Black History Month: Celebrating Diversity

When black people speak properly they’re accused of being white or talking white, or acting white or trying to be something that they’re not. We all wear our clothes the same. We’re all loud. We’re all extra ghetto. When it’s time to be professional, they don’t think that we can. It is assumed that you got in based on affirmative action rather than being on your own merit or intelligence. Trying to take handouts. We’re not really working to achieve anything for ourselves. All black men can play basketball. That we just eat watermelon or chicken. All black people like fried chicken! (laughter) You know, like fried chicken collared greens… Kool-Aid – The only thing we know is soul food. I don’t eat chicken and people assume that I love chicken and watermelon. Chitlins, ham hocks… All that good stuff. All of us like hardcore rap all of us can sing, all of us can dance. I’m not one-dimensional I love all types of music and WE love all types of music. I’d say unity. Our strength, our resiliency knowing that some of the horrible things that blacks have been through. We had a hard start but we have made many strides. Just the fact that we’ve had the first black, African American president We can kinda celebrate with anything. Traditionally, when black people get together, we’re gonna have a good time. You know, during slavery times, we had to take the leftover parts of whatever animal the masters were eating and we had to make our own food out of it and now have this whole culture of food that’s kinda specifically tied to us. Yeah, I like our hair just ’cause you can do so much with it. It’s not like it just… No disrespect to anyone else it’s not like it just flows down, you know what I mean? If you let it grow out for awhile, it can turn to dreads. You can do whatever. You can personally braid it if you want. But we’re so much more than the rap, and the dancing, and the singing. We’re strong enough and we’ve stayed strong. And we’ve had movies coming out recently just to prove that and to represent that and to keep us going in the right direction.

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