Blue’s Clues – You Take Blue To School!

[Blues getting ready for school. Will you help okay click the green arrow, and we’ll start.] Hi, this is .swffy, we are playing the full version of You Take Blue To School! Only part of this versions available now. So we’re deciding what Blue should take, and then we’ll visit her at a certain time. [We’re helping Blue pack her lunchbox. Why don’t you pick a snack?] So we can pick a Banana, Apple, Raisins, or Graham Crackers. [A Banana] That’s yummy, but let’s choose… [Appley Apple!] That’s delicious but… [mmm raisins] Yuck! I do not like Raisins! [Graham Crackers] DELICIOUS! I am picking Graham Crackers! [What should blue wear to school today? Can you help her pick an outfit?] [boots and an Umbrella] [brr a hat and scarf] [sneakers and a baseball hat] [sunglasses and Sandals] It’s very hot outside now, I’m choosing the Sunglasses & Sandals. [Everything’s ready for blue now. She needs a school bag to carry it in can you pick one out?] [Blue Book-Bag] [Green Messenger bag] [purple knapsack] [red backpack] I choose the Red backpack. [What time should we visit blue at school?] [story-time, art-time, or snack-time?] [story time] [art time] [snack time] I love Snack-Time! I’m choosing this! [let’s visit blue] In the incomplete version, Tickety just makes noises forever. But in the full version we’re able to visit Blue. I really enjoy this song! [Look, it’s Blue, right there in school!] [She likes to learn because it’s cool and look over there upon the shelf it’s Blue’s Lunchbox] [You packed yourself a big shout out goes to you. I can see the outfit that you picked for blue now] [I can see by the clock on the wall. It’s snack time so let’s shout it ya’ll! What time is it? SNACK TIME!] [What time is it? SNACK TIME!] [What time is it? SNACK TIME!] [What time, is it? SNACC TIM3!] [Hey, that was fun. Now our rhyme is done] [Just one thing left to say, and that’s blue and I appreciate all of your help Today!] [Really!] Thanks for watching our video Today, Bye!

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