BT Daily: Watching the History Channel’s “The Bible”

[Steve Myers] The History Channel is doing
a big production called, “The Bible.” It’s featuring many of the stories. They’re doing this over a number of weeks,
and so many people are talking about this particular program. It was on just last evening and we watched
quite a bit of the program itself. And I don’t know if you got a chance to watch
it, but did it match with what your Bible says? So many times when we watch movies we think
that that is absolutely what the truth is. But is it really? [Darris McNeely] And even while watching this
program I detected where they had certain words, phrases, and situations that were not
exactly as it was in the Bible. For instance when they had the Exodus scene
or the actual scene of the death of the firstborn in Egypt at the Exodus, they had – they referred
to the death angel passing through. Well, I made that mistake myself on a Beyond
Today program some time back, and we had to correct that. So I’m well aware how certain assumptions
we have about the Bible are not true, which brings up the point that you must be accurate
in handling the word of God. We have made mistakes. It’s common to do so. Even a high budget production like “The Bible”
with theologians on the set advising can come into problems with the actual wording of the
text as a portrayal. [Steve Myers] There were many things that
were presented very well, and I think you could probably get a lot out of the program,
but I think it’s so important to remember the source. You know, if you’ve ever read a book and then
gone and watched a movie about that story, you probably think, “You know, I really like
the book a whole lot better.” Well, I think that would be the case with
the Bible. In fact Christ Himself said that. He said in John 17:17, “Sanctify them by Your
truth. Your word is truth.” So it might be fun if you watch the program. Get out your Bible. Follow the stories in Your Bible. You’ll be able to see any inconsistencies
that would come up and maybe be able to understand a little deeper what the truth of the word
really is. [Darris McNeely] I think Mark Burnett and
his production company have done a wonderful job in portraying much of what is in the Bible
in this short mini-series that they are doing. Of course they’re tackling a big subject in
a very small space of time. But if it intrigues you there, trust me. Read the book. There’s a whole lot more information there,
and the book is a whole lot better than any movie or any television production about it. Read the book. You’ll learn a lot more, and you’ll appreciate
it. [Steve Myers] We’ll probably talk a lot more
about it in the coming weeks as well. That’s BT Daily. We’ll see you next time.

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