Buxton National Historic Site Black History Month

Hi it’s Shannon Paiva with Chatham-Kent
tourism and today we are recognizing Black History Month as we pop into the
doors of the Buxton National Historic Site and Museum. This is a beautiful
place where you can actually come and learn a lot of great things of course
they’ve got a lot of events going on too. So we want to make sure that you go to
our website Visit CK dot C A and learn some information about that. A few
different portions to this; such a wonderful Museum where you can actually come in learn about the settlements, learn about some of the history, and the
information. What’s behind that door? Come see for yourself. It’s really great story. Very poignant stories as well. And we do hope that so you can come and learn from
these lovely ladies that we have in here and of course you could find all that
information out on Visit C K dot C A.

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