Borsa İstanbul’da bir rekor daha 120 bini geçti (historical record in bist100)

we will continue with a news from the economy front
the stock market goes back to a historical record BİST 100 live number of the index on the screens
reflected 120.407 points and just for today the rise 100’de 1,49 has reached
strategist Cüneyt Paksoy on the other end of our phone line sir welcome to our publication
How do you rate, one after the other from the stock market, this record not ready
and we will share the developments, Our friends trying to prepare a phone connection
we perform, but in the last second there was a connection error, number once
let’s repeat stock market İstanbul 100 index 120.429 the scores and % 1,49 reached
the number is reflected on your screens historic record in the stock market stock market İstanbul 100 of index
120.000 rekord Ascension had begun in the last days of the year we left behind.
continued in the first days of the new year A historical record in the Stock Exchange and towards that record
images live on your screens Let’s share the last digit 120.436 record % 1,49
there is an increase with this number we put the point, A NEWS today with developments
until you meet, goodbye

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