Biomech Encyclopedia – tattoo, painting, sculpting, digital & film

Biomechanical art is a distinctive part
of our culture inspired partly by nature and partly by industrial design. This
genre of art was first popularized by the great Swiss artist HR Giger. Not long
after, as the tattoo art form was gaining artistic momentum, a number of tattooists
such as Aaron Cain and Guy Aitchison began translating these biomechanical
visions onto skin. Biomech tattooing has begun to explode with artists from all
over the world creating their own unique abstract styles in many bandwidths. The
biomech encyclopedia is a result of this great and growing community. This design
work is intended as a source of inspiration for tattooists, filmmakers, and
special-effects artists game designers, and any art fans who want to dive deep
into this abstract alien realm.

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