Biker News He$$s Angels MC New and Elvis Presley motorcycle goes to auction

[Music] welcome to the biker angle before we begin people have been complaining how the mic sounds everything is showing perfect on our side so it must be your listening device or your location you are in our mics are designed for radio shows and the output again is perfect so check your listening devices or YouTube location and connection SI police say they are looking at whether a bikie war is a weapon in Adelaide as the investigate possible links between two arson attacks and multiple arrests over the alleged murder of Jason De La Soul police said a Marsden gym at inner wes was gutted by a suspicious fire the day after a food truck belonging to one of the murder accused was attacked just before 1:20 a.m. on Friday police and fire crews were called to marker Avenue after reports that a gymnasium was on fire crime against a sport detectives are investigated in the circumstances of the fire in the early hours of Thursday morning a food truck parked at a home a mile and was also destroyed by fire the home had recently been raided by police investigating mr. de la Rosso shooting mr. de la Rosa 33 was shot dead at his panel beating business on Langford Street and paraca on the at northern suburbs on November 21st 2002 elite or 2012 police have significant powers to stop gangs Police Commissioner grant Stevens said police were investigating whether there are any links between the two arson attacks and the arrests in the Russell case were examining the arson attack on the gymnasium and we are continuing to investigate the food van arson attack as well he said one of those aspects of our inquiries is and retaliation to any linkages into those two incidences when asked by reporters of police were concerned of a bikie war erupting Commissioner Stephen said it was something they were looking into well clearly that’s one of the things we have a look at he said we have a very strong enforcement in relation to outlaw motorcycle gangs om CGS and the legislation in South Australia has given us significant powers to suppress their overt activities within the community when when we see incidences like this they may be linked to all MC G’s we take that seriously and we have a dedicated officers that are currently working on this Commissioner has message for outlaw gangs seven people have been charged over the alleged murder police previously said they believed mr. della Rossa was innocently caught up in a dispute between the Hells Angels and Fink’s bikie gangs if it is related to the investigation my message would be that they should look and reflect on the results we have achieved through a complex and protracted investigation into this murder again this according the Commissioner Stevens and consider the fact that any actions they undertake now will be subject of intensive police investigation and we will get the results hmm by Metro News staff in this news Fairmont West Virginia Marion County prosecutor Jeff Freeman said Friday he has no evidence of a pending war in his County between motorcycle gangs the rumor picked up speed on social media Friday causing Freeman to put out a statement Freeman said it’s all miss leading misinformation and neither his or anybody else’s office in law enforcement in Marion County had received any information or released any information about the supposed war the social media message said the Hells Angels and pagans were set to square off after a member of the Hells Angels got beat up last weekend in Marion County Freeman said despite the reports on so-called social media the US Marshal Service is not involved in any investigation and why they put up this thing on their article I had no idea this picturing from us Mike Hanlon Elvis Presley’s Les motorcycle a 1976 harley-davidson fh a– or FLH with just 126 miles on the clock is going to auction later this month at GWS auctions and is estimated to sell for between 1.7 and 2 million dollars the current world record price for a motorcycle at auction was set last year when beau ham sold a the Vincent Black Lightning sold for nine hundred twenty-nine thousand but a spat of celebrity motorcycle sales in recent times suggests the Elvis Presley provenance could result in the sale of the most expensive motorcycle in history the Electra Glide was only ridden very sparingly by Elvis and will go to auction showing just 126 miles on the abdominal a bike has been on display at the Pioneer Auto Museum in Moreau South Dakota for over 30 years motorcycles once ridden by entertainment superstars have been breaking records in recent years with rock and roll’s original bad boy Jerry Lee Lewis sellin his 1959 harley-davidson FLH panhead dual glide for 385,000 at a auction in 2015 while the killer without a doubt one of the most famous performers all time is cred on the auction block pales compared to the king another high-profile motorcycle Arnold Schwarzenegger ‘s Harley Davidson Fatboy from Terminator 2 Judgment Day fetched five hundred and twelve thousand at a Profiles in History auction beating out the Jerry Lee Lewis panhead dual Glide and Pope Francis’s 2013 harley-davidson Dyna Super Glide sold for 327 as the most expensive modern harley-davidson in the sell at auction The Terminator Fat Boy also become became the second most expensive harley-davidson ever to sell at auction behind only a 1907 Holly Davidson Strank single that sold that seven hundred and fifteen thousand indicating that celebrity provenance is key to the price a motorcycle fetches at auction other examples of superstar Providence considerably enhancing the value of motorcycles include Marlon Brando’s 1970 Harley Davidson FLH a lecher Glide that’s sold for 250 6,000 at a Julien’s Hollywood legends auction buddy Howie’s aerial cyclone 60 or 652 fetched four hundred and fifty thousand at auction and Fonzie’s triumph trophy 500 from Happy Days fetch and 179,000 a most valuable triumph ever so than Steve McQueen’s 250 dat soul for 230,000 personally what are you people doing spending that kind of money just because a celebrity rode the motorcycle you go all nuts and stuff like that had spent all kinds of big money but of course these are the type of people that have the money to spend it you know I guess it’s a great deal and stop only honored 26 miles on it it’ll probably sit anyway with why it is in the picture so who can be surprised anyway a correction of that second story that picture again wasn’t from us so I don’t know why they would have put that picture up there talking about what’s going on in West Virginia that was supposed to be between Hells Angels and the pagans so yeah that is mainstream media forea they just pick up anything they can just to get an article to sell but anyways that’s your news for today [Music]

