a VPN server, the encrypted
traffic travels through your Internet service provider. As the traffic passes, your ISP can see the
amount of traffic, the fact that it is encrypted, and the IP
address of the VPN server. But don’t worry, they cannot see what sites
you visit or what you do when connected to a VPN. All the data is encrypted, which means the
ISP cannot put the random data pieces into any meaningful information. Besides, if you are using the Double VPN feature
offered by NordVPN, your ISP will not see the IP address of the final VPN server either. So, as your ISP cannot access your online
activity and NordVPN keeps no logs of it, your data is private and your browsing history
safe. If you want to learn more about online privacy,
don’t forget to subscribe to the NordVPN YouTube channel.

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