Black History Month FYI: 688th Central Postal Directory Battalion | The View

today’s Black History Month FYI salutes
the unsung heroes of the US military the only black female army unit to serve
overseas during World War two the sixth triple-eight central postal
directory battalion the unit was created after civil rights leader dr. Mary
McLeod Bethune and First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt petitioned the military to
lift the ban on black women serving although they were still segregated the
855 women’s strong battalion work 24/7 moving mountains of letters and care
packages to millions of military service members on the battlefield all over
Europe their motto was no male low morale amazing they were the only ones
they were the only ones can you imagine being in a country where were at war and
they said no no you can’t serve because you’re black female you can’t serve
because you’re a guy and I’m not sure about your sexual orientation
I applaud anybody who stands up for the country cuz I know I can’t I applaud all
those women who said please let us

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