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  • No mic complaint here.
    You sound great Hollywood ๐Ÿ˜˜

  • Hey Hollywood
    Youโ€™re a celebrity.
    Wonder how much your bike would go for? LOL

  • Some people have more money than damn sense.

  • Got no problem here with you audio either I just get a kick out of them people from Oz calling themselves bikies how intimidating is that LOL

  • Mic sounds radio to me all gud there……….Did the SA police also state their own conduct was in jeopardy over that case Noooo they wouldn't now would they its just easier to blame bikers aye…..nice pic i saw my old club up there ummm ya all should know many of those NZ clubs have either merged or are off the grid now…………When Harley was made to last the test of time now 5 years you will be lucky……….

  • Bikkies outlaw and bikers are law abiding that how it goes in Australia

  • Audio sounds good on all my devises, James. There is no way on this planet that i would pay over the book price for a bike just because some famous person has sat on it and rode a few miles on it, they can shove those prices where the sun doesn't shine, the bike is still only worth what the book price says it's worth. H&R

  • Respect Hollywood!! Good morning ..Mike sounds perfect loud and clear Elvis Presley was "The Man" thanks for everything you do in the biker world …ML&R..

  • ::: Waves :::

    Argh, the Pagans need to give it up.- I think the draw to own a celebrity's bike is because of the movie, or show, it was shown in. – I don't usually have an issue with your sound, mine is more buffering. Bad weather and heavy traffic out here is the problem. It's a real issue during your live shows.

    Ride safe.

  • If u tube is demonizing your shows , who gets the money for the ads that still run ?

  • Even if the mic was shit….the content is not. I hear no cause for complaints,you sound well enough to me.

  • Social media is not helping,guys and gals need to stop putting dirt out on main street. You know the pigers lurk on those…just gives them more to write in reports and statements.

  • You sound great today and on last night's boardcast were you where saying people where complaining about the Mic. I'm having no issues. Thanks for the great shows. Signed up for your outdoor site and wondering when you will be posting. Looking forward to it.

  • Mike sounds good

  • How come you call them "He$$ Angels"?

  • Morning Hollywood, The Mic ๐ŸŽ™ sounds great on my iPad and my Laptop. If you bought someone famous Motorcycle what are you going to do with it? Just look at it. Maybe put it on a Show Circuit like World of Wheels? You canโ€™t ride the damn thing.
    Man the Pagans sure have been in the News a lot this year.

  • Good report,Elvis bike a fool and their money are soon parted !

  • Your totally right about the mic. I just went to spotify and I must say that it was much better to listen on the radio, ok im still gonna see your biker angle show, but the Radio is like more me, to put som head Phones on smoke a doobie and just chill!!!! H&R Hollywood Rock'NRoll and what time it is it's 420 time๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡ฉ๐Ÿ‡ฐ๐Ÿค˜โ˜ ๏ธ, man finks Are kind of hardcore, have you seen the brawl the fight down under??? Man Them finks and 81, it was real night mare, but man it's just like the fight at the casino in the state of Arizona if im right, but ofcourse i Will always be watcing your Channel a d radio show peace Hollywood ๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿค˜

  • I would buy some blue suede boots, get a rhinestone cape and ride the hell out of that bike !!! Thank you! Thank You very much!

  • Hollywood they like to play on words to make excuse to violate our rights . Should we play on words to as in calling us American biker citizens just to remind them what we are not gang members LoL ๐Ÿ‘

  • Be sweet to own Elvisโ€™ motorcycle! Too bad I ainโ€™t a multi-millionaire.

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