Calligraphy History & Styles : Calligraphy in Insular Half-Uncial: Pt. 2

Uncial remember I said Uncial, this is a a
variation of the Uncial hand. This right here is referred to as, well it’s a very not quite
a clubbed ascender but a very very thick ascender. Very much the character of the Insular half
Uncial. The “C” starts out just like the “A” with what’s going to be called a “pulled curve”
and this stroke can come out and join with the next letter and this comes around and
it’s kind of like you want to sort of shimmy off, so that’s the best I can do and there’s
going to be two “D”‘s available to you. One of them very very much the Uncial “D”, you’re
going to go like that and then you’re going to come around staying around from my counter
and then I got to come back. Is a very, it’s a triangular serif, I guess that’s what you
could call it and then there’s the upright “D” which comes around like this. It’s going
to meet that next stroke but then this comes around like so so very much like what’s going
on with the “C” and then back up to here and then down and as you come down here, you’re
going to thicken down here and come flat. O.k. and then go like this and there’s your
“D”, I would come maybe just a little bit closer there. All right and the “E”, pulled
I want to see if I can get all the way to the “I”.

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