Brian Hangs Out With Robot Brian | Season 17 Ep. 12 | FAMILY GUY

So this is a
robot version of me? Not just a robot
version, Brian. It’s like another you, uploaded
with your genetic code, your cognitive patterns,
and your entire life story. Oh, no. Stewie’s time machine
broke and now we are stuck in the history past. Well, that is one
of my catchphrases. I don’t talk that
robotically, though. That will go away. He will evolve as he
gathers more and more data. Fire hydrants, images. Fire hydrants, news. Fire hydrants near me. Now what’s he doing? Oh, he’s also been uploaded
with your internet search history. Yahoo Answers. Is Anton Yelchin’s
jeep for sale? Shame on you, Brian. It’s legitimate memorabilia! Applebee’s, Brittany, Quahog. Brittany, Applebee’s
waitress, blonde. Quahog, Applebee’s,
Brittany, who is. Blonde waitress, Brittany,
Quahog, Applebee’s. Brittany Babbit, home address. Oh, good. You found it.

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