Calligraphy History & Styles : Calligraphy in Gothic Capitals: Pt. 3

Exhale your strokes. Feel it. Oh, there’s
all kinds of things that can happen with color with these letters. Now I’m going to go to
a hair line. The N is not narrow, remember. Sometimes I go like that with the N. An N,
O. So, O is going to get just a bit rounded or a bit squared I mean to say. I’m going
to draw the O here. I’m going to; I’m going to not do the same thing as over here, although
in the same alphabet they should be the same; just because I want to give you a variation
on this idea. OK. So, what I can do is I can go up to here and then to here and then I
can go to here to here.
Fill in a little tiny bit; filling a space. Then this is a nice, nice little stroke there,
but actually what you want to do is; what I usually do is I wait until I get passed.
I get through with this line before I add a descender here, because, know you, you’ve
got to make sure it makes sense. Oh, you know how much I love the R. You go like this. You
can do this if you want. It’s a little variation there. This is a takeoff on the, see how this
was just a fancy serif. It is what it is.

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